We may have heard and come across several film industries in India, including the local ones, but Bhojpuri movies are often neglected in the national scenario. Today, with this Bhojpuri heroine photos gallery, we will give you a glimpse of these gorgeous and beautiful actresses hidden here.

The Bhojpuri heroines and actresses have a distinct sense of style and beauty and are unique and different from the rest of the film industry. The local culture, sense of fashion, and tradition are engulfed over here can be observed clearly. Let’s get going and check out more of this Bhojpuri heroine photo.

30 Sizzling Bhojpuri Actress Pics on Instagram:

Bhojpuri movie actresses have a separate fan following and base. The heroine may not all look modern and contemporary to what you may have imagined, but they are instead wild in looks and beauty and give a raw, unfiltered feel on the screens. Besides anything, the audience and regional cinema love them! Here is a list of excellent Bhojpuri actresses names with photos. We have a top 10 in the two latest and also old heroine categories.

Latest And Trending Bhojpuri Heroines Pics:

Here we go, the latest and most contemporary day Bhojpuri actress pictures are here. They are new to the industry but yet established themselves and are already popular with a fan base and on screen. These new talents are lovely, stunning, and are beautiful with unique fashion sense and acting capabilities. Check these Bhojpuri actress name and image out here and see what do you think about them!

1. Archana Prajapati(28):

2. Nisha Dubey(27):

3. Priyanka Pandit(Gargi Pandit)(32):

4. Sahar Afsha(29):

5. Sanchita Banerjee(29):

6. Harshika Poonacha(30):

7. Neeta Dhungana(32):

8. Shubhi Sharma(31):

9. Mani Bhattachariya(32):

10. Yashika Kapoor(37):

11. Rakhi Tripathi(37):

12. Rashami Desai(37):

13. Urvashi Chaudhary(37):

14. Madhu Sharma(38):

15. Pakhi Hedge(39):

16. Antara Biswas(40):

17. Shweta Tiwari(43):

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Popular Bhojpuri Actress Names List With Photos:

Besides the new trending and latest beauties in the Bhojpuri cinema, we also have established and lovely heroines in demand and have a series of movies that have seen good hits. They have won applauds from the audience and have made their place in the local film industry already. Let’s have a look at these bhojpuri hot actress photos list!

18. Akshara Singh(32):

19. Anjana Singh(33):

20. Kajal Raghwani(33):

21. Poonam Dubey(33):

22. Rani Chatterjee(44):

23. Smrity Sinha(34):

24. Nidhi Jha(35):

25. Amrapali Dubey(37):

26. Anara Gupta(37):

27. Rinku Ghosh(42):

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Latest and Trending Bhojpuri TV Serial Actresses List:

With the television world expanding and growing worldwide, television actors and actresses are taking a high place in the industry. We have some new upcoming beauties and talents in this industry, and they shouldn’t be missed too. When coming to the case of tv serial actresses and female artists who are popular in Bhojpuri today, here is the list of most sought after and lovely beauties. They are beautiful, good at acting, known for their sense of talent, and are no less than those in mainstream movies. Here are the tv and screen Bhojpuri actress and heroine photos latest.

28. Akanksha Awasthi(30):

29. Mohini Ghosh(37):

30. Ritu Singh(31):

31. Priyanshu Singh(24):

32. Sonalika Prasad(31):

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Most of these Bhojpuri actresses hail from the Bhojpuri-speaking regions such as Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand. The actress is quite famous and known for their talent and language skills, and have won our hearts even with their beauty and lovely looks. We hope you have enjoyed exploring these hot Bhojpuri heroine photos and pictures; tell us your thoughts; we love to hear from you!


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