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15 Amazing Bird Tattoo Designs With Images

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The new craze the modern world has seen is tattoos. Usurping all spheres and sources of art work, tattoo has now reached a level of trend where a tattoo artist now has been recognized as a fully fledged profession. More prevalent in the west, tattoos have allured people from all walks of life be it old or young. One of the most common designs sported are the birds, for instance pop star Demi Lovato has a swarm of birds soaring up her hand. Bird tattoo designs are most famous all around the world. These are very cute in look and mostly liked by young girls. Based on some of the best bird tattoos here is a list of all the bird tattoos that might come handy in case you are considering one.

Best Bird Tattoos With Pictures And Meanings:

Some of the best astonishing bird tattoo designs with meanings and images for both men and women which are currently in trend and add the enhancing factor to your looks.

1. The Exotic Crane Bird Tattoo:

Cranes are the symbolism of peace and prosperity. They are birds of Happiness, images of Love, and religious symbols in numerous societies over the globe. In Japan, it is trusted that cranes bring favorable luck and a favored marriage, all things considered, crane references covered up between the folds of wedding kimonos and different designs. Cranes additionally symbolize new open door. The antiquated legend of the thousand cranes increased cutting edge fame in Japan after Sadako Sasaki, a survivor of Hiroshima, endeavored to overlay a thousand origami cranes in a typical offer for peace and her recuperation from leukemia.

bird tattoo designs

Crane tattoos are typically dazzlingly bird tattoo designs for women and men intended to play up the creature’s excellent lines and impeccable framework. Albeit most outlines are not energetically brilliant, a few craftsmen open up their creative energy and run wild with every one of the shades of the sense of taste. Most tattoos highlight the bird in flight, taking off high in a serene foundation.

2. Heavenly Eagle Bird Tattoo On Back:

This magnificent feathered creature has for some time been an image of Spirituality, Wisdom, and Power. While it is most ordinarily connected with the United States, the Eagle as a social representation has been around for a large number of years. From as far back as the times of old Greece, hawks have been seen as the exemplification of manly strength and virility. The Greek god Zeus, known for his various trysts with mortal ladies, was frequently connected with the Eagle and the creature itself was typically delineated conveying a definitive image of Zeus, a lightning jolt. Eagle exemplify freedom and protection.

Heavenly Eagle birds tattoo

The Eagle takes off high over the mountains and through the valleys with no confinements. These type of bird tattoos additionally have an otherworldly component; and is accepted to be a representation of the ascension of Christ after his torturous killing. Such kind of bird tattoo designs are well known among individuals who have a should be free and excessive. It is one of the best bird tattoo designs for girls.

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3. Classy Bird Feather Tattoos:

Classy Bird Feather birds tattoo

From as far back as the beginning of humankind, people have constantly esteemed feathers for their excellence. For some, the feathers of a specific fowl are thought to be consecrated blessings from the divine beings and they are treated with the most elevated level of adoration that the individuals from the tribe can offer. From the frigid blues of a peacock’s plumes to the red hot reds of a phoenix, Feather Tattoos come in all shapes, sizes, and hues. Pretty much as there are a large number of flying creatures floating over the reasonable blue sky, there are a huge number of implications to Feather Tattoos. Specialists, all in all, attempt to play up a specific social connection with an outline keeping in mind the end goal to focus the configuration’s noteworthiness to you, the wearer, and give you a social setting in which to see your tattoo.

4. Paradise Bird Tattoo:

Paradise Bird tattoo

Having delightful hues and stunning bodies, it is most likely the feathered creatures of heaven show up so frequently in various body expressions. Elaborate plumes in distinctive red, green, and blue look awesome. Such a bird tattoo design for men would consequently mean, that you are brave and rich. It is trusted that these fowls are from paradise and have pledged to never arrive on earth. They symbolize separation from natural worries, strongly. The quills of feathered creatures of heaven are worn by numerous African tribes. It represents the internal warrior. A winged creature of heaven tattoo would imply that you trust in the great beyond, paradise, and you regard life.

5. Black Bird Tattoo Designs:

Black Bird Tattoo

Our biased impression of these creatures are dull and foreboding, in this manner brilliant blues and glad yellow hues assume a negligible part in these plans. In most case, the Raven is indicated watching out for things around it while roosted on a branch or some other item, fortifying the customary picture of the winged creature or the creature might be depicted in flight. These flying creatures are more than simply sharp swindlers; they are sharp survivalists and respected totems of the divine beings. Raven Tattoos have a tendency to have a dim notoriety, yet that doesn’t imply that they are exclusively saved for sourpusses and Negative Nellie’s.

