Animal nail arts very popular these days. Especially zebra patterns are a very easy to do nail art. If you are not a nail artist or not good at painting free hand designs then also a few stripes in any shapes and sizes can create zebra patterns on your nails.

Zebra Stripe Nail Art Designs:

Check out our handpicked top 9 zebra nail art patterns. We are sure you would love to try out a few of these.

1. Zebra Floral French Tips:

If you like French tips, then combine them with floral water decals and some striping for the zebra pattern. A little change from normal French tips, Will you give it a try?

2. Matte and Gloss Zebra Nail Art:

You can create this kind of amazing matte finish nail art by either using a matte polish in black for the base paint or use special matte effect transparent polish over your shiny black polish. Wait for a few seconds for it to dry and your base paint will turn matte.

This is not possible using normal transparent polish. Now take your stripper and black normal shiny nail polish and draw zebra patterns. That’s it, your design is done. We will not use a top coat here because it will ruin the matte and gloss effect of the whole design. Try this out.

3. Triple Tones Zebra Design Set in Stamping and OPI Glitter Polish:

This particular OPI glitter polish can give you an awesome look for the nails if you are a glitter fan. You will need 3 colors viz. This glitter polish (or you can use loose nail art glitters on a transparent polish if you cannot get OPI glitter polish), a light pink polish for the center and a matte white or off white paint.

You will also need black special polish and your stamping plates for the zebra design. Carefully keep the shape in mind and fill in with the 3 colors. Finish off by stamping out the zebra design on to only the white paint. Now finish the design with a transparent top coat.

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4. Free Hand Ombre Zebra Nails:

Ombre nails are quite popular trend these days. Try out Ombre form of nails like this one using two colors and a piece of sponge. Draw up some zebra patterns with your black stripper and finish off with a top coat. Give this a try!

5. Glittery Zebra Design in Duo Tone:

Create a zebra pattern in diagonal half-length of your nails with stamping kit and white base paint. Make sure the other half is in a color of your choice. Here the other color is pink. After you are happy with your design then use a glitter polish and lastly cover the whole design in a layer of transparent polish.

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6. Stamped Zebra Nails with Glitters:

This is an easy method to do nail art in zebra black and white patterns. Use glitters for the black French tip demarcation. Keep other nails in black. For the ones in duo tone, make sure to make ¾ of the nails in white and ¼ in black for the tips. Now use special black polish on a stamping kit containing zebra black and white design and use the stamping on to the white paint portion. Seal in the design with a transparent top coat after glitter application.

7. Easy to do Zebra Nails:

It’s not necessary that you need to have a China Glaze nail polish for the above nail art. You can use a blue color of your choice for the base paint. Now use a black stripper and give horizontal “Y” shapes for the zebra pattern. Cover the design with a layer or two of transparent top coat to protect your design.

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8. Neon Zebra Nails:

Got no time or like keeping things simple? Try out this design. Paint up your nails with a neon yellow and one nail with a normal hot pink color. Use stripper for the tree branch patterns or the “Y” designs. Your design is done! Use a top coat and enjoy!

9. Zebra French Nail Art:

Like French nails? Try out a zebra French nail art design like this one. You can do a normal French tip with light base paint and a white tip. Now use your stripper to create the zebra patterns. Seal off your design with a top coat.

Did you like this post? Which Zebra nail art design will you try today?


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