Top 9 Beta Carotene Rich Foods

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Beta Carotene is a reddish orange pigment that can be found in a number of fruits and vegetables. This is a rather strong anti-oxidant and is known to provide protection against aging and even cancer.Beta Carotene is a fat soluble vitamin, so consuming beta carotene rich foods with fats like any nuts or olive oil can enable absorption of the vitamin.

1. Sweet Potato:

beta carotene foods

Sweet potatoes are extremely rich in beta carotene. This food is an excellent source of anti-oxidants, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, iron and magnesium.

These nutrients enable the body to fight cold, flu, viruses and skin aging, and also helps build up the energy levels and stamina in the body. Sweet potatoes are known to help in the healthy growth of the bones, teeth and skin tissues.

2. Carrot:

Beta Carotene Rich Foods 2

Carrots are rich in Vitamin A and contain beta carotene. Carrots help maintain dental as well as cardiac health of a person. In addition to this, carrots are also helpful for fighting aging, nourishment of the skin, and improving eye-sight.

3. Pumpkin:

Beta Carotene Rich Foods 3

This is one of the best sources of beta carotene for the body. The beta carotene, being an anti-oxidant, converts into Vitamin A inside the body and protects the body against heart ailments, asthma and certain cancers.

Pumpkins help the body with blood pressure, immunity and even cancer. Pumpkin is also known to be good for eye-sight. The vitamin A that is provided by this food is really important for pregnant and lactating women.

4. Spinach:

Beta Carotene Rich Foods 4

Spinach is super rich in beta carotene and anti-oxidants, making them a vital food for growth of strong teeth and strong bones.

This vegetable is one of the strongest contender in its group to protect the body against prostate cancer. Spinach has all the nutrients that offer a healthy vision and have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

5. Turnip Greens:

Beta Carotene Rich Foods 5

The turnip greens are a lot more nutritious than the turnip in itself. Turnip greens are rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, and are pretty low on the number of calories. These are best grown during the winter season.

Being rich in beta carotene, like all other vegetables and fruits, turnip greens also have anti-oxidant, anti-aging and anti-cancer properties. The beta carotene present in this vegetable converts itself to Vitamin A inside the body, which makes it beneficial for the skin and the eyes.

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6. Beet Greens:

Beta Carotene Rich Foods 6

When it comes to beet, we usually end up consuming just the bottom part and cut off the leaves. However, beet greens are very nutritional and are packed with a lot of health benefits.

Beet greens are very rich in minerals, vitamins and powerful anti-oxidants. These leaves are also low on calories, with their no cholesterol and low fat properties, and are therefore great for consuming when trying to lose weight.

The beta carotene in beet greens, just like the others, provides anti-oxidant and anti-cancer benefits to the body. Being an anti-oxidant, this vegetable does wonders for the skin and vision.

7. Lettuce:

Beta Carotene Rich Foods 7

Lettuce leaves are rich in beta carotene. These leaves contain low fats and are high in proteins, making them the perfect food for working out and losing weight. Lettuce is really good for a healthy heart as well.

This food also contains anti-oxidants, which is a blessing for the nourishment and health of the skin.

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8. Muskmelon:

Beta Carotene Rich Foods 8

This is a summer season fruit, and belongs to the family of pumpkins, squash, cucumber, etc.

Muskmelon is extremely rich in the anti-oxidant flavonoid beta carotene. The beta carotene provides a protection to the cells inside the body from oxygen-free radicals, thereby protecting the body against various types of cancers.

9. Apricot:

Beta Carotene Rich Foods 9 (2)

Apricots are rich in anti-oxidants and pretty low on calories. Being a good source of beta carotene, apricots are good for the eyes, the skin and also has anti-cancer properties.

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