Mumbai is considered the financial capital of the country and the capital for the state of Maharashtra. Mumbai is a package of a cultural phenomenon that reflects in the street foods available in Mumbai. From south Indian, Chinese, Gujarati, and many more making the city and its people inclusive of all. This city is a paradise on earth for all food lovers as the plethora of the best street foods in Mumbai you need to try!

Mumbai Street Food Names: Must-Try Street Foods in Mumbai:

Check out this article for the top 10 delicious street cuisines you must try when you visit the city of Mumbai!

Vada Pav:

Vada pav is one of the snacks that are available on every corner of every street and what defines Mumbai in a jist. A pav is sliced and applied a green chutney mainly, and there are many variants in the chutneys. Then the addition of a patty that has mashed potato prepared with spices stuffed into it. Don’t forget to eat the fried chilies they offer you with vada pav. Chutney applied in the fluffy white pav makes all the difference.

Bhel Puri:

Although Bhel puri is famous all around the country, with regional twists added to it. The bhel puri found in Mumbai is the one you will get many places such as along the roads of Juhu beach. A perfect mixture of puffed rice, sev, mashed potatoes, tomatoes, onions with the addition of chutney with a topping of coriander. It is one of those munchy snacks that you cannot stop once you start.

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Kebabs And Rolls:

Kebabs and rolls are every meat lover’s favorite and are one of the most appreciated street foods in Mumbai. Kebabs made with all varieties of cuts of meats are hot sale. Bhuna rolls are another crowd favourite, that is prepared with a thin rumali roti stuffed with boneless chicken that is slow-cooked in gravy. It is also a comfort food that can be eaten without feeling guilty.

Pani Puri:

Small little puris made a hole and filled with a mixture of mashed potatoes, chickpeas with added flavors that are added to the puri and filled with water that is similar to jaljeera. Pani puri is a famous street food all over the country that have fans of people of all ages. The specialty of these is that you need to put the puri in your mouth without getting it soggy. Once you take a bite, your taste buds are filled with a flavor explosion.

Bombay Duck Fry:

Although the name of the dish is Duck fry, it is a lizard fish that is coated with a layer of semolina and deep-fried in the coil, making the external crispier yet the insides are cooked entirely making the meat soft and creamy. Thali that includes rice, chapati with some curries on the side is a perfect way to eat this duck fry, enhancing the flavor so that you can enjoy every bite of it.

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Dosa is originated from South India, but you get an array of types of dosas on the streets of Mumbai as the city can be a mixture of cultures from all over the country. Made with a batter of rice and fermented urad bean flour, making it a perfect dough to make a hot plate of crepe-like consistency. The variety of dosas is filled with a variety of stuffings that will make you forget the traditional dosa. These are served with coconut or tomato chutneys on the side.

Kanda Poha:

Another popular Mumbai street snack is prepared with flaked rice that is cooked with a combination of onions, potatoes, peas, and green chillies and a pinch of turmeric. Tempered with mustard seeds makes the mixture even tastier, and then the garnishing is done with a squeeze of lemon and coriander.


A Persian dessert adapted on the streets of Mumbai is called Falooda. It is a sweet drink prepared with vermicelli with a mixture of milk, chopped up almonds, pistachios, basil seeds and rose syrup with a topping of ice cream. It is ready in layers in a glass; a spoon is used to eat the dessert. The layers make it more delicious, and it is available on the stalls on the streets.

Keema Pav:

If you haven’t tried keema pav on your trip to the city of Mumbai, then your visit will be incomplete. Minced motton that is slow-cooked in tomato gravy and then stuffed into the pav or can be eaten separately too. It is one of the must-try snacks for any meat lover and doesn’t feel bad if you wipe your plate clean.

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Pav Bhaji:

Pav Bhaji is another famous street food that is popular and lip-smackingly good. The pav is pan or tawa fried with ghee. It is served with the curry that is made up of mashed up vegetables. Mashed potatoes with tomatoes is another simple curry recipe for a buttered up bun or pav. During any time of the day, you can at least find one stall that serves you hot and tasty Pav Bhaji that can satiate your hunger.

Best Places To Eat Street Foods In Mumbai:

  • Carter road khau Galli near Bandra offers you a variety of street foods spread on the long streets. This street is jam-packed with kiosks and stalls that serve tasty and delicious food, and the top attraction being Shwarma. Momos, Falafels, traditional Chinese cuisine prepared with wok are some delicacies served in this place along with waffles, cupcakes ice creams, and cupcakes to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Ghatkopar is another place that has a street full of stalls and stands that serve delicious vegetarian food. Especially an array of dosas with several variants of stuffings. They serve crisp dosas with delicious filling making it a mind-boggling visit. Did you ever think you will hear about Icecream dosa? Then visit Ghatkopar Kau Gali is a must!
  • Pav is one of the avidly used food in Mumbai that was introduced during the Portuguese rule. Wada Pav is a popular street food that is available in its best taste in the stalls around the CST subway, making it the best spot for a quick bite. Pav is Tawa fried and served with a spicy curry made with mashed vegetables with a dash of lemon and raw onion.
  • Mohammed Ali Road is a must-visit place for every meat lover. There is an array of stalls and stand that sell piping hot naan sandwiches on a hot Tawa placed on the streets. Succulent kebabs, patties, tikkas, delicious Bhuna gosht along with the yummy malpuas fill your stomach and your heart.
  • If you want to try evening snacks and momos with several stuffings, then make sure you visit Utsav Chowk in Kharghar. A simple street in the mornings turns into a food court with an incentive of a water fountain adding to the décor. Filled with vegetarian and minced chicken stuffings, hot and soft momos are served with spicy schezwan sauce.
  • Munna bhel puri house, Saurashtra sweets & farshan mart, Vijay stores, Panshikar, Shreenath sweet, and farsan, are some of the best restaurants available around the Chatrapathi Shivaji domestic airport.

Visiting a place can be a great memory, and it is different for every person. The memory and the trip become beautiful, with a lot of things food being one of them. The street foods in Mumbai are to die for, of course, not literally! With the list of the best street foods in Mumbai, you can plan a trip to the city of dreams!


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