Are you contemplating getting a U-letter tattoo and looking for inspiration? If so, this article will give you stunning U-letter tattoo designs that will make the search process much more manageable. These single-letter tattoos might look small but can express tons of emotions. Many people prefer a single-letter tattoo instead of a full name.

Go through this article to get an idea about some exclusive U-letter tattoo designs that can be cost-effective and less painful. Read on!

10 Best U Letter Tattoo Designs:

The U-letter tattoo designs might look miniature, but they have a lot of importance and are ingenious. Moreover, these tattoos usually create a lasting memento because they are generally inked as souvenirs for a person or a memory. Depending upon your preference, you can add elements like a heart, crown, wings, etc.

1. Double Line U Letter Tattoo:

If you crave simplicity in your tattoo, this U-letter tattoo design on the bicep can be an excellent option. The letter U is made bold, and the uniqueness of this design is a thin line that crosses in the centre of the letter, making it look like double lines. These tattoos look good on anyone, irrespective of gender and age. You can use a different ink colour instead of black if you want.

2. Sporty U Letter Tattoo Design:

If you are a sports fan or want to engrave the symbol of your alma mater as a tattoo, you can go for it. This U-letter tattoo design is a perfect example of a pattern where the wearer has engraved a tattoo that looks like an association with a sports team. The unique thing about this tattoo is that the background of the letter U is filled with blue where the alphabet is highlighted though it is simple.

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3. U Letter Tattoo Design With A Crown On Top:

This U-letter tattoo design has a unique and stylish crown on the alphabet, giving the pattern a regal finish. This is an excellent option if you are a fan of royal crowns and would like to add them to your U-letter tattoo. Although this design looks exceptional in black ink, you can use a splash of colours to fill the entire tattoo or a part of it, giving it a unique finish.

4. Cursive U Letter Tattoo With Florals:

This U-letter tattoo design uses bold lines for the alphabet, and the addition of beautiful flowers all over the letter makes the design feminine and attractive. Since the letter looks exceptional in black ink, you can use several colours to fill the flowers if you wish. Women or young girls usually prefer these types of designs. If you wish, you can use different colors instead of black ink.

5. Colorful U Letter Tattoo Near The Ankle:

If you are bored of using black ink and want to explore colors for a U-letter tattoo, this design option can be ideal. This design is usually preferred by women and young girls and is engraved near the wearer’s ankle. Unlike the other single-letter tattoos, this one has a beautiful flower on the side and is filled with multiple colors, enhancing the design’s beauty.

6. Awesome U Letter Tattoo Design:

A lot is going on in this tattoo, and with U-shaped letter and edgy curves, it looks quite similar to a horseshoe. In addition, a beautiful crescent moon is added to the bottom area of the alphabet U. Another unique feature of this design is the addition of two crossed arrows on the outer side of the alphabet U. This tattoo looks beautiful in black ink. Still, you can use multiple colors if you wish.

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7. U Letter Tattoo On The Ring Finger:

Finger tattoos are quickly gaining popularity and act as a perfect replacement for a ring. The bright and beautiful colors used in this design capture the onlooker’s attention, making it pretty and attractive. This tattoo looks super cool and is very much in trend. This U-letter tattoo design is a perfect example of a beautiful pattern which women usually prefer.

8. Tiny U Letter Tattoo Design:

This small U-letter tattoo design engraved on the base of the thumb looks exceptional on first-timers or body art veterans. The uniqueness of this single-letter design is that it has small internal internal designs that are visible from afar and stand out beautifully. Therefore, it is considered a perfect choice for small plans that work well for all genders.

9. U Letter Tattoo With Mehndi:

If you are not a fan of permanent tattoos, this U-letter design with mehendi can be a temporary yet stylish option. The bold U letter has a cute little heart at the start of the alphabet, adding a personal touch to the pattern. Since it is not a permanent tattoo, people of any age can try it without any long-lasting effects. You can get this tattoo engraved on any visible area of your body.

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10. Lovely U Letter Tattoo With Heart:

This U letter tattoo has a heart attached to it on the side comprising two letters, L and U, with a heart in between them. There is a beautiful wing on one side of the big heart, and adding two little hearts on the top adds to the beauty of the design. Another unique feature of this design is the addition of two little birds on top of the letter U symbolizing freedom. This can also be used as a couple’s tattoo.


If you are a fan of single-letter tattoo design and are looking for a U-letter tattoo design, we hope the options we presented in this article have given you enough options. Explore these options and choose the one that suits your style and interests in a better way. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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