Talk about the teenage crush for many boys across the globe, the common name we hear is Zendaya! Zendaya Coleman is the most influential actress, model and singer; who came into the limelight just at 14. While she has been in stardom ever since, we love how her beauty and style are evolving as years pass by. Zendaya hairstyles is our favorite topic for discussion – for how she flaunts her immensely youthful, glowy and peppy look without compromise. We love how she is versatile, feminine, elegant and at the same time, bold and unique.

If you love Zendaya just like we do, it’s time to explore and discover her hair transformation over the years. So, why wait?! Let’s get going and explore the most trending and all-time famous Zendaya hairstyles to date.

20 Best Zendaya Hairstyles for Curly Short Hair 2022:

It isn’t easy to take our eyes off Zendaya! Her beauty, looks, hairstyles, and on-point style statement often mesmerizes us. We love these Zendaya’s hair makeovers in specific, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

1. Zendaya with Short Hair:

The gorgeous short haircut on Zendaya looks natural and youthful. She looks breathtaking in this voluminous subtle curls hairstyle with glossy and shiny hair. Zendaya always looks youthful and chic, and this short hair further accentuates her beautiful looks. Do you agree with us?

2. Long Hairstyle:

We bet most of you haven’t seen this real-time Zendaya on a long-length haircut! The long hairstyle is finished with sleek, beautiful curls at the edges, and we can’t take our eyes off this beauty. Zendaya gives diva-inspired vibes with a classic, timeless, and edgy appearance. We love her natural finish and the everlasting impression created.

3. Finger Waves Hairstyle:

Not everyone can carry a finger waves hairstyle seamlessly. It requires confidence and the right look! But we love how Zendaya naturally picks up the gorgeous look effortlessly. The finger waves hair makeover suits her beautifully, giving her an elegant, charming vintage feel. What do you think of this hairstyle on her?

4. Top Knot:

Zendaya tried this top knot hairstyle while attending a people’s choice awards, and it is absolute creation of art. She oozes out the oomph and grandeur; we love how she carries such a matured chic look in youthful facial features. The entire style statement and hair makeover is drool-worthy! She is stealing the spotlight here!

5. Zendaya with Red Hair:

This is among our top favorite hairstyles spotted on Zendaya recently. The diva has been spotted wearing a chic red hair look for promotions of the Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland. We love how stunning and exquisite this appearance is on her! While the actress is often seen with black hair, this seems to be an excellent change. Isn’t it!

6. Pixie Hair:

Our heartbeat stopped for a moment when we saw Zendaya in a pixie haircut. She was spotted with a pixie ata Grammys event, and we quite did not know how to process the moment. While no doubt, she looks bold and unique, we definitely were not sure if such short hair is what suited her the most. But definitely, pixie cut is a moment to applaud. Much later, Zendaya admitted at a media house that it was a wig!

7. Wet Hairstyle Makeover:

A wet hairstyle resembles the bold and dense confident style statement. It oozes out the grandeur, plush and edgy-chic contemporary vibes; and does not compromise on creating a unique plush feel. Zendaya is seen recently with a wet hairstyle that is absolutely bold and erupts a distinct glossy style statement. What do you think about this choice?

8. Zendaya with High Ponytail:

We love the youthful and easy looks on Zendaya specifically, as they bring out the best of her facial features and give a natural subtle style statement. But balancing a strong, bold look with a simple hairstyle is hard to strike. However, Zendaya has nailed it by creating this dense high ponytail and we are in love with it!

9. Half Up Hair Bun:

This chirpy and cute hairstyle is among our other top favorites in the list of Zendaya hairstyles. The diva is seen wearing a casual half bun with the other half hair down, and she looks adorable. It is pretty simple to do and gives a casual, vibrant and contemporary vibes too. Most of all, we are a fan of how Zendaya can naturally look stunning in such a simple look too!

10. Natural Curly Hair:

Who doesn’t like natural hair looks? They are all simple and yet, noteworthy. However, this curly hair on Zendaya gives the perfect natural real vibes. The look is quite casual, yet we love how our diva delivers charming and mesmerizing vibes. She is truly versatile; this picture of her on everyday hairstyle proves how she can pull off even a simple look so elegantly.

11. Messy Hair Bun:

Talk about spontaneous hairstyle; it is all about flaunting the messy look seamlessly. Our favorite Zendaya seems to do the job right by trying out the messy hairbun at home, and we love how gorgeous and flawless she looks.

12. Cornrow Braids:

Not everyone can pull off cornrows. They are intricate, and require lot of work and attention. These cornrows till waist length are spotted on Zendaya at one event, and we are awestruck. It is truly challenging to manage the look, and we are in awe with how our diva is beautifully bringing this look together and yet looking ravishing.

13. Rapunzel Straight Hair:

This is one of the worth checking out hairstyles on Zendaya. Our beauty tried this style way back in 2013, taking everyone by storm. The teenage Zendaya not only looks adorable but absolutely to her best in this dreamy Rapunzel-inspired straight hairstyle. The mid-parting hair with shiny tresses are complimenting very well. What do you think? Do you agree with us?

14. Voluminous Curls:

Curly hair is among the favorite look for Zendaya, and we aren’t surprised. She truly looks like a Goddess in such hairstyles. We have spotted yet another curly hair variation in a throwback picture, and this gives a ravishing look. Zendaya is spotted with these voluminous curls, which suit her very well. It oozes out mesmerizing vibes, and we can’t stop looking at her.

15. Retro Waves:

Who doesn’t love to be pampered and look timeless once in a while? We all love that kind of attention! Zendaya, too, had a similar diva moment when she tried out a classic vintage hairstyle – the retro waves! She looks stunning, and the hairstyle compliments her personality very well. Isn’t it?!

16. Zendaya Braids Hairstyle:

Zendaya’s hair transformation into braids has taken the world by storm recently. She looks like a goddess coming down to earth in this mesmerizing new hairstyle. The braids hair was trending all over social media, and fans could not stop appreciating and commenting on her posts. It is among the top trending and all-time best hairstyle transformations of our diva, Zendaya.

17. Wavy Bob with Bangs:

Most of us did not come across Zendaya with a bangs haircut, but this look will change how you see her. The lovely wavy bob hair here is complimented with bangs, and this overall subtle style statement suits our diva very well. It accentuates the style and adds a peppy glamorous, and edgy side to her existing youthful appearance.

18. Frizzy Hairstyle:

Frizzy hair woes are real! We all dread of the possibility of having our frizzy hair look bad. But talk about flaunting such hair in pride, we can think of Zendaya. This middle-parted ponytail in frizzy hair texture is unique and new to the fashion world, giving a stylish seasonal vibe. What do you think of such a look?

19. Locs Hairstyle:

Zendaya doesn’t compromise in trying out new styles, and this pulled-back locs is another trendy look she confidently flaunted. We love how she took down the Oscars ceremony with her style in 2015 in these new locs, and it suits her just on point. They give a unique, insightful style statement with a vibrant and chic feel.

20. Blonde Hairstyle:

One sudden day, Zendaya surprised her fans with honey blonde hair, which is truly beautiful. It is a unique look that she took over, and the hairstyle is drool-worthy. We love how she carries the honey blonde hair with medium-length curls! What do you think about her going blonde?!

How did you enjoy these beautiful and best Zendaya hairstyles and haircuts? We love her personal hair transformations over the years and how she can pull off any look seamlessly and effortlessly. Let us know your thoughts and which is your favorite hairstyle on this list. We love to hear from you!


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