Designed metal jewellery has always retained its stand in the fashion industry. One such metal designed jewel piece is the Chunky big necklace which portrays striking colour and pattern and grabs attention at a party or a meet. Is there any better method of showcasing ladies jewellery than wearing them with simple Indian or western clothes?? A good statement necklace piece will give an “awe” look that ladies aim for.

Latest and Beautiful Big Necklace Designs for Weddings:

Here are the top 9 Big necklace designs that avoid dismay at a party to achieve that stunning look.

1. Chunky Bib Fashion Necklace:

The bib necklace is similar to the collar necklace, but the difference lies in the bib necklace’s shape, which covers the mid-chest part of the body like a normal bin used for kids. The chunky necklace can be made from a normal metal frame or Gold, which increases the price of the necklace accordingly. This necklace is designed by combining a collar necklace with a linked chain necklace.

2. Big Multi-Colored Crystal Necklace:

The multi-coloured necklace can be combined with all kinds of clothes, making it a universal accessory. The necklace’s centrepiece is white crystals surrounded by various coloured crystals. The shape of the crystals can be a regular or irregular framework.

3. Chunky Gold Plated Metal Necklace:

Big gold plated metal necklace gives a rich look and makes it look lavish. This type of chunky necklace can be any geometric design with a hook attachment at the back of the necklace.

4. Huge Black Ribbon Chunky Stone Necklace:

A plain black ribbon is not used as a gift wrapping accessory but also helps create a beautiful and extravagant designed necklace. The black ribbon chosen here is thick and has enough width to glue the huge coloured stones, which can be either plastic stones or crystals or even Pearls combined with other gemstones.

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5. Hammered Gold Design Link Necklace:

The hammered metal design is one of the most artistic designs used in making necklaces. Big necklace designs made from this material give a fullness to the neck due to its oversized geometric designs with the hammered and polished look. The big Gold necklace is made more artistically by using this hammered design.

6. Chunky Turquoise Necklace:

Turquoise is one of the famous gemstones, which is blue. The most famous Turquoise colour is the sky blue colour. A collection of Plain turquoise into a bulky big necklace is the most elegant jewel piece women can ever have in their wardrobe.

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7. Diamond-Ruby Chunky Collar Necklace:

A Diamond necklace is always an eye attaching jewellery. When diamonds that are big and cover the whole big necklace pattern with Ruby stone are worth wearing for a special occasion like a Wedding.

8. Chunky Grey Pearl Necklace:

Pearls come in different colours and sizes; one such colour is grey, which gives a brighter look than regular pearls. To add grace and elegance, designers made a big necklace using grey pearls of relatively big size than usual. These oversize pearls are combined into many rows and twisted to form a bulky necklace.

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9. Crystal Flower Statement Necklace:

Floral design has been used in all possible jewellery designs. Nevertheless, the same floral pattern is used in creating an innovative big, designed necklace. Crystal floral design looks more gracious with pearl combination.

These architectural designed big necklace designs have caught the eyes of all ladies who make more special designer wear than the usual thin layered chain or a thin chain. Necklaces should be chosen accordingly such that the pendant does not move to one side all the time.

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