Biotin For Hair Loss Control And There Benefits

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Another name for biotin is Vitamin B7. It belongs to the group of B complex nutrients and is essential for the growth of nails and hair growth as it produces a protein that builds hair and nails and is called keratin. Lack of this keratin building biotin can result in hair thinning or major hair loss. Though this deficiency affects the growth of hair, it does not pose any major threat to the overall health of an individual.

biotin for hair

Why Does A Deficit In Biotin Levels Occur?

Biotin deficiency is very uncommon. However the cases that do exist could be due to genetic disorder. It is also found in those people who are alcoholic or have suffered from seborrheic dermatitis. Even people who have had the stomach removed surgically or those who have had excessive egg white in raw state have a probability of suffering from the deficiency of biotin.

Symptoms Of Biotin Deficiency That Causes Hair Loss:

You can be sure that you are suffering from biotin deficiency when there is massive thinning of hair, tingling in legs and arms, rashes that are red and scaly are visible around the mouth, eyes, and the nose area. Many a time extreme fatigue, depression and hallucinations also point out at deficiency of biotin.

Benefits Of Biotin:


Let us delve into the symptoms and causes of biotin deficiency and the sources of refueling it in our systems along with benefits of biotin such as reducing hair loss and hair growth. Here are some reasons to take Biotin supplements for hair growth and other health problem.:

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1. Biotin For Hair Growth:

Here are some natural sources of Biotin for hair growth and those controls hair loss also. People who wish to replenish their quota of biotin and put a stop on excessive hair loss without resorting to ready made chemical products may turn to natural sources of biotin in the form of supplements or incorporate these sources in their diet. Brewer’s yeast, soya beans, green peas, brown rice, bulgur, oats, sunflower seeds and walnuts are some of the important sources of biotin. Protein powders, bars, and mainly raw egg yolk should be avoided as biotin tends to become unavailable to the body in the presence of excessive protein. These all biotin containing products support to boost the hair growth.

2. For Facial Hair:

It might so happen often that you aren’t getting enough of the enzyme in your food. While minimal supplements to amp your dosage daily is fine, going high enough isn’t a good idea. On the other hand, too low of the drug can lead you to lose your facial hair, and yes, that includes your lashes and brows.

3. Skin Cells Need Biotin To Keep The Hair In Place:

You need to know this as a summary healthy skin cells need a lot of Biotin to sustain. They play a leading role in supporting the health of your hair follicles and keeping them in place. When your follicle is unhealthy, it leads to hair loss.

4. To Absorb Proteins:

We don’t need to begin explaining you the role of protein and hair growth of course. Protein is the one thing that keeps your hair from breaking away, split ends, all of the nasty things you don’t wish even up on your haters. So, the role of Biotin here is that it helps absorb away all the protein, helping the follicles grow.

5. Power Of Vitamin B Is Boosted:

This is where we tell you that Biotin for hair has minimal side effects and the benefits outweigh them easily. The Vitamins, B and C in particular can help you cope with your hair loss and combining Biotin in the scene is good news for you, since it boosts the process.

6. Works Better Than Counter Tropical Creams:

Since Biotin pills are often ingested, they obviously work better and the impact is quicker on the show than the other natural remedies.

Artificial sources and other products containing Biotin which can help to your health as well as hair also.

7. Vitamin Supplements:


A lot of vitamin supplements are available these days that already contain good portions of biotin in their formula and thus when taken daily they show considerable improvement in the hair growth. Not only chemists and health stores but a lot of salon and spas have begun keeping these supplements for their valued customers.

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8. Biotin Enriched Shampoos Conditioners And Other Topical Application:

People who have a problem of acidity can turn to topical applications and shampoos that contain a good amount of biotin. When used on a regular basis these shampoos work on the fragility of the hair, repair the scalp and follicles by nourishing it with biotin and other important ingredients, thus stimulating hair growth and getting rid of the damage. There is a broad spectrum of brands that endorse such products. A couple of them are mentioned below.

i. Jason Shampoo Pure And Natural Restorative Biotin:


This shampoo has a good amount of biotin and is useful in restoring healthy and strong hair by cleansing and repairing the damaged hair.

ii. Avalon Organics Shampoo, Thickening, Biotin B-Complex:


This shampoo is excellent for working on thinned hair it encourages growth of hair by stimulating and cleansing the hair follicles.

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Biotin Other Benefits:

This article has thrown significant light on biotin for hair growth which can benefit people who read it. Having said that, one has to understand that biotin is just another vitamin and cannot give results overnight. It has to be used with a considerable amount of patience. Biotin based products when used consistently and in sufficient amounts yield positive results like a thick lustrous hair.

Where Can You Find Biotin?

It is easy to locate Biotin for hair growth. Most drug stores keep a copy of the drug and you can have them at vitamin stores as well. However, while buying, be cautious of the mcg of Biotin you take back home. You can also switch over to the shampoos that contain biotin instead of the pills. Of course the answer to is biotin good for health will always be yes, but you still need to be cautious about the whole thing, since you don’t want to deal with the side effects that aren’t too pleasant.

Biotin in supplement form is one of the best things you can add to your routine, particularly if your hair loss problem hasn’t gone away or shown signs of slowing down. Your biotin consistency however should be in check and it should be the key to making your hair gorgeous inside out.

Biotin is a water soluble compound and is the basis of synthesis of fatty acids. It is essential for metabolism, thus working on the strengthening of the hair and nails. Like other vitamins soluble in water, biotin isn’t retained back by the body. However, bacteria in your body produce the enzyme as well and much more than needed on a daily basis.

Now there comes a twist. Biotin for hair loss is one use of the drug; however, it is also used to treat diabetes and other autoimmune diseases like psoriasis and dermatitis. In such cases, the body often produces more biotin and can lead to biotin toxicity. While it is rare, it isn’t impossible.

Recommended Biotin Intake:

  • Infants – 35-50 mcg/day
  • Children – 65-120 mcg/day
  • Adolescents – 100-200 mcg/day
  • Adults – 100-200 mcg/day

That was all you should and need to know about this wonder drug and its world of never ending benefits for the human body. While your hair won’t grow back overnight, dedicated use of the enzyme drug will do you good.