Bhutan is a beautiful country and has been recognized as tourist’s paradise. Its green valleys, snow capped mountains, scenic beauty and Buddhist monasteries have enthralled every traveller who has visited this gorgeous place. There are so many interesting tourist places in Bhutan country and has some of the major attractions of the world.

9 Top Tourist Places to Visit in Bhutan:

In case you are planning on a holiday to Bhutan, here is some brief information concerning the beautiful spots of Bhutan tourism.

1. Paro:

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Paro is a small village located in Bhutan. It is one of the most beautiful places you shall ever see. It houses two museums and has several historical monuments, relics and structure that reflect the culture and tradition of Bhutan. Paro has only one bazaar, a restaurant and a hotel. However, this place is definitely worth visiting because of its natural and scenic beauty.

2. Phajoding Temple:

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As we know how rich and prosperous the culture of Bhutan is, we can surely not miss out on the best temples this country has. Phajoding Temple is one of them. It was built in the 15th Century by a saint named Shacha Richen is located at an elevation of about 12, 138 feet. The temple is surrounded by mixed conifer forests which give it a very appealing look.

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3. Phuentsholing:

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Phuentsholing is a town located near the Indian town Jaigaon. Here you will find some of the best Buddhist monasteries. The paintings here are absolutely amazing and in case you are hoping to learn and discover the Bhutanese culture and background, Phuentsholing is the right place to be in. So pack your bags and book yourself a flight to Bhutan. This is the best Bhutan Tourist Places to visit.

4. Thimphu:

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Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan and a gorgeous place indeed. It is clean, green and calm and is encircled by high mountains and valleys. This built area houses about 20,000 people and is one of the best Bhutan Tourist Places. Coming here will surely not cause regret.

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5. Zangto Pelri Temple:

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The Zangto Pelri temple is a beauty. Located in the centre of Phuentsholing, this temple stands as a signification of the humble abode of the great Guru Rinpoche. It has great paintings that reflect the life of Buddha and also some brilliant statues which truly look marvellous and amazing.

6. Trashigang:

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Trashigang is a large town located in an open valley of Bhutan. The weather here is great and so are the people and cuisine. Some international projects have also taken place here and some foreign faces from the West can also be seen here. It has many temples and relics and is an extremely old but well kept city.

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7. Trongsa:

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Trongsa is a highly populated city located in the beautiful country of Bhutan. Its landscapes, culture and atmosphere are so amazing that you will be mesmerized by its beauty. It is the hub of the nation and offers you some of the best cuisine of Bhutan. Visiting this place shall be a lot of fun as you will witness the busy lives of the people living here.

8. Punakha:

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Punakha is the most fertile valley in the country. It has moderate climate, rice beds and great landscapes. This place was also the home of many well known Bhutan spiritual leaders. It is 4430 feet above sea level and is one Bhutan Tourist Places that you should surely visit.

9. Tashichho dzong:

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Tashichho dzong has been recognized as the office of many kings, ministers and different organizations. It was also the home of spiritual and religious leaders and is a great place to visit during the summer season.


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