Goa is probably the most tourist visited place in India because of its sandy beaches and great ambience. You will find the most number of tourists from all over the world in this great state. There a great number of tattoo parlours in Goa because of the flow of tourists that go through the state but some of these tattoo parlours should not be visited as the sheer mass of tattoo artists have resulted in a few to stop using the conventional and safe methods of the art. These artists have taken up more dangerous ways of artistry which could result in many skin problems later. That said there are still plenty of genuine tattoo artists that with hold the name of this great art in Goa by providing professional and safe services to all its customers. These exceptional tattoo artists are given in detail below.

Best Tattoo Artists In Goa:

Here are the 8 best tattoo artists in goa as follows.

1. Moksha Tattoo Studio:

Located on the calangute beach road moksha tattoo studio is probably the best tattoo studio in goa. With its services ranging from body piercing to full body tattoos the moksha tattoo studio has a set of very experienced artists which include the owner. The equipment is very top notch and all the tools used are safe and clean.

2. Dragon Ink Tattoos:

Listed in some of the best tattoo studios in India dragon ink tattoos is very well known around the world due to the constant stream of tourists that frequent the studio wanting to get very unique and original tattoos. Even the locals say that dragon ink tattoos is a very safe parlour with exceptional artists that are very original in their concepts.

3. Krish Tattoo Studio In Goa:

Krish is an exceptional artist and prides himself in the fact that he has one of the cleanest tattoo parlours in goa. Every needle used on an individual is your own so you do not have to worry about any problem faced from a used needle. State of the art equipment at exceptional prices makes this a great tattoo parlour to go to. He is the best tattoo artist in goa.

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4. RK’s Ink Exposure Tattoo Shop In Goa:

If you are looking for a truly original tattoo artist in goa that uses safe equipment and provides tattoos at affordable rates then RK’s tattoo exposure is a must visit. The friendly environment of this tattoo parlour is something that cannot be compared to any other. It IS the best tattoo shop in goa.

5. Sandy Tattoo Studio In Goa:

The owner along with two or three other artists is what makes up this great tattoo parlour. They are very experienced artists that deal especially in recreating and creating original designs. If you have a tattoo in mind and wish to get it done then sandy is the best person to visit. Safe equipment and affordable prices will meet you at the doorstep.

6. Kukus Tattoo Parlour In Goa:

This tattoo parlour has been around for quite some time and is actually evidence of goa’s tattoo heritage. Goa has always been a place you can get a tattoo done as per your requirement and kukus sticks t this testament. Affordable rates and a safe environment are the main features of this place. This is the best tattoo parlour in goa.

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7. Blazing Ink Tattoo Studio In Goa:

For a quick and efficient fix to your all your body ink needs the blazing ink tattoo studio is the best place for you. This place specialises in full length arm tattoos and full body tattoos but also provides a variety of other design concepts for you if you are spoilt for choice.

8. Andy’s Tattoo Parlour In Goa:

Andy has become world renowned with his tattoo designs because of the growing amount of tourists that visit his tattoo parlour. His original concepts and the ability to recreate a design concept that is brought to him by a customer is what makes his tattoo parlour so famous. He is also be the best tattoo artist in goa.

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