To present you in a stylish and trendy way, just ink your wrist with some unique, cool cute and stylish tattoos. The wrist has always been an appealing location. Wrist tattoos are gaining a lot of popularity these days among men and women because of the large number of choices that are available to them. Due to highly professional artists, it’s pretty easy to understand the demand and expectations of clients of both genders. Wrist tattoo designs can also be personalised according to the personality of the client.

Wrist tattoos are one of the most unique tattoos. The gallery is enormous, and there are different patterns, colours, images and sizes that can be used to give your tattoo a fantastic appearance. Celtic designs, flowers, barbed wires, and tribal symbols are some of the common ones seen today. You can also make an ornamental design to make it look natural and beautiful. Wrist tattoos are also less painful as compared to others that are drawn on other parts of the body. The speciality of the wrist tattoo is it won’t fade ever, and it’s easily shown off or covered up. As far as safety goes, a wrist tattoo poses no more risk than any other part of the body.

The number of people who are getting their wrist tattooed with the most preferred cool tattoo designs is preferably increasing. Some people are getting involved in tattooing just because they want to look exactly the same as their idols.

Best Wrist Tattoos for Men and Women:

However, we have listed some of the best wrist tattoos for men and women with images and their meanings just for you so that your selection is easy and that you can get yourself something creative, unique and outstanding.

1. Map Wrist Tattoo Designs:

Travellers are very active when it comes to small tattoos, and wrist tattoos sound like an awesome idea anytime. While on the one hand, a compass is the symbol of a navigator, a world map with the face of your continent more prominent means love for your land as well the passion for travelling the world. You can even colour these wrist tattoos however they look better without colour anytime. These designs are now trending in fashion, and you are sure to grab your eyes with this. Also, these tattoos are for both men and women.

  • Size:- medium to large will be perfect.
  • Colour:-Go with the colours black or brown.
  • Skin tone:-Suitable on any colour skin tone.
  • Suitable for:-The design is suitable for both men and women.
  • Body Placement:– Place this on your arm, wrist or forearm.

2. Music Tattoos for Wrist:

For the lovers of music and the ones who love to play instruments. You have great ideas for wrist tattoo designs. You can either get a single musical note done on a spot on your wrist, or you can get a chain of musical notes done on the wrist. Other than this, you can also get a sketch of a musical instrument done on one side of your wrist, which can get a little extended vertically. Make sure this is not very big otherwise, it will look extremely out of balance. This is one reason why we all adore the small musical note on the wrist of the very pretty Selena Gomez.

  • Size:- Get this done in medium size.
  • Colour:- Musical notes are always in black.
  • Skin tone:-This design is for all skin types.
  • Gender:- This design is suitable for both men and women.
  • Body Placement:-Place this on your wrist or ankle.

3. Tree Tattoo on Wrist for Women:

A tree is a symbol of power, strength and bond and what can be better than keeping all of these three along with you all the time so that they protect you at all times. You can get any kind of tree done, such as a leafless tree which will have only branches or maybe a tree with lots of leaves. Whatever it is when it comes to wrist tattoos for men, it is important that you show the bark of the tree and branches in a very proper way to make the tree look more elaborate and prominent. Women can also get this tattoo done.

  • Size:- medium to large size is good for this one.
  • Colour:-black and brown will be appropriate colours.
  • Skin tone:-suitable for wheat and fair skin tone.
  • Gender:– this design is suitable for women.
  • Body Placement:– Place this design on your wrist, calf or back.

4. Cute Phrases Tattoo on Wrists:

We are all attached to people, be they friends or family, and we always want them to stay together. While it is not possible to pack people along, we can surely take the memories wherever we go and show them how much we love them with very cute lines inked as wrist tattoos. We all have seen how actress Priyanka Chopra has done it with so much style when she flaunts her ‘Daddy’s li’l girl inked on the side of her wrist. Cool, simple, yet very sweet. Another good part is that these are so small that they can be hidden with make-up whenever you feel like it.

  • Size:– small, medium and large any size is good for this one.
  • Colour:- You can pick from black, brown, purple-red, blue, pink and many more.
  • Skin tone:- suitable for fair or white skin tone.
  • Gender:- Apt for both men and women.
  • Body Placement:- You can get this inked on the wrist, back or calf.

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5. Owls Wrist Tattoos Designs:

Birds, wings and feathers and flowers are the most common tattoo on the wrist. These are more fashionable designs and much better than the former designs. While you can get big and elaborate owls done on the arms and decorate them with Gothic flowers or dream catchers, on the other hand, for the wrist tattoos, a cute, small owl is perfect. Make a standing owl and make it as cute as you can. It is better if you just leave it as a sketch outline and do no shading or colouring. This makes it look much simpler and prettier.

  • Size:- medium size is perfect for this one.
  • Colour:- brown and dark blue-black is a great choices of ink colours.
  • Skin tone:- suitable for lighter skin tone.
  • Gender suitable:- This design is suitable for both men and women.
  • Body Placement:– Place this on the wrist or forearm.

