Nails define a woman. It is as important as any other part of a woman’s body and should therefore be kept clean and hygienic at all times. Perfectly manicured nails reflect refinement and polish. Nails are often an expression of one’s inner self. Beautiful nails don’t only look attractive and classy but are a sign of good health. Most women desire strong, long nails but more often than not have difficulty in maintaining them. Below 9 Best Tips for Beautiful Nails and keep your nails healthy:

Tips for Beautiful Nails:

1. Clean and Healthy Nails:

Washing the nails regularly keep them soft and healthy. It is always advisable to use gentle cleansers rather than harsh soaps that strip the hands of their natural oils.

2. Nail Protection:

No woman can escape from household chores, one of the main causes of damaged and chipped nails. A solution to this problem would be to wear a pair of rubber gloves when doing household work which prevents the hands and nails from getting worn out.

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3. Filing The Nails:

You don’t have to go to a beauty parlour to get smooth, shapely looking nails. All it takes is a nail file and the right technique to give your nails the desired look.

4. Wear Clear Nail Polish:

Nothing can worsen the look of your nails than chipped nail polish for we all know that manicures don’t last. However, using clear nail polish gives the nails a smoother glow and finish and does considerably well in hiding those chipped nails to an extent where no one will be able to tell the difference. An apt choice is a nail hardening polish which if applied daily strengthens the nails and keep them from breaking.

5. Moisturize The Nails:

Nails just like the skin is prone to dehydration especially with excessive use of nail polish remover on a regular basis. So it is always good to keep the fingers and nails moisturized to keep them from drying out.

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6. Trimming The Nails:

Nails should be trimmed after a bath or after soaking them for some time as they are more pliable and easy to trim. Cuticles should also be pushed back gently and never cut.

7. Applying Nail Polish:

Painted nails look beautiful and are an asset to any woman. The art of applying nail polish can be mastered at home with a few simple steps that saves one a lot of time and money from visiting salons and par-lours. You just need to make sure your nails are free from any traces of the previous nail colour. Next apply a base coat to dry nails and let it dry. You can start from the center and work your way towards the outer corners. Once dry, apply a second coat lightly and swiftly from the base to the tip. Apply a third coat if need be to the toe nails as the toe nails should always be a shade darker than the finger nails.

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8. French Manicure:

If you’re not into experimenting with nail art or different shades of nail polish then keep it simple yet trendy with a French manicure. French manicure kits are full and plenty so you can pamper yourself with one from the comfort of your own home. With its customary pale yet pristine pink base and white tips, French manicures are considered the most elegant style of painting the nails.

9. Nail Art Designs:

Finally perk those nails up with some much loved nail art. With an abundance of different designs and colours available to go with every season, occasion or festivity, nail art is like the icing on a cake. Girls love it and women are fascinated by it. It is a boost to immaculately manicured nails. It makes it own stylized statement. So for those wishing to go against custom and tradition, treat yourself to the wonders of nail art.

Almost Every Women likes her nails. Here a few tips for beautiful nails ! Did you agree? please share your opinion.

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