A birth stone is a gem stone that represents someone’s month of birth. They can be worn as pendants and jewellery. The history of birthstones dates back a long time. In ancient times it was a practice to keep twelve stones and wear each a month.

However, wearing a single birthstone is a few centuries old, as they have been altered due to customs, tastes and translations.

Birthstone Ring Designs for Men and Women:

Birthstones rings have been worn since a long time. Here are a few birthstone rings designs:

1. Couples Initials Birthstone Rings:

These birth stone rings are made of rose gold and have the initials of a couple on them. Each ring has their birthstone, attached to their initial. This is a very sweet idea and these rings look good when worn together. It can be personalized according to the initials of the couple’s names.

2. Birthstone Family Tree Ring in Silver:

This pretty silver ring has a family tree on it. Each of the family member’s birthstone is studded on the tree. The ring has a beautiful design of the tree and it looks very classy. It is a nice idea, different from the single personal birthstones that people wear, and it can be worn by any member of the family.

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3. Simple Dual Birthstone Rings:

This ring is made of sterling silver. It is a ring for couples, as it has the birthstone of both partners. It is one of the simplest birthstone ring designs and can be worn on a day to day basis.

4. Infinity Birthstone Rings:

This silver ring has an infinity shape in the front. It has two kinds of birthstones arranged along the infinity. It looks elegant and pretty. It is different from the regular birthstone ring designs and it is a great piece of accessory.

5. Cage Ring with Heart Stones:

This is a unique birthstone ring. It is made of silver and has a cage-like structure that holds the two birthstones of couple. The stones are heart shaped and look extremely pretty. This ring can be worn to parties and other occasions. It is a nice gift to a couple.

6. Birthstone Rings for Men:

This cushion cut gold ring for men has a classy and majestic look. It has a citrine birthstone in the center, with diamonds studded on both sides. It has a royal look and is different from the plain birthstone designs. It is one of the best birthstone rings for men.

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7. Vintage Silver Birthstone Ring Design:

This antique fire opal ring has a vintage look. It is a filigree ring and is adjustable. It has a delicate and beautiful design. The ring is made of silver plated brass. It will look good on teenagers as well as adults.

8. Delicate Rose Ring with Birthstone:

This birthstone ring is made of sterling silver and has a white sapphire birthstone in the middle. The ring is intertwined and has a rose in the middle with leaves on either side. It is a perfect engagement ring.

9. Moonstone Birthstone Ring:

This unique statement ring is made of sterling silver and has the Moonstone birthstone for June. It has a boho filigree design and looks pretty on people of all ages.

Birthstone rings were earlier worn in a rather superstitious way, but these days they’ve become a fashionable jewellery. People like wearing their birthstones in rings, necklaces, earrings, etc.


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