Who isn’t here excited for an upcoming birthday? Well, we are. Whether it is any age group, birthdays always remain special and ought to be celebrated. We have specially curated these birthday hairstyles just for you. Be it you have a toddler birthday coming up or a young teen girl or a modern-day young woman to older women out here, these cute birthday hairstyles are super lovely, elegant, and classic.

We bet you too will love these beautiful hairstyle ideas for a birthday party for women of all age groups. Let’s keep going and check them out.

35 Special Hairstyles Ideas for Your Birthday Party (From Age 1 to 50+):

We have worked around and got in the best of nice and special birthday party hairstyle and hairdos ideas for a special and flawless look. These are a must-try one; let’s explore them together.

Birthday Hairstyles for Baby Girls (Age 1-3):

Is your little one just born? Or is your kid just about to celebrate her birthday? We bet this could be super exciting. Kids girls can look super cute and pretty, charming when styled in the right way, and when coming to such younger age kids, care and caution about the comfort should be taken into account as well.

We have these five pretty birthday hairstyles. Most of the kids in this particular age group look charming with more straightforward looks, such as loose hair with ribbon or band, small pigtails. The same is shown here as an example to you as well.

How about this pretty simple short birthday hairstyles for baby girl with a ribbon? We love it!

If your baby has a little longer hair, you can even go a step further and try these cute pigtails too.

And we can’t take our eyes off these pretty pigtails as well with the charming and cute accessory bands. We love this hairstyle for birthday girl short hair.

For those kids around 3 years who love fancy looks for birthdays, this birthday hairstyles for a little girl is a possibility as well.

Love tiara? How about this floral one? Quite charming, isn’t it!

Birthday Hairstyles for Little Girls (Age 4-8):

If your kid is a little grown-up and you are wondering about the perfect birthday looks and hairstyles to suit her age groups, well, let us tell you. Most of the girls already acquire and learn preferred looks at this age, and we bet this will be challenging. But we have made your job more accessible, and these are the perfect looks most of the young girls in this age love indeed.

Here are the popular birthday hairstyles for kids. To begin with, how about the lovely braided pony? Isn’t it charming?

And we also love the messy braided pigtails too. Here it is, the perfect birthday hairstyles for girls.

In case you are looking for something super charming, this is perfect and good to go. This easy and cute birthday hairstyles for girl is pretty and lovely.

The braided upside-down is among the new styles, and few of the very young girls love it. Check this out, too; it is unique and beautiful at the same time.

In case you are looking for pretty birthday hairstyles for long hair, these beautiful braids can look ethnic, classy as well as stunning.

Birthday Hairstyles for Young Girls (Age 9-16):

Planning the hairstyles for early teens can get challenging, but it is not too difficult. One can see the preferences and decide on gorgeous looks best suited to the girls. The common early teen hairstyles for birthdays include loose hair, messy buns, pinned hair, and braided looks. They are pretty cool, charming, stylish, and contemporary as well. What do you think?

Here we have compiled these five possible looks that are fit for females and girls in early teen groups till the sweet 16. Check these birthday hairstyles for teens out, and we bet you will fall in love with them!

We love the contemporary half messy bun. This birthday hairstyles for long hair are trending and absolutely gorgeous.

This neat classic half-braided pinned hair is a classic option for young girls. It is the most common and popular one too, ideal for those across these age groups. These birthday hairstyles for long hair give a pretty sweet and feminine look.

The ultra-modern curly and short wavy hairstyle for very younger kids in this group is perfect. It gives a contemporary and super stylish bold look – all at the age itself.

If you are around 15-16 and love experimenting with ultra-modern-day looks, how about this sleek bob with balayage hair. We bet it is gorgeous and jaw-dropping.

Birthday Hairstyles for Adult Girls (Age 16-25):

Here comes the most beautiful age for most girls and very young women. These transitions are quite marked with enthusiasm and wanting to try out new looks and experiments. If your birthday is coming up and you are in this particular age group, we have some gorgeous feminine styles and bold and contemporary looks for you. Whatever you may most prefer!

From bobs to messy looks, the most popular hairstyles for young women and girls in this age group are here.

Do you love bob? How about trying out the all-new Angled bob? We bet it is unique and new. This is a perfect 18th to 21st birthday hairstyles ideas.

In case you prefer feminine looks, the braided bun can be gorgeous too.

Do you love dramatic looks? The messy bun can suffice all your trends and popularity around you.

We love this side-knotted ponytail. It looks gorgeous and yet simple to try out as well.

Here is another bold and lovely solid look. The layered short bob-pixie. Isn’t it stunning?

Birthday Hairstyles for Young Women (Age 25-35):

If you are reaching around 25 years to transitioning to your 30s, well, it is special. We often love elegant and classic looks at the age and want to be in our comfort zone yet trying a mild, subtle new kind of style. We have them all for you.

Whether it is sassy bangs or hot looks with blonde hair, or ever trending beach waves, these are absolutely beautiful for those in this age group. Check these out. side-swept bangs

And we love this ever classic and elegant high bun too!

Love to try something new for your birthday this time? How about blonde hair? Here is one such long bob blonde hair

We can’t get over these feminine and classic birthday braids hairstyles for women with long hair. This messy semi braided hairstyle is all things pretty and perfect for feminine, jaw-dropping, and classic looks.

This can suit all girls and women needlessly—the textured beach waves.

Birthday Hairstyles for Women (Age 36-50):

For women around 36-50, well birthdays may not seem extraordinary. But how about celebrating the day for ourselves too? From the women who love normal and straightforward looks to want to get a bit quirky despite any age without any barrier, you can try them all.

The most sassy looks are the most elegant and neat ones too – they can fit in a range of individuals and will look stunning needlessly.

If you can think of coloring your hair, we bet this can look beautiful and new. The caramel-colored long hair can give an entirely new look.

Choppy shoulder-length hair from Priyanka Chopra Jonas shouldn’t be dismissed as well.

This every green loose wavy hairstyle is the most simple yet classic and timeless vintage in the looks. This look, as shown by Angelina Jolie, can be perfect for your birthday gatherings.

Most of us love hair buns. How about this lovely unique side hairdo?

The bangs can go on well even in this age group. If you are wondering on how, here is how!

Birthday Hairstyles for Women Over 50:

Birthdays can still seem interesting. If you plan to have a good gathering or even a party, it is time to treat yourself on this particular day, get decked up, and look gorgeous.

Love short hair; get it done! Prefer to look simple and straightforward-go ahead. It is all about the choices. What is yours?

We love these below looks for birthdays above 50! The short hair look is one such smart and cool style. Don’t you think so?

The cool hair knot looks super smooth and can work on women across preferences. It is super elegant and easy to do as well.

The simple loose straight hair flaunting it open is still a trend. The picture of Sandra Bullock is a huge inspiration.

In the mood of something normal and casual? This braid is perfect too.

Side ponytails are also gorgeous and are among the best fit to look smart, beautiful, elegant, and dignified at the same time. We love this one! This is among the perfect birthday hairstyles for natural and black hair.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these beautiful birthday hairstyles to fit in girls, toddlers, and women across age groups. These are definitely among the popular looks in the respective variants and can look gorgeous on the special day celebration.


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