Bitter Gourd During Pregnancy

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That time of the month when everything looks beautiful. Everyone especially the mother looks beautiful. The advent of a new life, the thrill to carry one within herself, the beauty of pregnancy. But Spiderman’s uncle said with great power comes great responsibility and bringing a new one to this world is no different than that, but it is a beautiful process. But the contents that will help along with this process is not. An ugly looking bitter in taste, most hated food since childhood is the bitter gourd, or ‘karela’ but what separates it from the good looking chocolate is its benefits when it comes to pregnancy.

bitter gourd during pregnancy

How it helps?

A natural drug. That’s what bitter gourd is known as all over south east Asia. A natural form of medicine bitter gourd is also known as bitter melon. This melon has a medium sized shape and a distinct bitter taste. It is also jam packed with several extremely important qualities that are necessary for your body. Even if you thought that eating bitter gourd during pregnancy is bad then I suggest that you should remove such a thought from your mind, because eating bitter gourd during pregnancy is perfectly safe on the contrary eating bitter gourd during pregnancy is helpful for the woman and her baby.

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The first in the line of vitamins that the bitter gourd consists of is folate. Folate is an extremely important and necessary material that bitter gourd consists of. Folate is a mineral that helps to protect the baby from nerve defects permanently.

During pregnancy the main things a woman goes through are her food cravings. At that time anything could be on the menu. But even now a woman should watch what she eats. She should eat what is good for her and her baby, what gives her energy. And this is where the bitter gourd comes in handy. Bitter gourd is high in fibre. So it gives you a certain satisfied feeling when it comes to your cravings. It decreases your craving for various foods that may harm you and your baby like junk high calorie food.

Bitter gourd also allows the woman to have safe and strong bowels and a strong body to sustain pregnancy effectively. The high fibre again is the reason for this and will always be.

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Women run a high risk of getting diabetes during pregnancy because of their multiple cravings for sugary foods. Bitter gourd is the best vegetable to prevent this. Do you know how?

I’ll tell you how:

Bitter gourd is high in a mineral known as charatin, charatin reduces the risk of diabetes in a pregnant woman gradually and permanently to help a woman go through pregnancy fulfilling her cravings and also keeping herself safe from lifelong problems.
Vitamin C is another thing that bitter gourd is full off. Vitamin C is well known for helping the body fight harmful bacteria. That is why it is so helpful for pregnant women. While pregnant women are more prone to diseases as they are exposed. Vitamin C helps to build immunity so the women are safe throughout their pregnancy.

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How it is so important:

Bitter gourd also has a lot of other vitamins and minerals that are not normally known but are extremely important for the foetus. Zinc, manganese, potassium, iron all these are important vitamins and minerals that both the mother and the foetus need to grow naturally and strong. Where else could we find a more jam packed vegetable? It is true. Bitter gourd is extremely good for you when you are pregnant. It’s the best thing to keep you safe and strong if consumed gradually in a moderate amount every day. This is the best vegetable and must not be doubted in any way.

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