Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and is known and is a combination of culture, history and art. It was found in the 11th Century by Raja Bhoj and is still one of the best places you can visit for tourism. Over the years this place has developed a lot and if you are planning to come here for an excursion, here is a list of some of the impressive places you should definitely visit.

1. Lower Lake:

The Lower Lake, also known as Chhota Talab is one of the most beautiful sights witnessed in the lovely city of Bhopal. Surrounded by picturesque hills, this lake is a remnant of the great Mughal Empire. It is truly magnificent to look at and is one of the priceless locations you shall ever see. So whenever you visit Bhopal, make sure to take a trip to the Chhota Talab.

2. Bharat Bhavan:

Bharat Bhavan is one of the unique institutions of Bhopal for performing and visual arts. It is a great place for expression, exploration, performances and manifestation. The Bharat Bhavan is also an ideal place for the art lovers as they conduct several important exhibitions and galleries.

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3. Van Vihar National Park:

Bhopal is not just known for its monuments, lakes and art galleries but also its national parks. Yes, the Van Vihar National Park is one of those places where you will find some of the most exotic species of the country. The place is best for all wildlife and animal watchers and should definitely be visited once.

4. Taj ul Masjid:

The Taj-Ul-Musjid is one of the biggest mosques of Bhopal. Not only is it big, but also very beautiful and immaculate. The structure, architecture and style of this mosque are absolutely amazing. The great thing about this mosque is that it also functions as a religious Islamic school during the daytime.

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5. Birla Museum:

The Birla Museum of Bhopal signifies the rich culture of Madhya Pradesh. It contains tools beginning from the Neolithic age and is one place you should definitely visit.

6. Gohar Mahal:

The Gohar Mahal is situated on the banks of the Upper Lake and is one of the most beautiful locations in Bhopal. It is a great example of Mughal and Hindu architecture and hold great historical significance and importance.

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7. Pearl Mosque:

The Pearl Mosque is one of the finest Muslim shrines in Bhopal and has been regarded with high reverence for all Muslim women. It was constructed in the year 1860 and is quite similar to the architectural design of the Jama Masjid. Even though the mosque is not that big in size, it has a large number of tourists every year.

8. Archaeological Museum:

The Archeological Museum of Bhopal has a wide variety and collection of old sculptures and relics that have been obtained from the different parts of the country. Some of them are statues of Buddha, Lord Shiva and Vishnu whereas there are also some very interesting paintings which are old as the old century. Each of these relics is well preserved and serves as a great example of the strong Hindu and Buddhist culture.

9. Shaukat Mahal:

Shaukat Mahal has been recognized as one of the wonders of Bhopal. Located in the Chowk area of this beautiful city, the monument is truly majestic and brilliant to look at. Although it stands as a reflection of the Islamic culture it was originally built by the French. It is made up of white alabaster and has several triangular shaped arches which give this monument a very rich appearance.

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10. Manua Bhan Ki Tekri:

This beautiful place is situated in the Sun City, Lalghati, is one of the best places to visit in Bhopal. It is good for god lovers, nature lovers and people who are experience seekers. It is situated on hilltop and is a beautiful pilgrimage spot for Jain devotees. The Tekri contains footwear of Jain Saint Shri Jindutta Sureshwarj, Acharya Manutung and Maharaj Shri Vijay Suriji. It also houses the idol of Shri Man Bhadarji. Also known by the name Mahaveer Giri, this place is famous for its elegant and alluring architecture and panoramic view of the city. The gate of the temple also called the Simha Gate is contains manuscripts carved on the stone. It is also Sadhna Sthal of Oswald Dynasty. One of the good times to visit this temple is on the occasion of Kartik Purnima as a big fair is held every year during this time.

11. Bhimbetka Caves And Rock Shelters:

These beautiful caves and rocks are one of the tourist places near Bhopal. This place is a one time visit for history buffs and photo fanatics. This place contains 600 rock shelters which are as old as 5,500 – 1000 BCE. It is situated in the middle of Ratapani Sanctuary and these shelters stretch for about 10 kilometers. This place has a huge amount of collection of prehistoric paintings. These paintings portray the lives of cave dwellers which are illustrated in colourful mixture of reds, greens, yellows and whites. It also depicts the scenes of hunting, dancing horses and elephants, animal fights and other interesting events. This place depicts the architectural richness of India and one should definitely visit this place if you go to Bhopal.

12. Upper Lake:

This beautiful lake is situated near the CM House is also one among the Bhopal tourist places. It is an amazing place for nature lovers and adventure seekers. It is the oldest man made lake in India which is also known as Bhojtal or Bada Talab in local language. This was built in 11th century and is spread over an area of 36.1 sq km and it serves as the major source of water for the people of Bhopal. It is built across the Kolan river and it is believed that King Bhoj constructed this lake for treating his skin disease. A park is also situated near the lake, Kamla Park which adds to the beauty of the place. It is good for all the sports activities and is the favorite place for adventure loving people. It is also the dargah of Shah Ali and a beautiful place to visit.

13. Regional Science Center:

This science hub located on Banganga road of Shyamla Hills is one of the must visiting places in Bhopal for kids. A fun loving place for science lovers and experience seekers this museum harbours the beauty of Science and Technology. If you pay a visit to Bhopal, do visit the museum and enhance your knowledge of Science and Technology. For kids this is an innovative way of spending quality time and enjoy the scientific discipline. It contains different departments like Engine Hall, Fun Science Gallery, Space Gallery, Electro Technic Gallery and other beautiful attractive things. The Centreis divided into three categories – Fun Science, Atmosphere and Energy along with Science Park and also hosts shows like 3D, Sky Observation and Taramandal.

14. Laxmi Narayan Temple:

If you are a god lover and interested in religious activities you must visit this place for once. This beautiful temple is located on the hill top so that you can view the entire city of Bhopal. The temple is beautifully built and the architectural design is beautifully made. The floors are made of beautiful white marbles and the premises are clean and well maintained. In the front of the main gate rows of fountains are present which add to scenic beauty of the temple. This temple provides panoramic view of Bhopal and also called Birla Temple as the Birlas have built it. This temple was built in the honor of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. It is a beautiful place for the religious people to visit and enjoy the clean and peaceful environment.

15. Jama Masjid:

Jama Masjid is one of the beautiful pilgrimage spot and beautiful place to see in Bhopal which is located in Loha Bazar. It is good place for god lovers and people who are religious must visit this place once. This mosque is 2 centuries old and the structure built is appreciable. The best time to visit the Masjid is early morning since at that time the place is peaceful and one can enjoy good time at the Masjid. It is one of the famous tourist places and also good for religious purposes. The masjid is beautifully built with golden spikes on the minarets. This mosque is built on the backdrop of a beautiful lake. It is built from large red sandstone and is one of the largest mosque in Asia.

Bhopal is surely a great place to visit. With all these amazing tourist paces in Bhopal, you must be wanting to go there, already!

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