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6. Tribal Bird Tattoo Design:

Tribal outlines remain the ageless top picks among a wide range of bird tattoo designs for girls, as these conventional plans mirror the antiquated tattoo craftsmanship in all its creativity. Tribal fledgling tattoos are done in dark, with streaming and whirling examples to make a stunning final result. A standout amongst the most amazing examples in tribal bird tattoo design is the cardinal bird. In the amazing world of tattoos it is the Cardinal’s shading that separates him from each other outline, accordingly, most pieces will play up the dynamic quality of the birds plumage.

Tribal birds tattoo

Cardinal tattoos are extraordinary approaches to show pride in your region and your family. Despite the fact that the outline is straightforward and downplayed, it is difficult to overlook the characteristic excellence of its exuberant shading. While getting prepared for inked with this lovely tattoo design birds , you have to take some real time to contemplate the significance of every component in your configuration and where the piece will be set on your body. Poor arrangement is similarly as grievous as outline defects.

7. Wrist Swallow Birds Tattoo:

Wrist swallows

Another form of common bird tattoo is the swallows and if you are going for a small one probably on the wrist or ankle what better choice to choose from other than the two little swallows flying with each other. Swallows  winged creatures of Beauty, Peace, Protection, and Motherhood. These flying creatures are eminent gatekeepers and defenders in various conventions. For mariners, a swallow was an indication of a sheltered adventure and, for the old Egyptians, they secured the souls of the dead. In Christianity, swallows and sparrows speak to God’s adoration and His guarantee to keep a minding and careful gaze on his supporters. This simple birds tattoo beautifully designed on wrist for women.

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8. Paper Bird Tattoo:

Paper birds

Almost like birds drawn on a paper thin surface, this tattoo has a whole new side of design where the color is light weighted and soft making the tattoo almost seem like it is sketched on a thin paper surface. Rich, sensitive and wonderful, these outlines are making unique tattoos, desired specifically for little moderate pieces. Be that as it may, it is likewise awesome with hues and more intricate examples, permitting a great deal of inventiveness and uniqueness. The cranes are obviously the most prominent origami tattoos, alongside paper planes and pontoons, yet you can pick your own most loved creature. This is one of the extraordinary bird tattoo designs on hands.

9. A Bird Meeting Tattoo Design:

A bird meeting

We have all seen common bird tattoos disseminating from a surface most probably a feather but it is often a new sight when a billion of birds come together in a circle to a converging point. When you take a gander at a group of winged animals flying around it abandons you with a positive sentiment. They look as though they are up in the sky with a specific reason and are flying around attempting to satisfy that. It is a decent subject that can be utilized as a tattoo outline as a part of numerous fascinating ways.

10. Bursting Birds Tattoo:

Bursting birds

One of the most common bird tattoos that have adorned many a skin is the feather tattoo. Usually a feather is done up as a part of the core element and from its top starts a burst of feather specs turning into beautiful birds as they fly away. the same has been done here, but only with much precision and detail. Here the feathers start from the bottom and the top most feather then disseminates into a swarm of birds flying high.

11. Rainbow Birds Tattoo Design:

Rainbow birds

Here is another fresh concept for a bird tattoo, the rainbow colored bird. It starts with a phoenix bird with its elegant feathers likely perched somewhere. The twist to it comes with the vibrant range of colors that dyes the birds feathers. This various colors compare themselves with the rainbow colors as one color merges into another. This is one of the most beautiful birds tattoo designs for women.

12. Watercolor Bird Tattoo:


Amongst the new hype of tattoos, the water color tattoos have instantly gained recognition and displaying one such artifact is this bird watercolor tattoo where the tattoo maybe far from life like, but the molten colors sprayed against it in an abstract form makes it look unique and gripping.

13. Fiery Phoenix:

Fiery phoenix

This is yet another form of phoenix, the original kind where according to the folk, the phoenix, the bird that can rise from its ashes, is clad in fiery red which gives it a burning feel. Even the feathers of this phoenix are constructed in such a way where each strand of feather is similar to that of an ablaze fire. This unique bird tattoo is a really cool concept for a bare back tattoo.

14. Bird In Love Shape Tattoo:

bird in love

For a cute little feminine tattoo on the wrist or back shoulder should be great appeal. This is a small bird tattoo almost comical in a way where the bird is showcased to be in love. The two detailed big pretty eyes opens the window to her heart. If this is combined with a burst of colors, it can do wonders for this tattoo.

15. Bird On Skull Tattoo Designs:

dark angst

This particular tattoo is more of an dark origin where a bird, pitch black in his attire, most possibly a raven or a crow is perched on top of a somewhat comical human skull. By the sheer use of lines and hours of concentration the artist has beautifully conveyed the feathers of this dark creature into the drawing. The shading in the skull is precise and intent and so is the bird’s stare. This is one of the most desirable and full of feeling bird tattoo design on arms.

Bird tattoos has been in vogue since several years. There are a huge number of species of birds with every positive significance and representation. Beside their positive implications, feathered creatures are awesome outlines for tattoos on account of their energetic hues that will look amazing on the human skin.

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