If you are an avid drinker of black coffee, it is time to rejoice! There are plenty of benefits to your body and mind that are attributed to your favourite beverage. Many studies have proven black coffee benefits weight loss compared to any other caffeine-based drink.

If you think, what is black coffee? And how is it different from regular coffee? Black coffee is a beverage that is a preparation that doesn’t add any additives or milk. When compared to other variants of Caffeine, it is usually bitter and is also called Espresso.

Let us go through this article to know more about how black coffee makes you lose weight, how often should you drink black coffee for weight loss, and its benefits and side effects.

How Does Drinking Black Coffee Help You Lose Weight:

Black coffee is quickly gaining popularity among health enthusiasts, and with good reason! Compared to the variant prepared with milk and sugar, black coffee has a low number of calories. When black coffee is paired with a proper exercise routine, you can quickly burn all those extra pounds.

According to research, consumption of Caffeine promotes better weight reduction and management (1). The high amounts of Caffeine are linked to an increase in metabolism, aiding in weight loss.

Does Black Coffee Burn Fat?

Many studies suggest Caffeine has a fat-burning role, although there is no solid empirical proof to support the same. High amounts of Caffeine in your body may boost heat generation, which is also called thermogenesis, and it burns fat cells much more quickly (2). Caffeine also reduces the excess bulk in the body by aiding in Lipolysis, converting fat deposits into energy.

5 Reasons Why Black Coffee is Effective for Weight Loss:

Here are some black coffee benefits for fast weight loss:

1. Black Coffee Boosts Your Metabolism:

Black coffee increases metabolic activity and boosts the energy levels in your body since it consists of Caffeine. You will have better weight loss results with a higher metabolic rate. Make sure to prepare a low-calorie drink by not adding any sweeteners. You can enhance the taste of your black coffee by adding nut milk, butter, ghee, cinnamon, ginger, honey, or jaggery.

2. Reduces Hunger Carving:

Black coffee works on the central nervous system reducing your desire for excessive eating. Caffeine helps suppress the peptide YY, which are hunger hormones that make you avoid weight-gaining foods.

The stimulation of metabolic activity and increase in energy level suppresses hunger with Caffeine present in black coffee.

3. Decreases the Extra Water Content in the Body:

Excess water in your body is one of the primary reasons for increased weight in many people, and black coffee can be a perfect remedy to treat it. Black coffee helps you urinate frequently by flushing out extra water content from your body. Although the weight loss is temporary, this way has no side effects. If you have water weight and want a quick fix, this option is perfect.

4. Helps You Burn Calories:

Drinking black coffee keeps you active, burning more calories by stimulating metabolic activity efficiently. This way, black coffee helps you lose weight by burning more calories. Black coffee is a calorie-free drink and has 5.4 calories only. The best way to burn more calories is to consume this beverage before a workout.

5. Decreasing the Production of Glucose in the Body:

Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant present in black coffee that can cause weight loss and slow glucose production in your body, reducing the risk of diabetes. This antioxidant improves insulin sensitivity and inhibits intestinal glucose absorption. Although there is more research needed, Caffeine raises epinephrine, which is a stress hormone. It doesn’t let your cells process too much sugar.

Best Time to Drink Black Coffee for Weight Loss:

Although many people believe drinking black coffee burns fat, mostly when consumed early morning, it may cause several side effects such as upset tummy, acid reflux if you do it on an empty stomach.

This is why experts advise consuming black coffee for fat loss when the cortisol levels are relatively high, during the time frame of 10 am-12 pm and 2 pm-5 pm.

How to Use Black Coffee for Weight Loss?

Here are some of the ways you can include Black coffee into your routine for effective weight loss:

1. Black Coffee with Honey for Weight Loss:

If you are looking for an alternative sweetener for sugar in your black coffee, honey can be an excellent replacement. The antioxidants present in honey add flavour to your coffee and boost metabolism that burns fat quickly, aiding in weight loss. Although some people may not like the taste, once you get used to the flavour, it will be a healthy alternative.

2. Ghee Black Coffee Helps in Weight Loss:

Although black coffee has several benefits, some people have disturbances in the stomach, so many people prefer not to drink this beverage on an empty stomach. You can neutralize the acidic effect of coffee by adding Ghee to it. It also maintains gut health and metabolism with the presence of omega-3s and butyric acid. Try this wonderful combination if you have the stomach for it.

3. Avoid Adding Sugar to Black Coffee:

If black coffee is your strategy to lose weight, adding sugar can do more harm than good. In the modern diet, sugar is considered one of the worst ingredients when taken in excess amounts. Sugar is also linked to many diseases like obesity and diabetes because of the high amounts of fructose.

You can replace sugar with a natural sweetener like stevia if you cannot consume your black coffee without a sweetener.

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Side effects of Black coffee:

If you think Black coffee is only full of health benefits, you might be wrong, especially if you consume it in excess. Here is the list of some of the side effects of Black coffee:

  • Drinking too much black coffee may lead to anxiety by releasing high-stress hormones in your body.
  • Too much Caffeine may give you a jittery feeling.
  • There is a high chance of messing up your sleeping routine if you consume excessive coffee. Therefore it is advised to avoid drinking black coffee before going to sleep.
  • Excess consumption of Caffeine, which has hydrochloric acid, which may cause abdominal spasms and acidity.
  • Sometimes absorption of minerals might become problematic if you consume too much coffee.

The plethora of health benefits of black coffee, such as lowering the risk of developing cancer, liver and heart health, boosting memory, etc. Black coffee for weight loss is the main benefit you must look for, and it is easy to include in your daily routine. Although it is beneficial for weight loss, consuming too much of it may cause more side effects than benefits. Therefore enjoy a cup of this magic drink in moderation and reap its benefits.

Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is for an informational basis only and not a replacement for medical advice. Make sure you consult a doctor before you try anything new. The website is not responsible for any side effects it may have on your body.


1. How Much is Black Coffee Safe to Drink per Day?

Ans: One of the active ingredients in coffee is Caffeine, and it is one of the most highly consumed substances worldwide. Generally, you can find 100 mg of Caffeine in an 8-ounce cup. According to several sources, four cups of coffee per day are safe for most adults, containing 400 mg of Caffeine per day.

2. Is It Safe to Drink Black Coffee on an Empty Stomach for Weight Loss?

Ans: Hydrochloric acid at the right levels helps digest food in your body. Drinking black coffee on an empty stomach increases hydrochloric acid production, damaging the gut’s lining and causing discomfort. Stomach ulcers, IBS, and heartburn are some of the issues they may cause.

3. Is It Possible to Gain Fat by Drinking Black Coffee?

Ans: There are several benefits black coffee offers that aid in weight loss, but there is also a chance of weight gain if not taken correctly.

If you consume Caffeine during late nights, it may interfere with your sleep patterns by blocking adenosine effects. Insufficient sleep may increase your craving for processed foods, which in turn results in weight gain.

Several coffee beverages are packed with calories and sugar, so avoid these types of coffee drinks and stick to plain coffee if you want to lose weight.


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