Pune, the second-largest city in Maharastra after Mumbai, is considered as the industrial capital of the state. It is just 150Km away from Mumbai, a 3-hour long exciting drive through the midst of Western ghats. People in Pune are famously called as puneri people. Because of various industries and software companies present in the city, you can find people from different regions, traditions, and cultures in this famous city. Likewise, you can also find different street foods that are present all over India, such as south Indian, north Indian, Nort East dishes, and obviously the staple foods of its own state Maharastra.

List of 12 Famous And Exclusive Street Foods In Pune:

Are you waiting to tickle those taste buds with delicious street food during your next visit to the city of the King Bajirao? Below are some of the famous street foods that you can taste in Pune.

1. Chaat:

Wherever you go in India, chaat has its place in the catalog of street foods. Chaat is the most popular snack of all time. The famous chaat in Pune include It includes many lip-smacking snacks like Panipuri, Bhelpuri, Vada pav, Pav Bhaji, Sev puri, Misal Pav, Kachi Dabeli, etc

Pani Puri: Pani puri or Puchaka should be declared as the national street food of India because wherever you go in India, you will surely find this eatery. The ball-shaped hollow puri is filled with flavored water (usually tamarind water), and a mixture of a boiled gram and spicy mashed potato with a tangy tamarind chutney served with onion grates makes this a mouth-watering street food.

Bhel Puri: This snack is quite famous in Maharastra. It is said that Bhel Puri was first served on the Juhu Beach and slowly reached to Pune, and then on, it was being displayed on every chaat menu. Bhelpuri is made of puffed rice, veggies such as grated onion, sliced tomato, and mashed potatoes, sev, a tangy tamarind sauce.

Pav bhaji: Pav bhaji is considered as staple street food of Maharashtrians. This famous street food is enjoyed by everyone alike. It consists of buns fried in butter and vegetable curry with loads of spices. It is a complete meal in itself, both tasty and healthy. The fried buns are served with the spicy curry with a dash of lemon sprinkled on the curry and with some grated onions. You can cut down on the butter if you are a health freak and count your calories.

Vada Paav: There is a saying that you are not a true Maharashtrian if you do not know what Vada Paav is. This snack has a special place in the hearts of everyone belonging to the state. You can find this snack on a roadside vendor to a 5 star rated restaurant. This snack consists of deep-fried potato dumpling sandwiched between a soft bread accompanied by tangy green chutney and fried green chilies. This snack is also called as Bombay Burger.

Sev Puri: This snack is also widely available on every chaat menu. This snack is similar to that of Pani puri except that the flavored water is not used. Here, the round-shaped hollow puri is stuffed with spicy mashed potato along with tomato slices and onions, and semi-solids such as green chutney and tamarind chutney and topped with sev above it. Some people love this with curd in it which they call it as Dahi Puri.

Misal Pav: This spicy snack originated from Nashik is quite famous for its unique taste. This snack is served as breakfast, evening snack, or as a full meal in Pune. This snack consists of Misal (a spicy curry made from sprouted lintels), served with a pav (Indian bread). The final snack is topped with sev, a dash of lemon, onions, and also crushed papad on it.

2. Keema Pav:

This snack is quite similar to Vada pav or Pav Bhaji; the only difference is that the bhaji or the curry served in here is non-vegetarian. This snack is served with spicy mutton kheema topped with a dash of lime and sev if desired along with the Indian bread and chopped onions and green chilies. If you are bored with eating vegetarian pav bhaji, then this snack will definitely satisfy your cravings.

3. Sujata Mastani:

Mastaani !!! Is she the lover of Bajirao? Yes, she was, but in here, Mastaani is the lover of every puneri who is fond of kulfis and ice-creams. This is a blend of milk and ice cream topped with dry fruits and kesar. This place called Sujata Mastani serves you with different flavors such as whipped cream, chocolate, nuts, etc. which can kill your hunger instantly.

