Losing weight for some people is like going on a war. Not going by the literal sense of it. Losing weight becomes quite difficult for few people as flab just don’t go easily. We all want to lose weight and looking nice, curvy but very little we want to do to put that effort to do so. There are many crash diets available in the market that helps you to shed pounds way faster but that can put our health at jeopardy. So our focus should not be just to shed extra pounds but the healthy approach towards achieving it. There are various activities a person can indulge in if they want to lose weight. We have cardio training, machine training, meditation and the most popular yoga. Today we are going to discuss about Bikram Yoga that is hot yoga. People must be familiar with the latter one.

Hot yoga is definitely creating a buzz in the market recently because of a whole new approach. So before getting into details lets study the outline of it.

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What is Bikram Yoga?

This form of yoga is being formulated by Bikram choudhary which is different but elongated from the traditional hatha yoga only. A typical Bikram yoga session consists of 26 postures i 90 minutes. These 26 postures also include two breathing exercises. The room temperature is kept around 40 degree Celsius with 40% humidity.

Health Benefits of Hot Yoga:

Well one is crammed in a room with several others at a temperature of 40 with humidity. Everyone perspires and sweats till the last drop; this is the hottest fitness trend in town that is hot yoga. Increased room temperature can be correlated with improved functionality and activity of the body. It has various health benefits other than just losing pounds. When a body can perspire and fight in such a hot room it will definitely lose a lot of weight. As heat leads to the burning of fat in a body. Apart from this it can help in weight managing, toxin flushing, healing of injury and emotionally strengthened individuals.

The various yoga can not only help in weight loss but also increases flexibility and mechanism of the body. A good improved posture is what we attain after Bikram yoga sessions for a prolonged period of time.

According to a study a person weighing 130 pounds is supposed to burn 430 calories during a 60 minute session.

The rate in which Bikram yoga burns calories it can be called a moderate aerobic exercise such as walking.

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Health Threats:

Excessive sweating is also not considered good for the body as it may dehydrate the body of the essential nutrients. So while performing this yoga everyday one should consume around 3-4 litres of water to maintain the balance.

Yoga isn’t Enough to lose Weight:

The atmosphere generated and the levels of exercises are certainly required to lose weight. But it isn’t enough to lose weight. Your body type, the diet you follow on a everyday basis also matters a lot. If one indulges into very high calorific diet or sits outs the entire day at office then just a session won’t help. Activity is to be incorporated within the individuals throughout the day.

Practising yoga postures definitely increases the metabolism of the body and hence helps in burning some major calories of the body. The 26 postures in the Bikram yoga helps you become flexible enough to perform strenuous activities all throughout the day. The key to lose weight is get out of the lazy comfy bed and remain active all throughout the day.

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