India has a varied culture. With every different culture, there is a different dance form. Bharatanatyam is one of the dance forms of south. This dance form is worldwide famous. It has a different style of jewellery and costume. The jewellery worn in Bharatanatyam is very well known. This jewellery is not restricted to the dance form. It is worn by brides and ladies for grand functions. The jewellery has detailed design.

Latest and Beautiful Temple Jewellery Designs For Bharatanatyam in South India:

Here are few forms of temple jewellery for Bharatanatyam.

1. Sun and Moon Bharatanatyam Temple Jewellery:

Sun and Moon Bharatanatyam Temple Jewellery has two ornaments worn on the head of the lady. One is the moon which is like arched moon. Other part of sun type jewellery is circular in shape. It is worn with traditional plait. It is mostly accompanied by maang tikka set.

2. Red and Green Bharatanatyam Temple Jewellery:

Red and green are two colour stones used to make most of the Temple Jewellery. Red and green Bharatanatyam Temple Jewellery has setting of ruby and emerald stones. Sometimes there are small pearls at the ending. They are very classy and elegant.

3. Choker Bharatanatyam Temple Jewellery:

Choker is a necklace worn tight at the neck. Choker Bharatanatyam Temple Jewellery has the traditional design on a choker. It is simple and but still very attractive. It can be mixed and matched with other jewellery. It can be worn for simple functions. Hence it is liked by young girls.

4. Long Bharatanatyam Temple Jewellery:

Long Temple Jewellery for Bharatanatyam is long necklace. It is till the chest. The design is mostly traditional detailed gold base. It is very catchy. It is little bulky. It is worn on saris. It is loved by brides as it very classy and shiny. It is alone enough to create glamour in your outfit.

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5. Kemp Stone Temple Jewellery set for Bharatanatyam:

Kemp stone Bharatanatyam Temple Jewellery is red stone temple jewellery. Red is considered as auspicious colour. Kemp stone is like ruby but a little less valuable. It is smooth and very attractive. Kemp stone Bharatanatyam Temple Jewellery is loved by many south Indian brides.

6. 10 Piece Bharatanatyam Temple Jewellery:

A traditional Bharatanatyam dress includes 10 pieces of jewellery. It consists of jewellery of head, arm, neck, waist and wrist. This 10 piece Bharatanatyam Temple Jewellery is worn by the dancers. It is liked by many brides too. The design has been same over the years. This is also called has temple jewellery sets for bharatanatyam.

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7. Antique Bharatanatyam Temple Jewellery:

Antique Temple Jewellery for Bharatanatyam has traditional south Indian jewellery. It is made of gold completely. The stone work is mostly red and pink. It has a black tint as it is antique. The design has pictures of Gods and mythological animals. It is worn by brides as they are traditional.

8. Handcrafted Temple Jewellery for Bharatanatyam:

Traditionally Bharatanatyam Temple Jewellery is handmade. The stone and gold work is made by artist. This art of handcrafting jewellery is very demanding in foreign countries. It is well known for the detailing done. It is little more expensive than other styles.

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9. Traditional Gold Bharatanatyam Temple Jewellery:

Traditional gold Temple Jewellery for Bharatanatyam is the original form of Bharatanatyam Temple Jewellery. There is little stone work. Most of the south Indians prefers complete gold jewellery. It is perfect for brides who want to show off.

Bharatanatyam Temple Jewellery is traditional south Indian jewellery. It is worn by brides all over the country. It is simple yet it gets all attention. It consist of many pieces. Sometimes its necklace is worn individually. Many actresses are seen wearing it as it is priceless art of jewellery.


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