The stud trend though an age old fashion is still one of the hottest trends. From handbags to clutches to shoes and even clothing, they are embraced by women and even some men as a high-end fashion accessory. Women in particular love to be studded from top to bottom. It is no wonder then that studs have found their way into nail art as well. Studs are a simple yet creative way of adorning the nails. When incorporated into the various styles of nail art they look riveting. The simplest of studded designs can make a bold fashion statement.

Fruit Studs Nail Art Design:

This enthralling piece of nail art done with a transparent base coat makes the fruit design and studded decoration stand out. The ornate display of summer fruits on the nails makes the spring season come alive and the studs add the glam factor to an already fashionable look.

Multi-colour Nail Art With Studs:

The multi-colored nail art style featuring a different shade of colour on each finger is a trendsetter by itself but when accessorized with studs the look sets it apart from the rest. Simply done donning just two finger nails, this studded look gives small nails the desired effect.

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Sparkly Tips and Stud Design:

A rich shade of purple adorned with studs at the base of the nails and glitter at the tips is all it takes to give this golden studded sparkling design a mesmerizing look. Pair it up with a matching purple or golden dress and it’s sure to catch the attention of fashionistas all over.

Matte Leopard Studs Nail Art Design:

While leopard prints are funky and cool, matte finishes give the nails a smooth and classy look and the two together make a great combination. Line it up with some studs and voila! you have fabulous looking nails all set to make its mark in the fashion world.

Rhinestone Nail Design With Studs:

Nail art done with rhinestone studs add sparkle to any nail design. The glittering nail polish augments the look with a shimmer of its own. Rhinestones are available in multiple colours and sizes to suit the different lengths of nails.

Floral Studs Nail Art Design:

A delicate and graceful nail design done with subtle shades of yellow and pink coupled with bold black stripes and studs works wonders. The creation of the flowers with studs is avant-garde and the entire look sparks elegance. A personal favourite, this nail art design is a cut above the rest.

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Pearl Studs Nail Art:

Pearls exude charm and elegance even when incorporated as studded designs on the nails. They come in big and small sizes so you can decorate the nails according to your own style. For a soft, tender look go with small pearls while for a bolder look opt for big pearls. A mix of both blends well together especially with light or nude shades of nail polishes.

Black Studs Nail Art:

Black, the most loved colour is always in fashion year in and year out. Black nail art designs look chic, bold and daring. So let your fingers do the talking with this black studded nail art design that befits those seeking a striking and extremely unconventional look.

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Single Stud Nail Design:

The beauty about nail art is that you can play around with nail polish colours and pair them up with single or multiple stud designs to give your nails a glamorous look. Studs look unique and are a welcome sight from the more traditional forms of nail art. While using many studs on a nail design is undeniably eye-catching, keeping it simple with a single studded design clearly has its own charm. The singular studs at the center are emboldened by the use of pastel shades in a geometrical style and the sheen in these pastel colours makes it all the more alluring.


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