The summer season brings an endless array of styles and designs for nail art lovers. From fruits, to flowers, butterflies, animal prints and other bright coloured patterns, there is no limit to what one can do with their nails. However, when you think of the warm summer sun and a day out at the beach, what could be better than getting a watermelon nail art done. It is fun, colourful and even flirty. Watermelon nails are rapidly becoming the hottest new trend in nail art. Watermelon nail art designs look cute and refreshing, are easily done and don’t require too much practice. They are usually done in French manicure style with ease and perfection. The core watermelon colour is done in varying shades of pink and red while the outer layer is done in shades ranging from light to dark green. Watermelon designs look fashionable on their own or with any other style. No matter what the design, watermelon nail art looks appealing on a fun-filled summer’s day.

1. Simple Watermelon Nail Art:

This design involves the three basic steps of watermelon nail art. The base coat is first applied in a select red colour. Once dry, the tip of the nail is then painted in dark green followed by the watermelon specks in the same green colour on the base coat. It is the simplest of designs yet looks hip and trendy.

2. Watermelon Nail Art:

If watermelon is your favourite fruit, let others it know by this bold and pronounced watermelon design. It is an eye-catching and marvellous display of the fruit with the inner core done on the index, middle and little finger and skin of the fruit done on the thumb and ring finger.

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3. Watermelon Inspired Nail Art:

A simple watermelon nail design inspired done in green, pink and white dots. It has the essence of a watermelon captured in it and looks funky and cool.

4. Summer Fruits Nail Art:

A nail art design that’s perfect for the summer season. Each fingernail is adorned with the different fruits of summer. The watermelon design takes prominence on the thumb while the kiwi, strawberry, pineapple and cherries look as appealing. A yummy design for a fruit lover.

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5. Coloured Watermelon Nail Polish:

This nail polish watermelon design is not your classic watermelon look but a rare and elegant one nonetheless. It is a watermelon inspired design with one hand-painted with a red shade and specked with green and the other hand done in a green shade with a faint glimmer. It is a look of pure refinement that stands out.

6. Multi-Style Watermelon Nail Art:

This watermelon nail is a variant of watermelon styles captured on each nail. The index and little finger comprise the skin of the fruit done in yellow and green shades. The middle finger reflects a geometrical design of a cut fruit while the ring finger displays the inner core. Together the design looks fashionable in its watermelon theme.

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7. Rust Watermelon Nails:

This watermelon design is a divine work of art. A welcome change from the common red and pink shades of watermelon colours. The rust colour adds shimmer and sparkle to a traditional watermelon design.

8. Decorative Nail Art Watermelon:

Women are bound to be fascinated with this innovative design. The watermelon stickers at the side of the nail tips set this design apart from the rest. It is a sure trendsetter designed to create waves wherever you go.

9. Checkered Watermelon Nails:

Decorate your nails with this cool looking checkered watermelon design to attract everyone’s attention. It is a summer-inspired look and comparatively different to the commonplace watermelon designs so popular these days. The simple plaid design can be done using various colour combinations for a piqued look however, stick to the classical green and red colour scheme for a complete watermelon nail art experience.


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