Mehndi design was a culture followed in India since ages. But today, it is looked upon from a fashion point of view across the country. offers unique and the latest year-wise Mehandi designs.

Mehandi designs have set up a new trend it has specially gained a great deal of popularity in the temporary tattoo industry. Mehendi designs are of various types like Arabic, semi-Arabic, bridal, non-bridal, etc.

There are a number of Mehandi artists who can make pattern designs ranging from Arabic mehndi art to traditional bridal look. Few of these year wise Mehandi designs are listed below along with pictures. Choose any one of them for the special occasion and flaunt that new look.

Best Mehndi Designs in 2023:

1. Mehndi Design For Hands:

This unique Mehendi design looks similar to rangoli design. This can be applied on both sides of the hand it is covered with floral and dotted pattern fingers are given an extreme trendy design. This design will be perfect for weddings or any other occasions. Choose this mehndi design for hand and make the hands shine like sparkle.

2. Back Hand Mehndi Design:

This is simple yet elegant Mehendi design for the back of the hand starts from the index finger and stretched till the wrist it has given a floral and beaded chain pattern highlighted with dots. The finger has covered with spiral art, and the rest of the hand has given a star-shaped design to make the design look adorable.

3. Mehendi Design For Festivals:

This Arabic design has a combination of rose flowers, touched with leafs and oval-shaped pattern, which starts from index finger and stretched till the wrist. The other fingers have given a touch of oval-shaped design with leaf attached. This is completely Indian Mehendi design and is one of the simplest patterns of the year 2012.

4. Mehndi Design For Raksha Bandhan:

This is one of the unique Mehendi arts it is quite simple but still can be easily done for any occasion to draw attention to the hands. This Mehandi design has huge leaves and petals on the hands and looks just perfect! Fingers have given a shade of flowers and leaf pattern. This will look good for western parties.

Famous Mehndi Designs 2013:

5. Bridal Mehndi Design For Legs:

Needless to say, this design is a perfect choice for weddings or anniversary parties. A typical bridal Mehendi design has two peacocks with long feathers are decorated with spiral and floral pattern highlighted with dots. This is one of the best Mehendi art for the year 2013 in the bridal collection for legs.

6. Mehandi Design for Diwali / Holi:

An amazing piece of art! This Mehendi design is perfect for festivals like Diwali or Holi. This flowery henna design symbolizes happiness and joy It has a floral and heart-shaped pattern covering both the palm completely the fingers are given a flawless design. This will be easy to apply and good for beginners

7. Mehandi Design For Anniversaries:

A perfect mehndi design for weddings, reception and anniversaries! It has a combination of paisleys, floral and net pattern as the designs on the fingers and wrist makes this design unique.  This design gives a classy and elegant look for the hands. It is quite simple but still can be easily done.

8. Easy Bridal Mehndi Design :

This is a complete combo of Mehendi design for hands and legs. This design is quite tough to apply at home, professional Mehandi artists are required to do the adorable Mehndi design hands are covered with heavy design and legs are given a simple design by highlighting the nails. This will be the best design for wedding.

New Mehndi Designs 2014:

9. Indian Bridal Mehndi Design:

This is a heavy design the palm, fingers are totally covered with Mehandi. This has a combination of paisleys and floral pattern with a beautiful shade inside the flowers and wrist is covered with a peacock feather pattern. This will be good for people who love to fill their hand completely with mehndi.

10. Mehndi Design 2014 for Birth Day Parties:

This is a simple yet beautiful mehndi design; It is especially for kids who love Mehendi. It is an Arabic design which looks pretty and perfect for all the occasions. The design takes very less time and will require very basic skill; this design is unique in its own way it has not covered the palm completely.

11. Simple Eid Mehndi Design Pattern:

This mehendi design has a combination of floral, paisleys and oval-shaped pattern which is covered till the wrist, even the fingers are have given the same touch of design. This design has a lot of curves and is difficult to make without mehendi artist. Most of the Mehandi artists flaunt this design in 2014 for all their customers.

12. Full Hand Bridal Mehndi Design:

Peacock is one very popular motif spotted in many bridal henna Mehandi designs this stunning peacock mehndi design which has a lot of intricate curls, swirls and jaal. The peacock and feather motif on each hand is the centre of attraction fingers are highlighted with paisleys pattern this design will be perfect for wedding.

Easy & Beautiful Mehndi Designs 2015:

13. Simple Foot Arabic Mehandi Design:

This unique Arabic mehndi design is simple and easy to apply; an expert is not required for this simple design. It has mixed with floral and spiral pattern dots have been used in the middle of the flower to give an outstanding look for the design. It will take hardly a few minutes most of them have used this design in the year 2015.

14. Gujarati Mehandi Design For Hands:

This is yet another amazing Gujarati art! This has a half floral and leaf patter, lines have been used to highlight the flowers. Fingers have given a simple spiral pattern and dots. This is a very common and famous design. One can draw this design easily at home. This can be drawn on either side of the hand.

Awesome Mehndi Designs 2016:

15. Pakistani Mehandi Design For Occasions:

Pakistani Mehendi designs are always easy to draw and they just look perfect for any occasion. This has a combination of floral and paisleys pattern highlighting with dots to give an elegant look for the design. This will be liked by people who prefer to use simple Mehendi designs for their hands.

16. Indian Arabic Mehndi Design 2016:

Although this design has an Indian touch to it, yet it is included in Arabic Mehandi designs. This too goes well with occasions like weddings or reception and gets together party. Try this Mehendi design out if you have a family function or a party on the cards and be ready for the appreciation.

Trendy Mehndi Designs 2017 & 2018:

Here are the outstanding latest mehndi designs 2017 -18.

17. Arabic Mehndi Design 2017:

This is the latest Mehandi design which has been carved with Arabic design by using floral and paisleys pattern placing a white and gold colour stones in the middle of the design to make it look completely beautiful. Fingers are has designed with paisleys and dotted pattern it is the simple and trendy Mehendi design.

18. Glitter Mehndi Design 2017:

This is a beautiful Mehendi design with a combination of pink and blue colour glitters! The design is totally covered with paisleys and dotted pattern by highlighting with the glitters has really given a new look for the design. This design will be perfect with matching outfits and it is the new Mehandi design for 2017.

19. Mehndi Design with Beads Or Bindis:

This is simple yet stylish Mehendi art, this design has started from index finger and stretched till the palm edge by using floral and leaf pattern touching to it. Pink and blue colour stones have been placed to highlight the design; colours of stones can be changed based on the matching outfits.

20. Peacock Mehendi Design On Both Hands:

Animal motifs have always been an integral part of mehendi designs, contemporary version of the typical peacock Mehendi, where the beautiful feathers are substituted by the dragon’s tail, thereby making it more creative. This unique peacock Mehandi design will be the best option for wedding.

All these are the Top and best mehndi designs from 2012 to 2019 which has been handpicked from many other designs just to reduce everyone time in finding the latest designs.  This henna art will surely make the hands look more beautiful and attractive for all the occasions so do not wait anymore just give a try of all these best mehndi designs collection.


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