Bharani nakshatra is second in the constellation of nakshatras in Vedic astrology. The star ranges between degrees 13-20’ – 26’40’ in the Aries sign. If your baby is born during this star, then we have Bharani nakshatra baby names to help you out in picking the right and ideal name. It is believed that naming the baby right can be auspicious and do good for the little one throughout life, and so from generations together, name picking as per astrology has gained prominence in our country.

With these Bharani nakshatra names, we will keep you sorted with several meaningful options and choices. Here we go.

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Bharani Nakshatra And The Characteristics:

Bharani nakshatra babies are surrounded by Lord venus and have Aries (Mesha Rasi) as their zodiac sign. The ruling deity is Goddess Lakshmi. The four quarters and padas of Bharani Nakshatra are ruled by the sun, mercury, venus, and Mars, respectively. The symbol of this star sign is the yoni, that is, female reproductive organs.

Those who are born in this nakshatra are believed to be very strong and can stand against any challenges and transformations in their life. They are known to be hardworking, always successful in work, and always truthful. They are known to be also an enthusiastic and happy soul.

Name Syllables Of Bharani Nakshatra Babies:

Those born in Bharani Nakshatra names must have syllables starting letters with Li, Lu, Le, Lo, and Lee. However, note that this may sometimes change as per the panchangam.

Bharani Star Baby Names List:

If you have the little one born under Bharani natchathiram, this name list can be of help to you. Here we go! The ideal names for those babies (girls, boys and twins) born under this star include,

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Bharani Nakshatra Baby Boy Names:

1. Luv:

Luv is the name of the Son of Lord Ram and Sita. The name is derived from Hindu mythology and makes a perfect match for those born under Bharani Nakshatra.

2. Lokesh:

Lokesh is another name for Lord Brahma. The name translates to the king of the world or ruler of the world. The name originated from Hindu mythology and is a popular name.

3. Likhith:

Likhith means a person or man who is well-educated, who is learned and who has a skill in writing. It is one of the symbols of Goddess Saraswati.

4. Lovish:

Lovish means a famous battle. It is a modern-day new name choice for baby boys and is derived from the Hindi belt. This is a new Bharani Nakshatra male name.

5. Lokit:

Lokit translates to someone who is enlightened. It means enlightened being. It is originated from the Hindi language and is an apt name for Bharani nakshatra baby boy. Loki can be a good nickname here.

6. Lekh:

Lekh in Hindi translates to a letter, writing, or document. It is a poetic and timeless name, a unique and rare choice to name baby boys under this nakshatra.

7. Lekhit:

On the other hand, Lekhit is someone who writes. It translates to an author or a writer. It is again inspired by the Hindi literature point of view, and we quite love the meaning. What do you think?

8. Lupesh:

Lupesh is a name derived from Sanskrit and means a person who is energetic and auspicious. Now, this Bharani star boy name is quite a name choice to name our little rockstar, with such a motivating name.

9. Liladhar:

Liladhar is a conventional name choice to name the baby boy. It means Lord Vishnu and is directly inspired by Hindu mythology and names. This is quite a popular Bharani Nakshatra Telugu names.

10. Lokpradeep:

Lokpradeep is another name for Lord Buddha or GauthamBudha. Those who are Budha followers or are inspired by his preachings can quite name their name Lokpradeep. It also sounds modern and yet very meaningful.

11. Loknath:

Another popular and yet very charming name is Loknath. Loknath is none but the great Lord Shiva. It means Lord Shiva is the leader or lord of the entire world.

12. Lokprakash:

Another name starts with ‘lok.’ Lokprakash means light of the world. It is derived from the Sanskrit language and erupts positivity and light with such a meaningful delight. Isn’t it cool?

13. Lemar:

Lemar is a name that is quite rare, and not many know of it. This baby boy’s names for Bharani Nakshatra means someone who is talented. This can be an ideal choice for parents who are looking out for a very beautiful yet unique name

14. Lian:

Did you ever hear of the name Lian? Lian translates to the lotus. It is not an Indian name that originated from Persians, but yet we love how Indians adopted it given its cute and lovely sound.

15. Lisanth:

Lisanth means a cool breeze. It is a very pleasant baby boy name which has a Hindu origin. It is a contemporary and rare name to find.

16. Lithvik:

Lithvik is another Hindu name that is not much popular. It means bright or someone who is charming. The short and sweet name has quite grabbed our hearts!