6. Wings Tattoo for Wrist for Guys:

When it comes to a simple wrist tattoo, wings can really be great options. These are symbols of angels and fairies, and these are all very girly designs. While, on the one hand, large wings can be done to cover the whole back, the smaller and mini versions of these wings are awesome on the wrists. You can get one wing on a single wrist or maybe one wing each on both wrists. You can also make them bright and colourful or make them in one colour such as dark blue or black. Do it in any way, and it is sure to look good.

  • Size:- medium and large size is good for this one.
  • Colour:- dark blue and black are good choices of colours.
  • Skin tone:- suitable for all colour skin.
  • Gender Suitable:- Men generally like such designs.
  • Body Placement:- Place this on the wrist or forearm.

7. Heart Wrist Tattoo Designs:

The heart is a symbol of love and affection. It lets you feel every emotion, from happiness to sorrow to pain to joy. The red colour is always used to fill the empty space inside the heart; however, when it comes to a heart wrist tattoo design, any other colour, such as purple, can also be used. It is perfectly suitable for girls who love passion for love. It is one of the cute tattoo designs for girls on the wrist.

  • Colour:- any colour is suitable but especially red.
  • Skin tone:-suitable design for lighter skin tone.
  • Gender suitable:– This design is for both men and women.
  • Size – The perfect size for this one is either small or medium.
  • Body Placement:-Place this on your wrist or the side of the palm.

8. Star Wrist Tattoos:

Those who love stars and other celestial bodies can always get themselves star tattoos done on their wrist. Several patterns are available to choose from, and a combination of different colours and designs can be used to give it that stunning and fashionable appearance. A star tattoo that shows the image of colourful shooting stars is very sexy, vibrant and beautiful to look at.

  • Size:- small and medium size is apt for this design.
  • Colour:-Keep this tattoo colourful.
  • Skin tone:-This design is suitable for all skin colour tones.
  • Gender suitable:- This design is more apt for women.
  • Body Placement:- Place this tattoo on the wrist or ankle.

9. Bird Wrist Tattoos for Girls:

Birds are a representation of freedom and liberty job. They are spectacular to look at, and some of the species are very unique in terms of appearance. A couple of birds tattooed on your wrist will stand as a symbol of hope, happiness and the joy of knowing that something better has been stored for the future. This is one of the best wrist tattoo designs, and most people flaunt this.

  • Size:- small to medium or tiny sizes are perfect for this one.
  • Colour:- mostly black and brown with hints of red are great options.
  • Skin tone:- suitable for almost all skin tones.
  • Gender suitable:- Suitable for both men and women.
  • Body Placement:- Place this on your wrist, forearm or arm.

10. Dreamer Wrist Tattoo Designs:

For the crowd who like to describe themselves as dreamers, the right choice for you will be this amazing-looking dreamer wrist tattoo. A cool and stylish font can be used to give it that stunning and marvellous appearance.

  • Size:- small to medium size should be perfect.
  • Colour:- brown and black colours are great options.
  • Skin tone:-More suitable for lighter skin tone.
  • Gender suitable: – The design is for both men and women.
  • Body Placement: – Place this design on your wrist or ankle.

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11. Butterfly Wrist Tattoos:

Butterflies are the most beautiful insects to exist to date. Their colourful wings and different patterns add to their vibrant appearance, and their behaviour makes them look joyous and full of life. A couple of butterflies inscribed on your wrist are bound to look attractive. This is one of the most popular wrist tattoos for women.

  • Size:- This design can be of any size, small, medium or large.
  • Colour:-Make this in shades of blue or black or pick any colour.
  • Skin tone:-this is suitable for wheat and has a fair skin tone.
  • Gender:-This design is preferred mostly by women.
  • Body Placement: Place this on your back, wrist or forearm.

12. StopWatch And Compass Wrist Tattoo Designs:

The stopwatch and compass tattoo on the wrist is very significant as they speak about the inevitability of time and the direction in which our destiny probably is. This tattoo can be designed in different ways, especially with a quote underneath it. The presence of some blossoming and budding flowers will add to its beauty. Tattoos are a provocative and evocative way to make the body more attractive and desirable.

  • Size:- sizes apt are medium and large.
  • Colour:- it is a combination of black, brown and hints of red.
  • Skin tone:- the fine details of this design is suitable for fair skin tone.
  • Gender– this tattoo is for both men and women.
  • Body Placement: – Place this design on the wrist or on the forearm.

13. Fashion Wrist Tattoo Designs:

For all the women in the world who are crazy about fashion, this one is just the tattoo design you might be looking for. A fashion wrist tattoo will not only bring out your love for fashion but will also give you the opportunity to flaunt it to others. You can always use a hanger or any other fashionable object as an image to support your tattoo.

