Did you know the Yin Yang tattoo’s origin stems from philosophy and cosmology’s oldest principles? The Chinese school of YinYang first conceptualized this iconic symbol around the 3rd century. Though many believe that black colour and white colour symbolize good and bad respectively, both good and bad are essential in maintaining a balance. The Yin Yang tattoos are considered a unified whole where the opposites are continuously attracted to each other.

Read this article to learn more if you are interested in getting your cool YinYang tattoo. These designs give you an outlook on various options you can look into before choosing the one that suits your personality and style beautifully. Read on!

20 Unique Yin Yang Tattoo Designs:

Suppose you are a person who wants to represent the philosophy of YinYang and stay connected to the culture. In that case, this article gives you ample options. Go through them:

1. Simple Yin Yang Tattoo:

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Suppose you are looking for a yin-yang tattoo that is pretty simple but represents everything you associate with the tattoo’s meaning. In that case, this one can be a perfect choice. Since the purpose of Yin and yang is to combine both positive and negative energies. Using black ink for one half and leaving it plain for the other creates a beautiful narrative for the onlooker and the wearer. This tattoo is engraved in such a way that it looks like a bracelet across the elbow.

2. Cool Yin Yang Tattoo:

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This beautiful yin-yang moon tattoo has cute little sun and moon symbols across each other. The entire element is placed inside a circle on the opposing sides. The tattoo is pretty simple with thin outlines, the moon element is bone in bold lines, and the sun is done in thin lines. The tattoo looks exceptional in small size engraved anywhere on your body.

3. Yin Yang Watercolour Tattoo:

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This pattern is perfect if you wish to combine colourful elements with the otherwise black tattoo design. Mixing colours with black ink will create the tattoo’s fun and mystical finish. It can be one of the easily noticeable tattoos where ever you want to get this done. The ups and downs are beautifully represented in this tattoo. This tattoo design can be an excellent choice if you seek attention from the onlooker.

4. Sun And Moon Yin Yang Tattoos:

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A shoulder tattoo can be a fantastic go-to tattoo if you want an expressive yin and yang tattoo. The entire tattoo is done inside a circle where one half is done in black with a moon in it, whereas the other half is left entirely white with a bright sun. The colours beautifully represent the Yin Yang tattoos and complement each other exceptionally well. This tattoo also represents the wearer’s love for nature, combining the beauty of both worlds.

5. Colourful Yin Yang Tattoo:

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This one can be an excellent choice if you want to add flashy and fantastic elements to your yin and yang tattoo. The circle has one half filled with black while the other is left white, which is further turned flashy with the addition of a beautiful and colourful flower with its stem. Since the yin and yang pattern is made in black and white. The flowers done in colours complement the element beautifully. You can choose the colours for the flowers based on your preference.

6. Unique Yin Yang Tattoo:

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This one can work well if you are looking for a simple yet unique type of Yin and yang tattoo. The entire tattoo is engraved in black ink with a circular pattern on the top, with one side black and the other white. The other beauty of the design is that a beautiful flower looks similar to a lotus, which is further attached to an infinity symbol. This tattoo seems exceptional when engraved on the back or hand.

7. Yin Yang Koi Fish Tattoo:

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This gorgeous Yin and yang back tattoo can be an excellent option if you are looking for something unique and practical. The calming effect caused by the koi fish can work great for sensitive souls irrespective of gender, though women usually prefer these tattoos. The white and black koi fish usually represent the wearers conquering nature over potential losses. This can be an ultimate tattoo if you believe life is a never-ending circle and karma.

8. Yin Yang Fish Tattoo:

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Fishes are cute elements for tattoos, especially koi tattoos, which have a deeper meaning. Unlike the previous koi tattoo, this design pattern is more detailed, giving it a realistic look. The central area of the tattoo has black and white parts and is surrounded by two beautiful koi fish creating a circular feel. These beautiful koi fish represent your life path and are a symbol of a circle. Experiencing the good and the bad is illustrated with this design beautifully.

9. Yin Yang Symbol Tattoo On The Feet:

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Suppose you are looking for a Yin and yang tattoo that has a blend of style while holding on to its traditional meaning. In that case, this design pattern is a perfect choice. Unlike all other tattoos, this design pattern has only one line with one black circle on one end and a white circle on the other. These black and white circles represent the positive and negative happenings in our lives and how they both are necessary.

