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9 Best Tattoo Stickers And Pictures

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For centuries men and women have adorned their skin with decorative illustrations for cultural or religious reasons. In today’s day and age the trend continues with the reason being more personal. While permanent tattoos are still a popular form of body art, they are expensive and painful and time consuming. Tattoo stickers are thus an alternate means of decorating the body with fancy images for a short period of time. Tattoo stickers are inexpensive and skin friendly and are widely popular among the vast majority.

Best Tattoo Stickers And Pictures:

Here are our 9 best tattoo stickers and pictures as follows.

tattoo stickers

1. Jewel Tattoo Sticker:

Jewel Tattoo Sticker

Jewel tattoo stickers act as jewellery accessories for women and girls. They are showy and add a certain amount of being to the body. These temporary jewel sticker tattoos are embellished with crystal, rhinestones and glitter that are embedded in a sticker sheet. They glue in easily to produce a beautiful tattoo design. Jewel Tattoo stickers are available in an endless array of sizzling designs.

2. Glitter Tattoo Sticker:

Glitter Tattoo Sticker

Spice up your life with Glitter Tattoo stickers that add sparkle and glimmer to any celebration. Various glitter tattoo designs add allure and charm to the personality of the wearer. Going for a football or cricket match? Sport the flag of your favorite team with a glitter tattoo sticker that is available in the form of the national flag of many countries among numerous other designs.

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3. Crystal Belly Tattoo Sticker:

Crystal Belly Tattoo

Crystal belly tattoos are especially created for those women who like to flaunt their belly button. Available in an assortment of patterns and bedecked with crystals, they are eye-catching and greatly enhance a woman’s beauty. They can be worn as casual wear or for a night out. Crystal belly button tattoos are scintillating and so you.

4. Bow Tattoo Stickers:

Bow Tattoo Stickers

Girls and bows go together. Be it on bags, shoes or dresses, they are inseparable and complement each other. It is no wonder that bow tattoos are one of the first and foremost choices for most women. Bow tattoo stickers are the ideal choice for women and girls who want to decorate their body with bows and ribbons but are too afraid to go under the needle. This bow tattoo sticker available in different sizes and patterns makes for an ornamental piece of body art.

5. Ferocious Dragon Tattoo Sticker:

Ferocious Dragon Tattoo Sticker

As the saying goes, “Boys are made of frogs and snails and puppy dog tails”. A fact that is very evident from the bizarre kinds of body tattoos that most men usually prefer. Men tend to have a fascination with the dark side of nature and the tattoos that they wear are generally a depiction of death and destruction. Such is the nature of the dragon tattoo, a common and very popular choice among boys and men.

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6. Flower Tattoo Sticker:

Flower Tattoo Sticker

A woman never tires of having flowers tattooed on her body whether it be in permanent or temporary form. Flower tattoos bring out a woman’s natural beauty. In some cases it is a representation of her inner self. Flower tattoo stickers burst forth with color and look every bit as captivating as a permanent tattoo giving women a real life tattoo experience.

7. Armband Tattoo Stickers:

Armband Tattoo Stickers

Armband tattoo stickers are especially created for men. They come with a tribal and barbed wire look. They also look good when worn as a bracelet.

8. Survivor Tattoo Sticker:

Survivor Tattoo Sticker

The pink ribbon universally worn by women in support of breast cancer is available as a sticker tattoo with the word Survivor imprinted across. It looks becoming and is proudly worn by female survivors of the life-threatening disease.

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9. Lip Tattoo Stickers:

Lip Tattoo Stickers

Glam up those lips with Tattoo Stickers that are available in an assortment of colorful patterns. Lip Tattoo stickers are a perfect way to create a stir at a costume party or a fun-filled night out with your girlfriends. They complement your clothes and style leaving you with a Razzle-Dazzle look.