Every person has a weak spot food being the prominent one for many. Udaipur is one of the magnificent cities in the state of Rajasthan that has rich cultural heritage along with delicious Rajasthani cuisine on the streets. Many people prefer a quick bite in the form of street food that helps satiate your hunger without emptying your pocket. This is the reason the streets of many metropolitan cities are filled with kiosks that serve authentic food. Try these best street foods in Udaipur when you plan a trip, and you will be served with tasty food and no disappointment.

Must-try Street Foods In Udaipur:

Boiled Egg Burji:

Boiled egg burji is an option that makes locals and visitors come back wanting more! The gravy is prepared with thinly sliced tomatoes, onions with all the necessary spices that make it yummy and added with slices of boiled eggs cooking along with the sauce. Since the burji is spicy, it is generally eaten with slices of bread.

Daal Bati Choorma:

Daal Baati Choorma is an authentic Rajasthani dish that is popular on the streets of Udaipur. Many stalls on the street serve daal poodi, daal baati that will satisfy the taste buds. A bowl of six to seven poodis or baatis with hot daal with thin slices of onions and a squeeze of lemon make the dish even more appealing.


Jalebi is a sweet dish that is unlike the savory street foods, and they satisfy your sweet tooth. This delicious dessert is deep fried in ghee and then loaded with sugar syrup. Sometimes cardamom is added to the sugar syrup to make it more palatable. It is one of the irresistible snacks that will make you have a cheat day.

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Sandwich And Maggie:

The speciality of the sandwiches on the stalls in Udaipur is that it is stuffed with thinly sliced tomatoes, onions, sauce, cucumber, and green chutney that are presented very beautifully. Maggi is another specialty that is prepared with some onions, and adding a slice of cheese on top tastes appealing. Though the sound od sandwiches and Maggi may sound simple, the spices and the street touch make them authentic and yummy!

Mini Mirchi Vada:

There are many stalls and small restaurants that have been selling mini Mirchi vada from the ’60s. These stalls have long queus with locals and visitors alike. They are deep-fries chilies coated with gram flour and stuffed with mashed potatoes, lemon juices, and spices. You can never stop with just one, though.


Kachori is yet another Rajasthani special snack that is becoming famous all over the country. They are deep-fried dough balls that are filled up with a variety of stuffings. Some of the best ones are Dal Kachori, Dahi Kachori, Onion Kachori, to name a few. There are best to be eaten hot and served with spicy and sweet chutney.

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Bread Pakoda:

Yet another street favorite is the triangularly sliced bread pieces that are stuffed with mashed potato prepared with a lot of spices. Then the bread is dipped in gram flour and deep-fried, making it a yummy option for street food. The bread pakoda is eaten best with a variety of chutneys and presented with fried and salted chilies that can spice up the pakoda all you want.

Kulhad Coffee:

Coffee is a universal beverage, and why should Udaipur be an exception! This coffee is prepared with chocolate sauce, and chocolate powder that is whipped and served in a kulhad, or a mud glass enhances the flavor of the beverage. Chai is another option, and many stalls and stands offer at least 16 varieties of teas for you to taste. It is a best like beverage many youngsters try cups and cups altogether.


A snack that has Tibetan origin and wildly famous among cities all over India is Momos. Many street stalls provide steamed and fried momos with a stuffed vegetables that has the best match with mayonnaise and schezwan sauce. Having piping hot momos with sauces alongside places with a view further elevates the taste of the dish.

Pav Bhaji:

Pav Bhaji is another food delight you must try that is available in the alleys of Udaipur. There are many kiosks that serve hot, spicy, and lip-smacking street food that can be eaten all day every day. They offer many other dishes, but the long ques are formed just for the taste of the delicious Pav bhaji at an affordable price.

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Best Places To Try Street Foods In Udaipur:

  • Fatehsagar is a place that is at the heart of the Udaipur city. On the opposite side of this place is the famous Bombay market that is a street food hub. You can taste an array of food items like Chaat, Pizza, Momos, Bread vada, and it also serves a cold coffee that is one of the most loved beverage. Wednesday is the day the Bombay market remains closed. With the beautiful view of the lake, the street food makes it taste even more amazing.
  • Sector 3, about a 100 feet road of Hiranmagri, is another food market located right outside the Swagat Vatika. Falooda, Kulfi, Chaat, Chinese, Barf gola, and many more street foods are avidly available that you can enjoy on this busy street. The stalls in this market area start opening as soon as sunsets, making it a yummy part of your trip.
  • Dosa Plaza in Shobhagpura is one of the top places where you can find multiple varieties of dosas and many other south Indian dishes like Uthapam, Idli, Wada, etc. Some of the best types of dosas available are Mushroom choupsey dosa, Sizlee noodle dosa, Tom chi dosa Mexi roll dosa, to name a few.
  • Dabok Airpot has many restaurants within 5 to 15 km radius that serve tasty food at an affordable price. SNP House, Oasis, Sarovar Restaurant, Cafe27, to name a few.
  • Udaipur railway station is another place where there is a regular hustle-bustle of passengers and locals. There are stalls in and outside the railway station that offer you hygienic food without plugging a hole in your pocket. Theka chai ka, Natraj dining hall & restaurant, Kailash Family dining are some restaurants around the railway station you can try.

Along with the historical culture of the Udaipur city, the street foods that have a hint of authentic Rajasthani flavor, making your trip more delicious than you think. The article gives you the details about the best street foods and where to find them so that you can enjoy the journey more effectively. Don’t forget to try the best street foods in Udaipur and let us know how more can we help you.


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