Women all around the world are well aware of how important their nails are to them. Therefore, in order to maintain them, they must visit a manicurist to shape their nails. In fact, nails are one of the first few things many men notice about women. Well-maintained and immaculate nails tend to reflect the personality of prim and proper women. While chipped and broken nails tend to signify a more callous personality.

Water Marble Nail Art Designs:

Nowadays, women are taking nail art to a whole new level. In order to keep on trend and present a more quirky nail style, women are stepping out of their comfort zone in donning nail art that truly reflects the mood they are in.

1. The Poppy Remembrance Day Marble Nail Art:

This type of marble nail art signifies are more quirky way of portraying a poppy flower. The basic shape of the flower has been cited as reference and painted in dark tones of red and black with white being the predominant color. It looks quirky, stylish and cool.

2. Rainbow Water Marble Nail Art:

Inspired by the colours of the rainbow, bits of various colored nail polishes are painted horizontally in gentle strokes. This multi-coloured nail art design is sure to be a hit with women who are not afraid to take a risk. This is the best Water Marble Nail art for beginners.

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3. Winter Flower Marble Nail Art Design:

This nail art includes half a flower which is painted vertically on the nail. Soothing colours like blue and white are used to give it a more ‘winteresque’ look. The side of the nail is used as the starting point for this nail art. This type of nail design is perfect for those women who are not too risqué with their choices.

4. Fire Flower Water Marble Nail Art:

Let your nails be engulfed by fashionable flames. Reminiscent of flames burning, this nail art is painted across the nail horizontally in fire tones – red, orange, yellow and black. This nail art is perfect for women who decide to go out to a nightclub for an all-night party. Deep, dark and mysterious is what this look is all about.

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5. Valentine-inspired Water Marble Nail Art:

For the day dedicated to love, this nail art can be donned by women who have to attend a date with their significant other. Painted across the nail in almost like a leaf-like designed in more neutral tones of light pink, cream and white, there is sufficient gap between each motif to avoid cluttered nails. This is one of the best Water Marble Nail art designs.

6. Psychedelic Swirl Water Marble Nail Art:

This funky nail art is painted onto the nail in a swoosh fashion which represents a swirl. Attention to detail is a must as one wrong move could spoil the entire pattern. Funky colours like blue, orange yellow and red are perfect for girls who want to get a little flirty with their nails.

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7. Red & Cream Water Marble Nail Art:

This design is soothing and very classy. Painted across the nails in different sized streaks that emanate from all corners of the nail, these designs will suit girls who want pretty nails for a cool summer’s day. Strawberries and cream would complement the nail art design perfectly.

8. St Patrick’s Day –inspired Water Marble Nail Art:

The famous clover leaf associated with the patron Saint of Ireland is a great inspiration for this nail art. The four-clover leaf is painted generously across the nail in keeping with the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. A cool, light lager beer for girls that can consume alcohol will perfectly complement this nail art design.

9. Christmas Candy Cane Water Marble Nail Art:

In celebrating the true spirit of Christmas, candy coloured stripes are painted horizontally across the nail. The pop of green, red and white will be as fresh as the peppermint it is inspired by.

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