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9 Best Big Rangoli Designs That are Occupies Large Space

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Rangolis are a form of Indian art which are made with vibrant colors on various occasions. Some people do it for their own happiness, in their houses or communities and there are people who are specifically skilled and these take it as an occupation as well. Big rangoli designs are pretty time consuming and are mostly done with the help of experts.

Beautiful Big Rangoli Designs with Images:

In this article we will provide different big rangoli designs with photos for all types of celebrations either family functions or annual festivals.

1. Big Rangoli With Different Colors:

big rangoli designs

We can see a huge open area used, to make this rangoli. It seems like a fair which is crowded with people and they must have been mesmerized by seeing this beautiful art. A gigantic circle has been made at first with red as border. It has been followed by white and then navy blue. Navy blue border consists of uniform designs and then similarly different colors and patterns have been made to complete the circle.

2. Circular Big Dot Rangoli Design:

This is a huge circular area like dot which covered with a cloth so that people cannot step in. It has been painted with rangoli colours and designs with white on them. The rangoli has dominance of blue and different shades of it have been used. The border is yellow, followed by vermilion and then shades of blue.

3. Semi Circular Big Rangoli:

We have a semicircular rangoli above, which looks really colorful and bright. This has been first outlined with ‘alpana’. ‘Alpana’ is a form of white chalk which is diluted with water and then used to make outlines for rangolis. They make a perfect base and make the colours easier to blend in. The borders are all done this way and the designs includes reddish brown, shades of blue, green, yellow and vermilion.

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4. Very Big Rangoli Designs For Occasions:

Another big rangoli made on auspicious occasion. The outline border is purple along with white designs on it, as usual. Just on the inside the entire area seems to be full of chrome yellow. There is a big square in the middle surrounded by semi circular designs over it and the entire area in the patterns have been decorated very neatly. This is one of the greatest big rangoli designs with beautiful colors and flower patterns for diwali.

5. Difficult Big Rangoli Design With Colors:

The rangoli above seems to be pretty difficult to design due to its fine work done with ‘alpana’. The outlines have been very beautifully designed and then blended with colors of different shades put together which made them look as if they were merging with each other. The lighters shades have been put a little untidily to make it look like splashes of colors.

6. Authentic Big Size Rangoli Designs:

This is a simple big rangoli kolam design. ‘Alpana’ has been again used to make the authentic designs of rangoli and they have been made in two parts. The part in between has been colored with orange, red, black, purple, pink and shaded of green and blue. The portion in the middle has been haphazardly mixed by the colors which actually adds spark to the design. You can make this type of big size rangoli designs with dots also.

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7. Diwali Big Rangoli Design:

Diwali is a very important occasion where rangolis become more of a necessity compared all other occasions. This big rangoli had been made during Diwali which portraits a deity in the middle and is surrounded with different colors and patterns covering a huge area.

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8. Flower Rangoli Design Without Dots:

Flowers are a common design for rangoli’s. In the picture we have a huge rangoli made with bright colors and are in a circular shape with two flowers drawn, one on another. The petals are designed to make it look prettier and the rangoli has been done up quite neatly.

9. Overlapped Big  Rangoli Design With Bright Colors:

A circle in the middle gives birth to two more circular patterns, which looks like a form of a ven diagram and has been very finely painted with ‘alpana’. Bright colors have been used and the clean touch to such a difficult rangoli makes it look professionally done.