10. Heart Yin Yang Tattoo Designs:

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Hearts are an integral part of body art, irrespective of gender and age. This beautiful yin-yang heart tattoo is a perfect way to combine hearts which represent the Yin and yang energy exceptionally well. The unique feature of this tattoo is that it is made of dots, unlike the other patterns, which are engraved with lines. If you notice clearly, one heart is ingrained in the dark while the other is a lighter note.

11. Yin Yang Tattoo Ideas For Guys:

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This beautiful phoenix yin-yang tattoo can be a perfect option for people who love an artistic approach to body art. This Japanese yin-yang tattoo is the perfect example of the same. Unlike the other tattoos, which usually have black and white parts, this tattoo has contrasting colours with beautiful phoenix patterns. One side of the circle has black in the background leaving white designs, whereas the other has a white background with black patterns.

12. Yin Yang Semicolon Tattoo:

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A semicolon tattoo has a profound meaning. For example, the semicolon isn’t the end of a sentence in English. Another deeper meaning is that a semicolon helps send the onlooker or the wearer a message of affirmation and solidarity with people dealing with mental health issues, addiction, depression and suicide. This tattoo combines the energies of Yin and yang with the semicolon and perfectly fits anywhere on the fingers.

13. Yin Yang Tattoo Arm:

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If you are a fan of planetary things, then you will love this tattoo. It combines your passion for planetary things with your love for Yin and yang. This Yin and yang tattoo looks similar to the planet Saturn with the rings. One side of the tattoo has the word JESUS written, while the other has MAYTE, which means lovable in Spanish. This tattoo looks exceptional when engraved on the forearm.

14. Yin Yang Compass Tattoo:

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Yin and yang represent male and female energies perfectly represented in this tattoo in its unique way. This forearm tattoo also looks similar to a globe with a stand. Unlike the other tattoos where there is black and white, this tattoo has lines on one side and leaves the other side empty. This tattoo is suitable for anyone, irrespective of gender. And it looks exceptional when engraved on the arm or forearm.

15. Minor Yin Yang Back Tattoo:

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Suppose you are a fan of the meaning behind the Yin and yang but are afraid of going for extensive patterns. In that case, this tattoo is a perfect choice because it is minimalistic. Though the tattoo is pretty tiny, it has meaning in a large quantity, suitable for men and women all the same. Therefore, low-key and minimalistic creators can go for this gorgeous tattoo which represents the bond one has with the positive and negative in their life.

16. Yin And Yang Tattoo Ideas With An Arrow:

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You will love this piece of body art if you are a fan of adding unique elements to your traditional Yin and yang tattoo. If you observe closely, the yon and yang aspect is done entirely in dots making it special and unique. The addition of opposing arrows indicates the same feelings expressed through the Yin and yang, which is the combination of positive and negative. This tattoo looks beautiful on anyone, irrespective of gender. The best place to get the tattoo is on the back, arm or shoulder.

17. Small Yin Yang Tattoo With Sun And Moon:

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These beautiful yin yang tattoos not only represent the culture along with your love for the entire solar system exceptionally. This tattoo looks perfect on the wrist in a show-stopping and attractive way. The sun, moon and yin and yang patterns symbolize the wearer’s love for balance and inner peace. This tattoo is also the best solution if you believe in karma and things happen for a reason.

18. Yin Yang Tattoo On Hand:

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If you are looking for detailed pieces of body art which involve colours, then this Yin yang tattoo works best for you. Though the central part of the tattoo is a white and black yin and yang, the unique feature comes when there is a splash of colours in the background of the black and white pattern. The wearer has used red and blue colours in the environment, but you can always choose the colours you like personally.

19. Yin Yang Wave Tattoo:

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This can be a perfect option if you are looking for a yin-yang cover-up tattoo. This is because the tattoo involves the colour combination of black and red instead of black and white. Adding cute little hearts on either side makes the tattoo all the more beautiful. The tattoo looks gorgeous when done in medium size, irrespective of gender and age.

20. Simple Yin Yang Tattoo:

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If you are looking for minimalism and cuteness in your art, this forearm yin-yang tattoo can be the perfect solution. When it comes to Yin and yang, the black and white colour combo is the ultimate go-to option. This simple design pattern indicates how opposites attract and represents an intertwined soul. Though the tattoo is small, it works exceptionally well on anyone, irrespective of gender.


The history of YinYang goes back 3500 years old in Chinese cultural philosophy. The core concept of the universe has a complementary force of dark and light which is beautifully represented in Ying Yang tattoos. We hope the tattoo options will help you choose the right tattoo for yourself. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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