4. Sabudana Vada:

If you are in Pune, then you definitely should not miss this snack. This is a traditional deep-fried snack of this city. The sago or the sabudana paste is fried in the form of vada in hot oil and is served with a spicy green chutney, and a dash of lime is sprinkled over the vadas. These are so crunchy and gets melted easily in the mouth. The best vadas are found near JM road Pune.

5.  Bhaakarvaadi:

Bhaakarvaadi Are you leaving Pune without trying Bhaakarvaadis. Then it is a crime. Yes, no one leaves Pune without trying this delicious bhaakarvaadis. You will definitely remember us after eating Bhaakarvaadis at Chitale Bandhu Pune.

6. Paneer Pav Bhaji Dosa:

Wow!! This is sounding yummy. This snack is the blend of paneer pav bhaji over the typical south Indian Dosa. The Manna Magic Dosa at Nigdi serves you with a variety of dosas with the delicious sambar, coconut chutney. Do not miss this place.

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7. Daal Baati:

This is a traditional Rajasthani dish served in the very city of Pune. Baba Ramdev Dhaba serves this delicious dish cooked in the gorgeous Rajasthani style. Spare a day of your week to enjoy this delicacy.

8. Kandha Pohe:

Do not give a chance to your friends to mock at you that you hadn’t tried Pohe when you visited Pune. This snack is originated from this place itself. The flattened rice is roasted with chilies, mustards, onions, cumin seeds, and curry leaves, making this a lip-smacking dish. This dish usually is served as breakfast or snacks or even dinner. This snack is widely eaten by nocturnal people when hunger strikes post-midnight. The best place to try this dish is at Amruteshwar Pune.

9. Chinese Bhajiya:

Ever heard of this? No right. There is a humble stall in Vishrantwadi that sells these Chinese bhajiya. The bhajiyas are fried perfectly, and you know one plate of this costs only Rs 20. These bhajiyas are served in two types, hot and dry. The other one is served with spicy red Chinese sauce.

10. Chutney Sandwich:

Every Puneri guy knows about this snack, you know why the place where it is served is a famous food joint for the school and college-going students. Marz-O-Rin is the place that serves Macaroni and cheese, and chicken sandwich. The price is quite low, but the quantity served will kill your hunger.

11. Aloo Paranthas:

Even the hardcore Punjabis residing in Pune praises this place called Chaitanya Parathas, wherein the ethnic and traditional parathas along with a glass full of tastier lassi are served. The authentic taste with large fillings of mashed potato and richly smeared butter on it has made this place a lovable one in every Puneri’s heart.

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Best Street Food Places And Available Foods in Pune:

  • The Good luck café at the Deccan Gymkhana is quite famous for the Keema Pav. The food served here is hygienic and is a win-win situation for your pocket.
  • If you have cravings for a Chicken burger, then the East street is your place. This place is near the Phul gate Pune. The burger here is absolutely delicious, and hence this has a reasonable waiting time.
  • The JJ garden is the place where you find the best Vada pav in the whole Pune. This place is located at 948 and 949 Boottee street camp.
  • The JM road is quite famous for all the street foods available in Pune. You can find the best Sabhudhana vada at Hindavi Swaraj Thela and the best Chinese foods.
  • The full-fledged street food in Pune is available in Khao gallis. There are various Khao gallis in Pune such as Symbiosis Infotech Campus in Hinjewadi Phase-1, Koregaon Park, Yerwada Central Jail also has a Khao galli, you can even eat around Narayan Peth.
  • The Ferguson College Road, popularly known as FC road, has a variety of street foods like momos, Chinese, Maharashtrian, South Indian all along the route. This place will be an excellent meeting point and food joint for everyone, especially college-going students.

If you are a Mumbaikar or if you are visiting Pune on business purposes or for holidaying, do not spend too much in the luxurious restaurants all the time. Give a chance to the local vendors and the street food servers who can serve you with the best possible foods that can satisfy your cravings. With a lot of options available in and around the city of Pune, you should definitely try these foods before saying Good Bye to this city. We expect you to share your travel, stay, and food experience in Pune.


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