Bitter Gourd Or Bitter Melon Benefits And Uses

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Bitter Gourd Or Bitter Melon:

Bitter Melon, also known as bitter squash or bitter gourd or Karela is actually a bitter boon in disguise. It is a great source of nutrition and is known for its innumerable health benefits. The first thing that comes to one’s mind when they hear the name bitter gourd is bitterness of course. Yes, this vegetable might not taste the best but will definitely give you the best results if you make use of it. The benefits of bitter gourd have been shared in this article.

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Benefits Of Bitter Gourd Or Bitter Melon For Skin, Hair And Health:

There are tremendous health benefits of bitter gourd super food. But the ones mentioned in this post are some of the handpicked ones which if incorporated in the right way can make you believe bitter is better.

Uses And Benefits Of Bitter Gourd Or Bitter Melon For Skin And Hair:

1. Skin:

Bitter Melon is great for the skin. It will purify your blood, remove all toxins and germs from your body and cleanse your system completely. In this way, you will get healthy, beautiful and glowing skin. Not only that, if you have skin infections, you may consider bitter melon again. Eczema and psoriasis are some of the common skin problems that bitter melon deals with. Other infections could be the athlete’s foot, ring worm and fungal infections. The simplest way to have bitter melon is to put it into a blender till it becomes juice. Drink it down two to three times a day for best results.

2. Acne :

In order to deal with acne, blemishes or skin related problems, consider bitter gourd. This will deal with several kinds of blood disorders such as blood boils, scabies, itching and psoriasis. Ring worm and fungal disease shall also be dealt it because of this amazing vegetable. The free radicals contained in this will help you to fight fine lines and wrinkles easily. All you have to do is consume bitter melon juice first thing in the morning.

3. Rough And Tangled Hair:

If you are one of those who suffer with rough, tangled and dull hair should also use bitter gourd.  Just pour in some bitter gourd juice all over your hair and let it sit there for the next fifteen to twenty minutes. Rinse off your hair with cold water and then finish it off with mild shampoo. This will smoothen your cuticles and give you smooth, long and shiny tresses in no time.

4. Dry And Itchy Scalp:

People who suffer with dry and itchy scalp or poor quality hair should definitely add some bitter melon to their diet. All you need to do is take a fresh piece of bitter gourd and cut it into slices. Now take one of the slices and rub it all over your scalp. Massage for the next ten minutes. Cleanse with water and then wash off with herbal shampoo. To combat any kind of itchiness, you can also use a bitter gourd pack. You will need to make a paste of banana and bitter gourd juice and apply all over the scalp. This should be done once a week at least.

Bitter Gourd Or Bitter Melon Health Benefits:

5. Healing Qualities:

Bitter Melon has great healing qualities. It can help in fighting asthma, the blood flow and clotting. Your wounds will heal faster and you will be able to prevent any kind of further infection. Physically, all parts of the plant will be capable of providing all kind of medicinal benefits to the body system. You will also be free from all kinds of stomach infection and constipation if you incorporate this amazing fruit as part of your diet. This is one of the reasons why bitter melon has been suggested by so many doctors and experts.

6. Weight Loss:

Bitter Melon contains antioxidants that will help in flushing out and cleansing your system completely. It will boost your metabolism and clean your digestive tract, hence helping you to lose weight fast. Two other factors that you must keep in mind are calorie control and filling components. Calorie control happens when the vegetables that you consume are very low in calories. It allows you to consume more and more quantities of them. Filling the component in bitter melon is water. We all know that water is another way to combat undesirable hunger. And the pods of these vegetables contain 90% water.

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7. Heart Diseases:

Finding a healthy and easy solution to all kinds of heart diseases shall not be that difficult anymore. Because now you have bitter melon. This vegetable is beneficial for the heart in several ways. bitter gourd can help in reducing the bad cholesterol levels which will clog the artery walls and thereby reduce the chance of any cardiovascular disease or heart attack. Also it will help in maintaining the blood sugar levels that will take good care of your heart.

8. Nutritional Value:

Bitter melon is full of health and nutrition. It has a wide range of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A1, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper and phosphorus. This will improve your a lot of nourishment. Before you buy bitter melon, go through a chart that will show you the names of all the nutrients found in this vegetable.

