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9 Pictures of Beyonce without Makeup

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Beyonce Knowles is simply the queen when it comes to female earth shakers. A well renowned American singer, songwriter and actress, Beyonce for all we know is as perfect as it gets. Forever we have seen Beyonce shake her tunes off with one after the other hits smashing the records not only with her catchy voice but with her ever so graceful look. Beyonce being an all rounder in front of the camera however is often under the scrutiny of the hateful eyes where she has to keep up her persona to match up with her onscreen self. Evaluating some of her makeup less pictures, however, we know Beyonce doesn’t have to struggle much in the early mornings as she looks fabulous even without the sparkles of the Hollywood town.

1. The Morning Glow:

beyonce without makeup

Here is a picture of Beyonce that is enough to still hearts. If you are not a fan of her music, you are a fan of her dresses and if not that, you are no doubt a fan of how well she carries herself. Shedding her long hair, Beyonce here sports no makeup showing off her wavy bob. Her skin was flawless as was her morning glow which was evident on her face.

2. The Great Mane Look:

beyonce without makeup2

Here we see Beyonce sporting her long lion mane in soft beach waves as she enjoys her day off. The star looked a bit off her flawless grid since the tiredness was clearly showing on her face. However, even with her small tiny eye bags, Beyonce Knowles looked her perfect self as she flashed her pearly whites and looked beautiful.

3. On Screen Rocker:

beyonce without makeup3

This picture of Beyonce was from one of her music videos where she stripped down to her true self and sporting a little or almost no makeup she flawlessly practiced her vocals awing us every time she hit one of her high notes. The picture here shows her without much makeup but the texture and smoothness of her skin is simply awe inspiring.

4. Some Quality Time:

beyonce without makeup4

Blue Ivy, the daughter to Beyonce and husband Jay-Z, decided to spend some quality time with her mother as both of them headed out, she resting on the crook of her mother’s neck while the mother showed off an extensive hairdo and even without makeup she simply stunned us again.

5. Flawlessness:

beyonce without makeup7

Yet another picture of the fabulous Beyonce was seen circulating the net where her skin as smooth as silk was spotless and beautiful. The photo showed her without any makeup but then again she never really needed makeup to be beautiful. Her light eyes and that innocent smile is enough to speak for herself.

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6. Quirky Fun:

beyonce without makeup6

A fun Beyonce posed for her picture where she was seen to bite her lower lip as she smiled widely resting her chin in her hand. The picture clearly shows her without even a sprinkle of makeup and her true self is clearly empowering if not downright gorgeous.

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7. Fresh Faced:

beyonce without makeup5

A picture of Beyonce without makeup is as inspiring as one of her photos with makeup. This woman keeps her fans on their toes with her awesome pictures where even without makeup she can stun herself and with that us too.

8. The in Bed Look:

beyonce without makeup8

Every girl imagines how pop stars like Beyonce must be looking on her early morning selfies and to quench the thirst of all the Beyonce fans, here is a bed selfies of the magnificent Beyonce Knowles. Even though she has covered most of her face with her hand, through the cute scrunched up smile, we could tell she looks fabulous.

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9. Outing:

beyonce without makeup9

Here we see Beyonce sporting a different hair style. Even in this picture, she looks flawless even though she does not have any makeup on herself.

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