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9 Best Christmas Nail Art Designs With Images

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Well designed nails always look fashionable and chic. Nail art is a great way to experiment with your nails and make them look beautiful. You can get them done by a professional or maybe try some designs at home. When you keep trying on your own, you will be able to create complex designs with time and unleash your creative skills at ease. When the holiday season comes near, some cool and inspiring nail art is always needed which peps up the spirit of Christmas and make your nails look glittery, fabulous and glamorous. Here we have enlisted some really amazing Christmas nail art designs just for you, so that you can get something surprisingly gorgeous for yourself this season.

1. Santa Claus Design:

christmas nail art

A great idea for Christmas nail art design would be the one that shows the image of the Santa Claus hat. It looks cute, adorable and brings out the festive season. The plain background adds to its charm and makes it look simple, yet stylish.

2. Jingle Bells Design:

What’s Christmas without Jingle Bells? They are such an old and important part of the Christmas tradition and have been an eminent part of its decoration. The gorgeous and rich looking golden bells tied on green leaves surrounded with long and colourful ribbons look so wonderful on your nails. this is one of the best Christmas nail art design.

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3. Red And Glossy Design:

The red and glossy design is very sophisticated in appearance. It is very feminine and stands as a symbol of Santa Claus. The long black belt with the shiny grey square on it looks superb. They reflect the idea of Christmas and make you look all set for the occasion.

4. Christmas Candy Cane Design:

The candy cane is a very popular and recognized prop for Christmas nail art decoration. Women love them and some of it has also been shown in their nail art. The combination of red and white is very unique and on the whole, it looks enticing.

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5. Transparent Xmas Nail Art Design:

A transparent Christmas nail art design makes a wonderful idea for the festive season. On top of French manicured nails, you can apply some grey shimmering glitter. You should also use the colour green and red as they are typical Christmas colours.

6. Reindeer Design:

Speaking of getting you a great looking Christmas nail art design, reindeers can be a smart option. The best one you can get for yourself is Rudolf, the very famous red nose reindeer. His big eyes, shiny nose and brown face look adorable. This design can be a little difficult to make, therefore a professional should always be consulted.

7. Cartoon Christmas Nail Art Design:

Christmas has also been associated with decorations and several cartoon characters. You can always get yourself a nail art design that shows the image of Christmas cartoons with Santa Claus hats on their heads. You could also add some colourful lighting on some of your nails.

8. Penguin Design:

Penguins are some real cute creatures. A Christmas nail art design which shows the image of a penguin with the red Santa Claus hat looks simple yet very stunning. The other nails painted in dark green look all the more attractive.

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9. Christmas Tree Design:

While trying to get creative, some women love painting Christmas tree designs on their nails. A shimmering and glittery touch on top of this makes the texture glossy and shiny. The ends of the nails can also be painted well with a combination of green, red and grey. The idea altogether is very attractive and unique Christmas nail art design.

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