9. Diabetes:

Bitter Melon is beneficial for those suffering with type 2 diabetes. It has been used in Indian and Chinese medicines for several years and is indeed very effective. Type 2 diabetes is caused due to the inability of your body cells to absorb the sugar contained in the blood. This causes the activation of the AMP activated protein kinase in the cells. Bitter gourd will activate these kinases and cause the absorption of sugar to increase. And in this way, diabetes shall be controlled with.

10. Immune System:

To keep yourself strong and immune throughout the year, you should add some bitter melon to your diet. They are very good for your health and will help in combating small sicknesses as well as the big ones. You will be safe from life threatening diseases with the help of this.

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11. Prevents Piles:

Crisp bitter melon juice is useful for relieving the symptoms associated with piles. For patients who are undergoing the agony of piles taking a blend of intense bitter melon and buttermilk each morning is exceptionally useful, one month of this treatment is enough to see drastic improvement. On the off chance that the juice is too astringent for you it can be topically applied by mixing the root of bitter gourd root with water and making a thin paste .

12. Anti Bacterial Properties:  

Another remarkable bitter gourd health benefits include its outstanding antibacterial property for the treatment of several kind of infections. Concentrates of bitter melon leaf have been appeared to be viable against numerous sorts of microbes including E. coli, and salmonella, and Helicobacter pylori, the microscopic organisms that cause stomach ulcers. It is also known to increase the resistance of humans so that humans could not be infected by viral infections easily. It exerts its anti viral actions against virus like HIV virus, Epstein Barr virus and to name a few.

13. Antimalarial:

Its outstanding health benefits of bitter gourd is worth mentioning when it comes to the treatment of malaria.  Bitter melon is customarily viewed in Asia as helpful for counteracting and treating episodes of malaria. It can keep the female anopheles mosquito from recreating inside the host. All things considered, as you probably are aware, avoidance is constantly superior to anything cure. When you begin to see the manifestations of malaria or if your specialist says that you have malaria,

  • Heat up some Karela leaves and drink it up.
  • You can include garlic, salt, or little measure of sugar to try and out the severe taste of its takes off.
  • Tea is utilized for this reason likewise as a part of Panama and Colombia.
  • In Guyana, onions and garlic are blended with intense melons than bubbled and mix browned and is referred to as their traditional dish named corolla which is served to counteract malaria.

14. Kidney Stones:   

Another advantage of bitter gourd is in the miraculous removal of kidney stone. Kidney stone can cause extreme torment and agony and if left untreated can be the major cause of life threatening kidney injury or renal failure. Bitter gourd can be utilized as a kidney detox which aids in flushing out the stones in the urine. Bitter gourd acts against the uric acid which are responsible to the creation of kidney stones and breaks them to small pieces.

15. Pancreatic Cancer:

A standout amongst the most health benefits of bitter gourd is its hostile to disease properties. Biting melon has been appeared to hamper the excessive growth of glucose which are responsible for causing malignancy in the pancreas. Attempt these severe bitter melon juice formulas for a touch of assortment and to procure the full  health benefits of bitter gourd. Severe bitter melon may likewise block the production of several destructive cells in the liver, colon, bosom, or prostate.

16. Liver Tonic:

There are a few advantages of consistently devouring a liver tonic. A tonic guides in processing, enhances gallbladder capacity, and brings down liquid maintenance. Cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis, and clogging might be soothed with an intense melon liver tonic. Drink a bitter melon juice in any event once per day to appreciate the advantages. A liver tonic is additionally helps in weight reduction, and may ease the side effects of crabby gut framework.

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Additionally, A sound invulnerable framework is basic for fighting off potential contaminants and infections. Include this delightful and effortlessly arranged Bitter Melon for this additional advantage of bitter gourd. Stop or keep a cool in a split second in its tracks while profiting the digestive framework. Anticipate or check nourishment sensitivities, and dispose of yeast contaminants. A special benefit of bitter gourd is the treatment of acid reflux.

Now that we have enlisted all the benefits, we are hoping you have been convinced to buy some bitter melon.The benefits of bitter gourd can be achieved in various ways either in the form of stuffed vegetable or blended with various spices to lower its bitterness. It is advised that it should be taken regularly either as a food or a health supplement to derive the maximum benefit out of it.

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