Hygiene and cleanliness are an important part of our daily life. Hence, since childhood certain habits are inculcated, such as brushing our teeth, bathing, washing our hair and clothes etc. It is important to maintain oral hygiene from a very young age and we understand how difficult it can be to choose the best products for your kids. To help you out with this problem, here we have a comprehensive list of the best toothpaste for kids, let’s check it out.

Best Toothpaste for Kids Available In India:

Let’s find the top 10 list of best toothpaste for kids available in India.

1. Xylitol Toothpaste for Kids:


Sugar-free, gluten free and fluoride free, this toothpaste is a safe alternative for your young one. Regular usage of this toothpaste will help whiten and brighten your teeth by breaking up the stains. It will also help in building a protective barrier around your teeth to avoid any kind of shock that can be felt by sudden consumption of hot or cold food.

  • Ingredients: Sensodyne
  • Pros & Cons: It is very expensive thus making it a difficult option for normal people, otherwise the toothpaste has all the positive aspects.
  • Suitable Age Group: 12 years and above

2. Weleda Children’s Tooth Gel:


Weleda Kids Toothpaste is a product designed for the new teeth of a firstborn. It is in a gel form and extremely gentle on the teeth and gums of your child. The flavour of the gel is pleasant for a baby’s taste buds and do not give any kind of tingling sensation. The toothpaste will cause no harm if swallowed by the child as it is fluoride free.

  • Ingredients:Calendula Flowers, Silica
  • Pros & Cons: No significant consequences as the tooth gel is fluoride free.
  • Suitable Age Group: 6 months to 3 years old

3. Kid’s Crest Toothpaste:


Available in a pleasant flavour of bubblegum with sparkling substances, this toothpaste is a mild alternative from the general toothpaste. The gel is tested on kids to understand and achieve their stamp of approval.

  • Ingredients:crest, bubblegum flavour
  • Pros & Cons: Comes in a tube that can be easily handled by the little ones without causing any mess.
  • Suitable Age Group: 2 years and above

4. Hello Kids’ Toothpaste:


Produced by Hello Oral Care company, the Hello Kids toothpaste is one of the best toothpaste available for kids. Apart from the generic bubblegum flavour, its available in multiple fruit flavours without any additional sweeteners.

  • Ingredients: Xylitol, erythritol, soothing aloe vera
  • Pros & Cons: The variety of flavours ensure that kids enjoy their time brushing their teeth.
  • Suitable Age Group: 1 year and above

5. Aqua Fresh Toothpaste for Toddlers:


A tooth paste that focuses on avoiding and protecting the teeth of kids against cavity is the Aqua fresh toothpaste for toddlers. The toothpaste has a pleasant bubblegum flavour and is in a gel form that ensures mild application.

  • Ingredients: Xylitol, bubblegum flavouring
  • Pros & Cons: Does its job of fighting and protecting teeth against cavity
  • Suitable Age Group: Ages 2 and above

6. Patanjali DantKanti Junior:

Patanjali DantKanti Junior is an Indian brand toothpaste that is gaining a good amount of recognition in the country. Priced moderately, the toothpaste is available in attractive packaging and contains common Indian plants and herbs that are known to be very good for oral health.

  • Ingredients: Neem, Timbaru
  • Pros & Cons: The moderate pricing makes it a suitable choice for individuals from all standards.
  • Suitable Age Group: 2 and above

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7. Colgate Kids Toothpaste:

One of the oldest known oral health brands, the Colgate Kids toothpaste is a more sought-after choice because of its availability as well as the trust the brand has managed to build up in the many years. This toothpaste is also moderately priced and is available in bubblegum flavour.

  • Ingredients: Xylitol, Bubblegum flavouring
  • Pros & Cons: There are no significant cons of this product
  • Suitable Age Group: 2 years and above

8. Tom’s of Maine Anticavity Toothpaste for Children:

Toms Kids Toothpaste as well known by people across various countries is another toothpaste that is commonly preferred by masses in various countries when it comes to the oral health of their kids.

  • Ingredients: Xylitol, flavouring agents
  • Pros & Cons: The toothpaste has no significant consequences
  • Suitable Age Group: 2 years and above

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9. Splat Junior Natural Toothpaste:


Providing solution against many common and uncommon oral health problems, splat junior natural toothpaste is a 98% natural formulation. The toothpaste comes in a very distinct and attractive packaging that definitely gets the attention of kids.

  • Ingredients: Xylitol, flavouring
  • Pros & Cons: Being a 98% natural toothpaste indicates that the toothpaste has no consequences.
  • Suitable Age Group: 6 – 11 years old

10. DIY Kids’ Toothpaste:

Although there are multiple toothpaste that guarantee safety and good health of a baby, it is suitable and feasible to not bring them in any contact of chemicals until they aren’t at least a year or 2 old, but then what and how do you take care of their pain and hygiene.

Let’s check out a simple DIY kids’ toothpaste that can be easily created with a few ingredients,


  • Coconut oil 1/3 cup
  • Baking soda 1 tb
  • Stevia powder ¼ tsp
  • Bentonite Clay 1 tb
  • Essential Oils 1-2 drops (optional)

Mix these ingredients together to form a paste like a product and then gently massage it on the gums of your kids with the help of a gentle toothbrush or a muslin cloth. If your child is too small you can skip the essential oils and the other ingredients and just make a paste out of baking soda and coconut oil which is commonly called as a Baking Soda toothpaste for toddlers.

Baking soda alters the naturally occurring pH of a baby’s stomach acid, thus not being a harmful ingredient and in fact providing relief to their pain when massaged gently.

Thanks to the current age and generation there are several toothpastes available in multiple flavors that help ensure that everyone can take care of their much-required oral hygiene.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are There any Homemade Toothpaste Ideas for Kids?

Several ideas and DIY recipes can be found on internet for making toothpastes for kids without any difficulty, one such toothpaste is made out of baking soda and its procedure can be easily accessed on any parenting website.

2. Can I use Regular Toothpastes for My Kids?

Regular toothpastes contain many chemicals that if swallowed by chance can be harmful to the health thus it is advisable to use only kids toothpastes for kids.

3. How Often Should Kids Brush Their Teeth?

Kids as well as adults should brush their teeth twice a day at suitable 12 hours interval. Apart from brushing the teeth its also important to gargle and rinse your mouth with water after every meal.