Are you looking for a tattoo that helps you show off your muscles? Irrespective of gender, bicep tattoos are the most viable choice to attract positive attention to your physique. This is because bicep tattoo ink allows you to flex your muscles with maximum finesse while enabling you to be discreet if you wish. The bicep is a popular spot to get a tattoo for many people because you get a large piece of canvas. In addition, you can tuck it away easily by covering it with clothes if you wish to protect it.

This article has provided you with many bicep tattoo designs you can look into before choosing the right one for yourself. Read on!

15 Attractive Bicep Tattoo Designs:

We have listed some of the best bicep tattoos you can look into. But remember that you can add your style, making them more personalized, whether a simple quote or elements like hearts, crowns, etc.

1. Bold Inner Bicep Tattoo:

This design is ideal if you are looking for bold patterns for your bicep tattoo. The design is similar to a flower, except the flower is more rustic than feminine. The use of black ink is yet another feature that enhances the raw look of the tattoo. The inner side of the tattoo is the perfect place to get this design which offers you a chance to cover up if there is a need.

2. Stylish Bicep Script Tattoo:

We all are anxious about what happens in our professional or personal lives. This quote, “Trust the process”, means sometimes we must stop worrying and let life take care of some issues. Although the tattoo looks exceptional in cursive ink, you can always change the font.

3. Bear Bicep Tattoo Design:

Bears are those animals that represent playfulness, patience, nobility, protection, courage and strength. The words’ Ursus maritime means maritime bear engraved across the near in cursive letters. You can also change up the font if you wish. Men, irrespective of age, usually prefer this type of tattoo.

4. Simple Bicep Tattoos For Guys:

The scales are popular tattoo options that symbolize balance, quality, justice and harmony. In addition, the tattoo looks pretty sleek and makes the wearer stand out uniquely. This tattoo seems exceptional when engraved on the biceps, but you can try it on other places, like the calf. Although the tattoo looks best in black ink, you can add colours.

5. Cool Bicep Tattoos:

This is one of the best bicep tattoos with intricate details and extraordinary design. An arrow tattoo represents the wearer’s struggle and triumph in a challenging situation. The use of thin strokes for the feather makes the design look realistic. Men usually prefer these patterns, but still, women have no restrictions.

6. Alphabet Tribal Bicep Tattoo:

Alphabet tattoos have always been a popular item in the body art realm. These simple tattoos represent deeper meaning with just a single letter. For example, the letter A with a circle in the background is engraved with bold lines, which exudes a rustic look to the wearer. This tattoo looks exceptional on both men and women. You can even experiment with colours if you don’t want to use black ink.

7. Floral Inside Arm Tattoo Ideas:

This flower bicep tattoo is a perfect design idea if you love florals and detailed body art. The use of cursive letters for the word strength creates a stylish look. The addition of a beautiful flower at the end of the word looks like the flower gets the strength to bloom. You can use black ink for the flower or the colour of your choice to make it more personal.

8. Realistic Mountain Bicep Tattoo:

This bicep tattoo is an excellent option to incorporate your love for nature into a tattoo. Irrespective of gender, this tattoo can look beautiful on anyone who loves extensive patterns. Although black ink makes the tattoo look rustic, you can always use colours to give the design a natural look. This tattoo might also look great on the back of your neck.

9. Exceptional Bicep Word Tattoo:

This bicep tattoo design is perfect if you want to make a statement. Usually preferred by women, this tattoo has the words I am enough in cursive letters. It means we are more than enough and don’t need anyone else to complete us. A cute little flower adds a feminine touch to the simple pattern beautifully.

10. Traditional Bicep Tattoo:

Elephants are one of the striking tattoo designs representing strength, loyalty, divinity and good luck. The design is engraved using bold lines with fillings done in greyish black making the elephants look very realistic. This tattoo looks the best when engraved in medium size. The tattoo looks best in black ink, although you can add a splash of colours if you wish.

11. Detailed Inner Arm Tattoo Ideas:

This bicep tattoo involves a geometric compass tattoo with a unique sense of calm and style. The tattoo has standard directional markings in a compass, while the other half has romal numeral markings. The tattoo works best when engraved in a medium size with intricate details incorporated into the pattern.

12. Bicep Name Tattoo:

Name tattoo designs are pretty popular around single-letter tattoos, irrespective of gender and age. The wearer chose a moon-shaped filled with intricate details similar to a mandala art. For example, the name Ali is written in small letters with patterns identical to the moon. This tattoo looks the best when engraved in black ink.

13. Bright Outer Bicep Tattoo:

The existence of life on earth depends upon the sun and is, therefore, very important. The sun tattoo represents a renewal of life and light, so many want to engrave the pattern. Unlike simple black ink, this tattoo design is engraved with multiple colours, making it bright and colourful. You can customize the tattoo as per your taste.

14. Intricate Inner Bicep Tattoo Women:

This cute little bicep tattoo looks pretty similar to the sun, but the shape is made with the help of only dots in increasing order. The placement of a moon-shaped pattern with a lotus creates a beautiful look. The tattoo looks exceptional when engraved in black ink. However, you can add colours of your choice for the flowers in the design.

15. 3D Upper Bicep Tattoo:

Time is essential to one’s life because even with a lot of money, you cannot get the time you spend. This bicep tattoo has an hourglass with so many intricate details with a 3D effect giving the tattoo a unique finish. The black and grey ink used in the tattoo makes it realistic. The tattoo looks incredible in the bicep area, especially in medium size.


Where you wish to get a tattoo plays an essential role in choosing the right design and tattoo artist. This article presents an array of bicep tattoo options you can look into before selecting the right one. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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