The Yin Yang is a Chinese symbol known as the Tai-Chi symbol. It is the greatest achievement of Chinese philosophy and is responsible for making China well known in research, knowledge and development. There are two sides to this symbol. The black one is called Yin, and the white one is called Yang.

An interesting thing noticed about Yin Yang is that both are inseparable; they cannot stay without each other. Speaking of Yin Yang tattoos, they have become very popular these days and are seen almost everywhere. They seem to be a new fashion statement for the youth as the numbers keep increasing daily. In case you are looking for some cool and fashionable Yin Yang tattoo designs, we have listed some of the best ones just for your convenience.

Different Types of Ying Yang Tattoo Designs:

The Yin Yang tattoo is one of the best options to show your nature to the world. It shows both sides of human nature. The Ecosystem as well is depended on the meaning of this symbol.

1. Sisters Yin Yang Tattoo:

Sisters’ love can never be separable. The Yin Yang symbol has two sides that the sisters also have. Both sisters take upon the opposite side of life and take care of each other in all tracks of life, two sisters ink the Yin Yang tattoo on their opposite feet and get them together to make a complete Yin Yang tattoo. We can also depict those two sisters with opposite natures getting together to make one complete design. Sisters’ love here in this Yin Yang tattoos adds the sunny day and the starry night on both sides.

2. 3D Yin Yang Tattoo:

The above design comes under 3D designs. Artists have a wide range of designs in tattoos. The 3D designs are pretty loved by the youth today. The design makes an illusion of an actual art piece that we can see as if it has its sides. This yin yang 3D design is made with blue ink and grey ink that is embossed with red, white and black ink so that it gives a 3D impact. This lovely design has a sparking shadow that makes the eye feel its smoothness and shine.

3. Mermaid Yin Yang Tattoo:

This splendid design binds two mermaids making the yin yang symbol show that the two sides of the universe are also included in the abstract world. The mermaid in colour and the faded mermaid both show the two sides of the coin. Mean the happy part of life and the sad part as well. We can see small fishes that accompany the mermaids, the colourful fishes with the faded mermaid and the black fishes behind the colourful mermaid show us that there is always hope in all sad n happy times of life.

4. Amazing Mysterious Yin Yang Tattoo:

The above yin yang tattoo is so mysterious. The design in both yin and yang sides differentiate with the black and white parts that belong to the same designs but are inverted with the shades. This tattoo’s floral but geometrical design is a perfect example of the fine art design. The dark n light sides can be amazingly shown in this pattern. Ladies will love to design it on the back neck.

5. Fishes Making Yin Yang Tattoo:

The fishes here are beautifully inked, symbolizing the yin yang meaning. Both the yin and yang sides of the tattoo consist of the blue that shows the cool side and the red that shows the hot side of the colour wheel and the opposite sides of life. The shadings that cover the entire design add a spark to the tattoo. This tattoo can be made on the wrist or even on the shoulder. Women would rather prefer to ink it than men, as women love the colours of fish.

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6. Heart Yin Yang Tattoo:

Ever wondered how you can create a Yin Yang tattoo that is pleasantly different compared to the rest? In case you have, you probably must have overlooked the heart Yin Yang tattoo. This design is quite simple, although the shape of the heart makes it interesting and pretty to look at.

7. Yin Yang Tattoo Chinese Design:

There are some people who would like to go for the traditional look. The Chinese Yin Yang tattoo design is the best for them. They give you a bold look and increase the tattoo’s charm. These tattoos can be made only with the help of a professional. Someone very skilled can give this design its original and magnificent appearance.

8. Dragon Yin Yang Tattoo Design:

Dragons are a very important part of Chinese culture and history. They are significantly remembered for their nature, wrath and powerful status. A tattoo that shows the image of an angry dragon clawing the Yin Yang symbol looks innovative. The presence of flames behind the dragon makes it all the more attractive.

9. Dragon Vs Tiger Yin Yang Tattoo:

A great idea for Yin Yang tattoos is the Dragon versus tiger one. They look really beautiful and stand as a strong representation of Chinese culture and mythology. This design is dynamic and can be worn by both men and women.

10. Floral Yin Yang Tattoo Design:

If you want your Yin Yang tattoo to look outstanding, presentable, and spectacular, the floral Yin Yang tattoo design would be a great idea. It is green in colour, is styled well and contains an element of creativity.

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11. Fire And Water Yin Yang Tattoo Design:

Yin Yang tattoos are cool for those who would like to show their evil as well as the angelic side. A majestic looking fire and water Yin Yang tattoo is a perfect choice here. It has been styled well and is fashionable to look at.

12. Quoted Yin Yang Tattoo Design:

A Yin Yang tattoo which shows this traditional Chinese symbol surrounded with a nice statement looks great. This is a great tattoo design for women, giving them a very feminine appearance.

13. Footprint Yin Yang Tattoo Design:

A unique design for Yin Yang tattoos is the footprint tattoo design. They are unique, different and beautiful. This will probably grab a lot of attention and fetch you a few compliments.

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14. Scenic Yin Yang Tattoo Design:

A Yin Yang tattoo that has been inscribed in an artistic style is sure to look marvellous. The presence of two different sceneries, one which depicts sunset and the other which shows the romantic beauty of the night, looks mesmerizing and appealing to the eye.

15: Artistic Sunny Yin Yang Design:

The Yin Yang symbol here is made using the sun’s rays. The original Yin Yang symbol is made inside the sun and rays coming out from it. It is made on the back of a male back. The girl will also love to make the same design on their waist or in the centre of their stomach. This tattoo is inked with deep black ink and shades of light ink.


The Chinese tradition very well teaches the world with the beautiful thought that is implied with the truth of life, actually the truth of the universe or say even in the heavenly bodies. There are two sides to every aspect of life.  The good and bad, the love and hate, the bright and dull. The symbol tattooed would be one of the best designs one can choose. So get a tattoo engraved with a universal design.

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