Anklets, also known as ankle chains, are widely popular these days. Even the college teens prefer wearing them in casual dresses. There is also a trend to wear them in one leg, known as a single anklet. Various anklets are available, such as gold, silver, beaded, barefoot, etc. Let’s look at one of the popular designs named black anklets. They are usually made out of black velvet or black oxidized metal.

Latest and Stylish Collection of Black Anklets Designs:

Such anklets symbolize good luck, protection, love, inspiration and freedom. Following are a few popular black anklet designs available highly in any market.

1. Handmade Cloth Anklet:

This lovely design of the anklet is made out of cloth and metal. The floral design’s net material is beautifully designed with a metal chain design and a black Pearl attached at its end. This type of anklet is usually worn daily.

2. Jet Black Crystal Anklet:

A simple black crystal anklet is quite trendy for giving a simple look to your personality. The string of the anklet is made out of several black small beads decorated with silver circular locks and a crystal at the end. This anklet is quite often worn to protect yourself from any evil eye.

3. Beach Anklet:

Want to wear something unique for the beach! Here is one such design specially for the beach. This black anklet bracelet is made out of a black bead strand and a leather wheel. This design is also known as the wheel of fortune. Such an anklet is given as a gift to wish good luck.

4. Black Butterfly Anklet:

This type of black anklet gives a stylish look to the girls. The band is made out of black velvet, and to add to its beauty, a butterfly is studded with a small red ribbon. Such anklets are worn at parties, casuals, romantic dates, and short skirts.

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5. Gypsy Anklets:

Looking for a different black anklet bracelet! This amazing anklet is highly popular among teens for parties and discos. It is made out of vintage lace, crystal beads and an oxidized sun pendant. It looks cute on short Capri and skirts.

6. Black Bead And Circular Anklet Design:

A circular design is never out of fashion. This wonderful design looks amazing with lovely curls of chains hanging below. Made out of leather and metal, it gives a stunning look with black crystal beads. It is mostly worn at black-themed parties.

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7. Floral Black Anklet Design:

A floral design gives the anklet an amazing look. This design is crafted from black velvet with embroidery and red crystal stones. This anklet gives a charming look with floral clothes, especially short frocks.

8. Simple Diamond Anklet:

A simple but delicate piece made of black velvet looks amazing with golden flat diamonds studded. A white crystal bead is also attached, giving a lovely look. It is generally worn for regular use.

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9. Double Heart Anklet Design:

Hearts have always been the attraction of the ladies. This design of a black anklet bracelet gives a charming look to lovers. It is a common gift for loving couples to express their love. Made out of black velvet and silver hearts, it looks stunning on casuals.

The anklets in any pattern give a lavishing look to the girls or ladies. The best part of such black anklets is that you can also easily make it at home, giving it your favourite look with symbols such as heart, cross, jingles, beads etc. So give yourself a sophisticated look with one such design this trendy season.

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