  • Size:- small to medium size is perfect for this design.
  • Colour:- Get this tattoo inked in brown or black.
  • Skin tone:-It is suitable for almost all skin tones.
  • Gender:-This design is suitable for women.
  • Body Placement:- This tattoo will look good on the wrist, forearm or arm.

14. Fighter Wrist Tattoos for Men:

All the fighters in the world who believe they have faced adversity and that it has made them stronger and better individuals should really get themselves the fighter wrist tattoo. This is one of the best tattoo designs for men on the wrist.

  • Size: -Get this inked in a medium size.
  • Colour: -Black is an appropriate colour.
  • Skin tone:-The design is best for all skin tones.
  • Gender:- suitable for both men and women.
  • Body Placement:- Place this on your wrist or on your forearm.

15. Faith Wrist Tattoos For Ladies:

Those kinds of people who are optimistic and like to fill their minds with beautiful and uplifting thoughts should definitely go for the Faith Wrist Tattoo. The fine calligraphy and the texture are so attractive in appearance. It is a great tattoo design for young people.

Be it, men or women, getting inked is one passion that you can have, irrespective of all differences. Small and cool tattoos are the new hype in the fashion arena, and getting a wrist tattoo is a wow thing now.

  • Size:-Keep the size small or medium size.
  • Colour:-black is the best colour for this one.
  • Skin tone:-suitable This design is suitable for all skin tones.
  • Gender: -Most suitable and apt only for women.
  • Body Placement: – Make this on the wrist or forearm.

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16. Love Tattoos on Wrist:

Tattoos that say love is indeed lovable. Love knows no boundaries and no languages thus. This tattoo can be suitable for any gender and any individual. With an additional little heart that has also been done in black ink, the tattoo looks more attractive.

  • Size: Small to medium size is perfect for this design.
  • Colour: Black or red ink will be suitable.
  • Skin Tone: Better for fair to medium skin tone.
  • Gender: Will look great on any gender.
  • Body Placement: Place this design on your wrist, ankle or side of the palm.

17. Best Friend Tattoos on Wrist:

The relationship that you and your best friend share have a strength of its own, and what better way to prove it than a tattoo. This similar tattoo shows how two friends have a liking for something similar, and a bird signifies freedom, which means they both love and seek freedom.

  • Size: Small size will be better.
  • Colour: Black is apt for this tattoo.
  • Skin Tone: If colourful, then all skin tones. If black, then only fair to medium.
  • Gender: All genders can get a best friend tattoo.
  • Body Placement: Place this tattoo on your wrist, ankle or side of the palm.

18. Couple Tattoos on Wrist:

You and your partner share a bond that is very precious. A heart tattoo on both of your wrists will show how the two of you’ll stand and abide by the idea of love. The hearts have been done in black ink in a very small size. You can get similar tattoos with your partner.

  • Size: Small to tiny size is perfect for this tattoo.
  • Colour: You can make this tattoo black or red.
  • Skin Tone: Black will suit fair to medium skin tones, and colourful will go with all skin tones.
  • Gender: Suitable for both men and women.
  • Body Placement: Place this tattoo on your ankle, wrist or forearm.

19. Rose Tattoos on Wrist:

A rose is the kind of flower that, with each different colour, has the power to signify a relation and emotion. The rose in this tattoo is tiny and may look fragile, but with its thorns around, it has the power to protect itself. The entire tattoo has been done in black ink with no internal shading or designs.

  • Size: Small to medium size is perfect for this one.
  • Colour: Choose colours black or red.
  • Skin Tone: suitable for fair to medium skin tone.
  • Gender: More suitable for women.
  • Body Placement:- Place this design on the wrist, ankle or forearm.

20. Tribal Wrist Tattoos:

This tribal wrist tattoo shows and signifies power and respect. The design is very attractive and holds some meaning. The tattoo is done in a medium size with black ink only, as, during the olden times, there were no colourful inks. So using black ink gives it an original effect.

  • Size: Small to big size is perfect.
  • Colour: Prefer getting inked in Black ink only.
  • Skin Tone: Mostly suitable for fair to medium skin tone.
  • Gender: This tattoo is more apt for men.
  • Body Placement: – Place this on your wrist or forearm.

ALL The Aftercare Tips You Need to Follow for Wrist Tattoos:

  • Follow your tattoo artist’s advice.
  • After a few hours, gently wash the tattoo.
  • Apply a thin layer of unscented moisturizing cream.
  • Keep the tattoo clean and dry.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Be patient with healing times.
  • Do go back to the studio for touch-ups if needed.

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Your wrist is a sensitive area, and the healing process can take some time to make sure to go ahead with a tattoo design that you are sure of being able to handle. A tattoo on the wrist side can be even more painful as underneath the skin lies the bone, so consult your artist beforehand and then go ahead with the process. Eventually, getting inked is a process you will always remember in your life, so make the most out of it; Happy Tattooing!

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