17. Lopesh:

Lopesh is already a timeless and classic popular name in India. It, however, means God Shiva. It is another name for the Lord and yet is known for its simple and yet elegant pronunciation too.

18. Luhan:

Luhan means morning deer. While the origin of the name in India is not found or established yet, the name is already popular in other regions and communities with other meanings too. This is Bharani nakshatra 2nd pada names.

19. Leyshya:

Leyshya means a bright line. It is derived from the Sanskrit language. It is an unknown and not very popular name in India, and hence can be a good choice for parents to name their kids something innovative yet meaningful.

20. Leelakar:

Leelakar means none but Lord Krishna. He is popular for how he does miracles, known as leelasin the universe, and hence the name is inspired by the same.

21. Lepaksh:

In the name list for Bharani Nakshatra boys, we quite love this splendid name. Lepaksh means someone who has beautifully painted eyes. Those who have an artistic sense or are suckers for art and paintings are known to get mesmerized by the name.

22. Lidin:

Lidin means someone special. Kids are always special to their parents, and now this cute and short beautiful name can be an apt and right choice too.

23. Liniksh:

Liniksh means shining. It is a baby boy name with Hindu origins, and yet with distinctive sounding as well as wording. It is a perfect choice for those who want a modern-type sounding new-generation name choice.

24. Lithesh:

Lithesh in Hindu origins means someone ambitious, charismatic, and very passionate. With its in-depth and beautiful meaning, we are quite in awe of the name.

25. Lokeswaran:

Also pronounced as Lokheswaran, it means someone who is a single ruler for the entire world. The name rhymes with other names with a similar meaning but yet stands out in its traditional sound. The name is originated from the Sanskrit language.

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Bharani Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Lekha:

Lekha means writing or a record. The name itself is quite popular yet not a common one in India. It is originated from the Sanskrit language and has symbolism attached to literature.

27. Lekhya:

Lekya means the world or universe. Originating from the Sanskrit language, Lekhya is a unique and uncommon name with a modern sounding.

28. Likitha:

Likitha again is a beautiful yet not very common name in India. It means writing. Originating again from the Sanskrit language, Likitha sounds meaningful and very intense to name a baby girl who is born in Bharani nakshatra.

29. Lilavathi:

Also spelt as Leelavathi, it means Goddess Durga. While the name is derived from Hindu, other meanings to it also include someone who is graceful, charming, and elegant. This is Bharani Nakshatra common 1st pada names.

30. Lipika:

The name Lipika has originated from Hindi and means script, a letter, or a short manuscript. This Bharani natchathiram baby girl name also symbolizes writing and writer as well.

31. Litika:

Also spelled as Lithika, it means someone who is cute and perfect. It is a lovely and charming name for new-gen kids and parents to choose to name their beautiful baby girl.

32. Lokitha:

Also pronounced as Lokhitha, or Lokhita, it means someone enlightened. Inspired by the Sanskrit language, lokitha is not a common name and hence can be an ideal unique choice for many new-gen kids.

33. Leelamayee:

It is a traditional and classic Indian name from many decades and generations together. Leelamayee means playful.

34. Leena:

Leena is a Hindi name that is popular in the Northern Indian belt. It means someone who is devoted. It is a cute and short Bharani Nakshatra name for baby girls.

35. Leeza:

Leeza means joy or someone who is joyous. It is also popular across the world with different meanings. However, these Bharani Nakshatra female names are derived from Hindu origin

36. Leher or Leheri:

Leher means wave. Both the names are inspired by the Hindi language and a cute short name to name baby girls. It is common and beautiful Bharani nakshatra 3rd pada names.

37. Lekhya:

Also spelt as Lekya, the name means mathematician. If you have a desire that your kid will excel in mathematics, this can be a perfect and meaningful name to choose for the little one.

38. Leisha:

Leisha means happiness or a beautiful angel. This baby girl’s name is unique and not much spotted among many. It can be a gorgeous and modern-day cute name for your kid

39. Lekshana:

Lekshana again means someone who is beautiful. It is derived from both Hindu and Sanskrit languages and also symbolizes someone who is kind-hearted and beautiful at heart.

40. Lepakshi:

Lepakshi in Sanskrit means someone with beautifully painted eyes. It is a feminine form of the male name Lepaksh which we have seen above. This is a perfect sounding and mesmerizing Bharani star girl baby name.

