15 Different Styles of Black Blazers for Men & Women

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Blazer is very iconic in everybody’s wardrobe. It is truly the centre piece of gentle men’s wardrobe. It is worn in alternate forms according to the occasion. It is cut differently from a suit jacket. Blazers often are known as sports jacket. Blazers have metallic button and linings to show the club’s name.

black blazers

Best Blazers in Black Colour for Men & Women:

Here are few types of blazers in Black which can be worn differently according to situations. Then don’t forget to carry your black blazer with you. Going out with friends for a brunch or attending a wedding after work?

1. 2 Button Single Breasted Black Blazers:

2 Button Single Breasted Black Blazers

2 button single breasted black blazers is American style blazer. It has centre vent. It mostly has notched labels with either flapped pocket or patched pocket. It is a bit boxy in fit. It is more casual. It can be worn with denims without much of hesitation.

2. 3 Button Single Breasted Black Blazers:

3 Button Single Breasted Black Blazers

3 Button single breasted Black Blazer for men has 2 buttons. It is known for its amazing fit. It is English styled blazer. It is preferred to be single breasted because double breasted will make you look like a tree trunk. It emphasis on shoulders and chest, It is easy to dress down with it.

3. 6 Button Double Breasted Black Blazers:

6 Button Double Breasted Black Blazers

6 Button double breasted black blazer is has its origin from the British Royal naval army. It was made by the Navy commander, H M S Blazer to impress the Queen Victoria. He made it with copper buttons fitted. It is made double breasted to give the right fit and protect from chilly breeze.

4. Mens Slim Fit Black Blazers:

Slim Fit Black Blazers

Slim fit black blazer for men is the modern day fit. It is body hugging. It is less boxy and straighter. It is made of linen mostly. This style is worn by women and men both. It is a casual style. If you are going for a flight, or Sunday brunch then this is the right style for you. Many men wear it with ease. You can even team it with shorts.

5. Wool Black Blazer for Men:

Wool Black Blazers

Wool is most preferred choice in blazers. It is soft and warm. You can weave it according to your needs. It serves the purpose to protect you from chills. Mostly they come with self-print like stripes. It is traditional choice of material.

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6. Linen Black Blazers in Mens Fashion:

Linen Black Blazers

In India summers are very hot and humid. In this temperature, if you want to look stylish by sporting blazer then choose the linen black blazer. Since it is made of linen, it is breathable and soft. It soaks sweat. It is also softer than woolen blazers. You can wear them to beach or day outing without worrying of temperature.

7. Formal Black Blazers in Silk:

Silk Black Blazers

Going for a big party or high end dinner, then silk black blazer is your style. It is very rich to look. It gives you good fit because silk shapes up easily. Mostly the lining underneath is satin to give a shine. You can wear it with smart pants to give a contrast look and tone down shine.

8. Traditional Corduroy Black Blazers:

Corduroy Black Blazers

Corduroy is a very old material. It is thick and like velvet, but has lines throughout. It is one of the traditional choices. It is gentleman’s choice. It may be thick but it needs to be taken utmost care in washing and drying. They are very smart and perfect dinners.

9. Cashmere Black Blazers for Men:

Cashmere Black Blazers

Cashmere is special fabric made of Cashmere goat wool. It is softest of kind of wool. It is perfect for winters. It is a unisex style. It is mostly used oversized with padded shoulders. It is very costly and considered as luxury item.

10. Mens Pinstripe Black Blazers:

pinstripe black blazers

If you are tired of same plain boring blazers, then this can be your good option. It has thin stripes all over. The stripes are not very bold. You can wear it with plain pants or jeans. It is simple yet refreshing type of blazer.

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11. Chalk Stripe Black Blazer for Men:

Chalk Stripe Black Blazers

Chalk stripe Black Blazers have faint stripes. They do not run through. It is smart looking blazer. It is very different and not everyone wears it. You can wear to work or party. It is very a very social style.

12. Men’s Semi-formal Blazers in Black:

Semi-formal Black Blazers

Semi-Formal Black Blazers are a big this party season. You can wear them to work and use it to party on later. It has shiny buttons mostly. Sometimes it comes with embroidery of the name of brand or its logo. You can wear t-shirts underneath it. Jeans mostly go well with this blazer

13. Black Cape Blazer for Women:

Black Cape Blazer

The black cape blazer is a female’s option of blazer. It has unique cut on sleeves which gives the blazer cape look. It is very feminine and classy. You can wear it for meetings and formal lunch. A tote bag and long stylish earing go well it.

14. Womens Cuffed Black Blazers:

Cuffed Black Blazers

Cuffed black blazer is worn by both the sexes. It has cuffed sleeve ends which can be turned out for a cool laid back look. It worn on informal meetings like dates and parties. It is a very fun style. Normally when you turn over the sleeves then a printed fabric pees out. It is made of linen mostly. You would avoid wearing cuff-links with it.

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15. Bedazzled Black Blazers for Ladies:

Bedazzled Black Blazers

Sometimes when you are going for a party and you want to glam up your look, then this is your style. Bedazzled black blazers have diamonds and studs around the neck and shoulders. It looks very dazzling.

Black blazers are most widely used blazers in the world. It looks sophisticated and very classy. You don’t have to apply much logic or any formulas to wear it. Just team it with your regular denim or your beige pants. It is a simple style and a must try out this season.

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