Paris, well known as a romantic city, is the capital city of France. Since the 17th century, Paris has been one of the major European centers of finance, commerce, fashion, and arts. This city has many tourist attractions such as the famous Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Cathedrale Notre-Dame, etc. Paris is one of the most popular and desirable travel destinations in the world thanks to its wealth of art and culture, café culture, pastries, fashion, its exquisite gastronomy.

The people of Paris, also called Parisians, are a bit different from the others because they are workaholics, they don’t make friends very quickly, somewhat friendly, they like to chat a lot about philosophy, politics, etc. Apart from the tourist attractions, Paris is well known for its exquisite cuisine. The streets of Paris are lit by its authentic street foods round the clock. In this article, we will take a look at the best street foods in Paris.

List Of 12 Famous Street Foods in Paris:

Some people travel to a new city for museums, monuments or having some adventure to explore the place, but the exploration does not complete if you haven’t tasted the street foods. Here is the list of best street foods available in Paris:

1. French Baguette Sandwich:

This is the classic Paris street food. This typical sandwich is made of baguette bread. Technically, a baguette is a long loaf of bread that is made crispy. The Baguette is sliced and stuffed with choice of sauce and spread. The filling can be of shrimp, meat, chicken, artichoke hearts with tomatoes, green onions, lettuce, etc. This is a perfect breakfast meal that one can enjoy.

2. Crepes:

This is the most widely available street food in Paris. Crepes are made from rice flour with different stuffings in it, such as Nutella, cheese or egg, ham, or marmalade. Almost all the markets have crepe stalls, and this authentic snack is one amongst the favorites among the tourists and the locals. If you haven’t tried yet, grab it as soon as possible.

3. Croissants:

It is said that if you are on a visit to Paris, then you should eat Croissants till your mouth. Croissants are made of layered yeast-leavened dough. Delicious French butter is spread over the dough and rolled several times in succession into a sheet. This rolling technique is called laminating. This process results in a flaky texture similar to a puff pastry. This is a perfect meal for breakfast.

4. Falafel:

This is a classic French food, falafel sandwich is quite similar to ham sandwich in Paris. This was typically a middle-Eastern food which comprises of meatballs accompanied with green salads, lettuce, tomatoes, and green onions with butter and mayonnaise spread over it. This is so delicious that each kiosk selling Falafel has long queues, and your number comes not before 15 minutes of waiting.

5. Pad Thai:

Paris is a home for all nationals across the world, and hence you can find cuisines of different nationalities. This is a typical Thai special available on the streets of Paris. Pad Thai is made from white rice noodles, fried in oil, and tossed in varieties of zesty and tangy sauce. The rice noodles can be combined with minced meat such as chicken, beef, pork, or fish, or this spicy delicacy can be enjoyed with various vegetables.

6. Tacos:

Tacos, originally a Mexican dish, is a munching snack that is made comprises of a corn or wheat tortilla, stuffed with fillings of vegetables, meat, shrimp, and tofu. The choice of fillings can be restricted to only vegetables if you are a vegetarian; the list for a non-vegetarian is endless. This low budget snack can be a best-enjoyed on-the-go tour of Paris.

7. Souvlakis:

Souvlakis is a Greek fast food commonly available across all the food hawkers in the city. This dish is prepared with vegetables and pieces of meat, skewered, and grilled on a flame. This mouth-watering dish is served with a skewer along with some fried potatoes and pita bread, a dash of lime is sprinkled on the skewered meat.

8. Kebab:

Indian street food is most commonly available on the streets of Paris, and Kebabs is one of the best foods available which can satiate your hunger. From baked kebab to charcoal grill kebab, there are lots of varieties you can find on the streets. Don’t miss these kebabs if you want this Indian dish to tickle your taste buds.

9. Gelato:

This is a famous ice-cream of Italian origin, made from ice, little or no sugar, egg. This icy mixture is stirred well and served in a cone with some exotic flavors such as black currant, raspberry, hazelnut, and many more. If you want refreshment in the middle of the sightseeing, then go for this marvelous Gelato which can refresh your mind and body.

10. Macarons:

Paris is a home for bread and pastry lovers. Macarons, a French confectionary, is made with egg white, icing sugar, almond meal, and food coloring. Paris has plenty of macaron shops that offer varieties of flavors from salted caramel to rosewater and raspberry. Though these are a bit expensive, Macarons are a must-try because this confectionary defines what Paris is all about.

11. Grilled Cheese:

The Grilled cheese sandwiches are available with a lot of variations all over the streets of Paris. Paris made Grilled cheese sandwiches are a rival to the world’s best Sandwiches available. The traditional dough is sliced and stuffed with melted cheese and buttery-crisp toast with choice of meat like a tuna melt or a pulled pork, or hot pastami and then grilled over a flame. This delicious, mouth-watery food is a must-try when you are in Paris.

12. Dosas:

On the entire trip, spare a day to experience the Indian food with the French twist. This South Indian dish is a lentil rice flour wrap stuffed with potatoes, spices, and onions along with the French butter and cheese. This dish is served with a topping of homemade chutney and pickles. This dish can satiate your hunger for Indian food cravings.

Best Street Food Places In Paris:

  • There are a lot of street food centers and hawker centers all around the city of Paris. Rue des Rosiers is the one-stop place for the delicious falafel and shawarma sandwiches. These foods look like a small meal but believe me. They are as substantial as a big lunch meal because of the fillings and sauces stuffed in them. Go easy on these foods.
  • If you have a craving for hot burgers and hamburgers, then quickly head to Marche Saint Horne street food centers. They provide you with a variety of meaty burger options.
  • Rue du Faubourg, Saint-Denis is the most culturally diverse streets in Paris where you can find good authentic street food at reasonable prices. Culturally diverse means, you can find authentic foods of Indian, Turkish, Lebanese, Middle East, and even South East Asia.
  • Rue Cler is arguably the most popular food streets in Paris. This is close to the Effiel Tower and Invalides. This is a pedestrian-only thoroughfare, famous for its high-quality products and hence more expensive than other food streets.
  • If you want to shop and snack at the same time, then Rue Des Martyrs is the place you should go to. This is not only the best food streets in Paris but also a one-stop place for your Paris souvenir shopping.
  • Rue Montorgueil street is famous for its authentic and traditional Parisian street food.
  • Head to Rue-Saint Dominique if you have cravings for pastries and sweets. This street offers you the world’s best pastries and confectionaries.
  • Besides this, Paris hosts street food festivals every month. Some of them are hosted at Le Food Market, the road between Menilmontant and Couronnes metro stations. Every Friday and Saturday, a place called Salon des Miroris hosts a street food party where several city’s food trucks come to showcase their best dishes.

Paris is not always about the Eiffel Tower or beautiful museums. It is famous for one less obvious thing that is street food. Paris has a diverse and vibrant street food available around the city. Paris, though considered as the second most expensive city in the world, the street food offered here is at a much affordable price which everyone can enjoy. If you are heading to Paris in the near future, then you should try the above-mentioned street foods. When you return from Paris, do share your food tour experience with us.


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