Having a large home of their own is a dream for many of us. The vision of owning luxury housing is on the rise in most aspirational urban populations, which gives them high net worth. One of the best options for this type of accommodation is a villa. The villa designs have become coveted with spacious land surrounding the home with luxurious amenities like a swimming pool, garden, gyms, and many more.

Usually located in the city outskirts, A villa houses a single family and can be decorated as per your taste. Let us go through this article for some of the best villa designs.

Modern Villa Designs With Details:

We present you with modern and stylish Villa designs you can go through to finalize the one you like:

1. Contemporary Villa Design:

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The clean lines with stark minimalism are some of the striking features of a contemporary villa design. This design beautifully embraces the architecture popularized from the 1920s to the 1950s with a modern touch. The sleek modern villa design is a representation of the ever-evolving architectural styles of the current trend.

2. Spanish Villa Design:

Image Source: onekindesign.com

If your villa design plans have patios, balconies and sun decks, roof terraces, then without a doubt, you are looking at a Spanish villa design. The seamless indoor and outdoor living areas of this beautiful place look beautiful. This single-floored building is further elevated with the addition of exceptional lighting in addition to a big swimming pool.

3. Small Villa Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Having a villa is a dream for many of us. This small villa design is a perfect option for people who love an estate’s luxury but don’t want to occupy too much space. This design has all the architectural elements of a villa, such as a small garden around the house, parking space for your vehicle, etc. The colour combination and stylish look of the home stand out elegantly.

4. Duplex Villa Design:

Image Source: instagram

This beautiful villa design is a perfect example of a duplex where you can find two units in one home. A multi-family home. These designs can be arranged in multiple ways, either stacked up on top of each other or side by side, depending upon your choice. Another unique feature of a duplex villa design is there are entrances both internally and externally.

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5. 3D Villa Design:

Image Source: rivirtual.in

This villa front design gives you a look at your building in a 3d view. The two-floored construction elevates the intricate 3d designs used in the sides and front part of the building. The beauty of this home is further boosted by the placement of beautiful plants around the house. Although there is no specific terrace in this Villa, some openings are provided on the top floor.

6. Mediterranean Villa Design:

Image Source: pinterest

If you want to implement a Mediterranean style into your villa design exterior, this is a perfect option. The red-tiled roof with simple and romantic aesthetics is one of the standard features of this Villa’s style. This Villa is the ideal representation of the extensive use of natural materials that combine style, convenience, simplicity, and boldness.

7. Italian Villa Design:

Image Source: Shutterstock

Location plays a vital role in the look of an Italian villa design. There is a tower located either in the middle of the place or at one end, making it one of the best villa designs. The unique feature of Italian villas is the asymmetrical styling, which makes them stand out elegantly. The popularity of this style of villas is increasing all around the world.

8. Twin Villa Design:

Image Source: instagram

If you are fed up with too many neighbours, and have a dream of living in a villa that seems out of budget, a twin villa can be the best choice. Having enough privacy, a garden, and many spacious rooms, you get all the benefits of a stand-alone villa without having to pay too much money. You can get all the privacy you want with the security of having to share a wall with a neighbour’s family.

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9. Resort Villa Design:

Image Source: Shutterstock

If you are a fan of spending time in the seclusion of a resort, this modern Villa’s interior design is the best option. The scenic beauty of the place’s exteriors can be used to your advantage by designing your villas that look similar to a resort. The addition of an open swimming pool elevates the space’s beauty and makes you want to go home more!

10. L Shaped Villa Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Although a single-floor building, this is a perfect example of a five bhk villa design that gives you ample room effectively utilizing every inch of space. The sizeable see-through glass wall on one side gives you a large room downstairs with a front lawn and a private swimming pool. You can enjoy the beauty of your house and its environment by placing some lawn chairs.

11. Modern Villa Design:

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Suppose you are a person who loves a villa that looks modern and sophisticated with ultra-modern amenities. This two-floor villa design is a perfect option you can consider representing your love for current architectural patterns. The 3d pattern on one side adds a unique beauty to the construction. It is further elevated with ample lighting and greenery.

12. American Style Villa Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Many of us have a brief idea about American-style villas either from architecture magazines or TV series. This is a perfect example of where the American Villa is represented beautifully. Like a twin villa, this type of construction can be used by one large family who loves privacy as much as living with family. These types of villas not only look beautiful from the outside but give you a sense of homeownership without spending too much money.

13. European Style Villa Design:

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Stone-clad walls are the first thing that comes to mind when you think about European-style villa design. Alongside the luxury of having a big house, this architectural design gives your home a rustic feel. A beautiful lawn in front of the Villa with an in-built garage not only looks gorgeous but keeps your dream of owning a large home alive!

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14. Residential Villa Design:

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This is one of the best examples of an excellent villa design usually found in posh residential areas. The building exterior’s warm and soft colour scheme elevates the bright flowery glasses placed across the Villa. These types of villas usually have five to six rooms that can easily house a family luxuriously.

15. Latest Villa Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

If you are a person with a specific taste in stylist and intricate design work, this latest villa design can be the best example. This single-floor villa design looks beautiful, but the glass doors add to the elegance effectively. A small patio on both floors adds to the look. If yours is a kids-free home opting for a low glass railing reflect elegantly in addition to the ceiling lights.

Initially, an ancient Roman upper-class country house, a villa is evolving considerably according to people’s tastes. In contrast to condos and townhomes, Villa designs are for single families who want luxurious amenities. I hope this article gives you a clear idea about some villa designs before finalizing the right one.


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