41. Likhila:

Likhila is another name for Goddess Saraswathi. Derived from the Hindu mythological names, it is a modern-day choice to have a traditional name meaning. It is an uncommon name for kids and can be an apt choice for parents searching for names with blessings.

42. Linisha:

Linisha, in the Hindi language, means someone who is intelligent. The short form of the same name also can be Lini, which also can be used as a nickname. Another spelling variation of the same name is Linusha.

43. Lipanshi:

Lipanshi means someone who is lovely. The name also means part of the lips. Now, this is quite a unique and different name from many others!

44. Lishitha:

It is a very cute and mesmerizing name for those who prefer a feminine touch in wording with a beautiful meaning. Lishitha means golden rice. We quite like the tone of this girl’s baby name for Bharani nakshatra.

45. Lokapriya:

The name is a combination of two words, Loka and Priya. Loka means the world, and Priya means love or dear ones. The meaning of the name is the love of the world. We are quite impressed by this beautiful meaning!

46. Lokajanani:

The name again is a combination of two wordings here, Loka and Janani. As we have seen, Loka means the world. Janani means Mother. The name comes to mean someone who is the mother of the world. This is a pretty intense baby girl’s name.

47. Lokshanah:

Lokshana is of Sanskrit origin, and Hindi means someone who is beautiful in the entire world. The name, although sounds a bit traditional, has a stunning meaning to it.

48. Lopamudra:

The name Lopamudra is actually the same name as the wife of Saint Agastya. It means learned women. This name for Bharani Nakshatra girl got popular both for its meaning and the wife of Saint’s name.

49. Loukika:

Loukika is derived and originated from the beautiful Sanskrit language, and it means someone who has worldly knowledge or is worldly-wise and intelligent. The name has a literary and beautiful tone to it and is a classic name choice for generations to come.

50. Libni:

The world Libni translates to the manuscripts of God. It is an uncommon yet intense, meaningful baby name choice for those who prefer something auspicious.

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Unisex Name Choices For Bharani Nakshatra Born:

51. Leela:

Leela is the most common unisex name, which can be kept to both boys and girls. It has originated from Lord Krishna’s play, and mischiefs and since then has been popular. Leela translates to divine play, joy, and grace.

52. Leher:

Leher is again another unisex name, which we absolutely love. It is not very common and means waves. The feminine version of the name is Leheri. However, Leher is named after both boys and girls.

53. Likilesh:

Likilesh directly translates to Goddess Saraswati. Likit means writing or is associated with studies, and ‘esh’ denotes Gods and Goddess (divine power). It is derived from Hindi mythology

54. Lochan:

The name Lochan is again another unisex modern and new-day name given to both baby boys and girls born under Bharani Nakshatra. Lochan means the eye or someone with good sight.

55. Lutf:

It is a contemporary and rare name that many do not know about. Lutf means bounty and enjoyment.

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Twin Baby Boy And Girl Names For Bharani Nakshatra:

56. Leeladhar – Leelakar:

Both names are associated with divine power. While Leeladhar means Lord Vishnu, who is lord of the whole world, Leelakar means someone who indulges in divine play, that is, Lord Krishna. Both the names are perfect for twin baby boys and start with ‘Leela.’

57. Lehak – Lehan:

The name Lehak is a baby girl name born under Bharani Nakshatra, and Lehan is a baby boy name. Lehak means a light that always shines bright, and lehan means one who never refuses. These two, when combined, can be a perfect baby boy and girl twin names.

58. Lekhak – Lekhan:

Both the names and the name meanings are quite interlinked and associated with each other. Lekhak means author or writer. Lekhan, on the other hand, means writing. Now we quite love this combination, and both are twin baby boy name choices.

59. Lingaiah – Lingaraja:

If you prefer a more traditional name choice, these two twin baby boy names can be good to go. Lingaiah is none other than Lord Vishnu. Lingaraja means Lord of all the Lingas.

60. Liya – Liyana:

Here we go. These twin baby girl names are short, sound cute and beautiful too. Liya means someone who is always with God. Liyana, on the other hand, means art or softness. Both the names begin with ‘Liy’ and end with ‘a.’ They are perfect twin baby girl names for kids born under Bharani Nakshatra.

These Bharani Nakshatra baby names for boys, girls, and twins are a perfect blend of meaningful yet beautiful and contemporary ones. Pick your favorite in them and tell us in the comments; we love to hear from you!


The names mentioned above are contextual and may alter its meaning depending on the language, region, and country. Please make sure to do extensive research before you finalize the baby’s name.


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