Black is an evergreen colour. It never gets old fashioned. One can create everlasting designs and patterns with black curtains. At times of combination, it will get mixed up any other colour. The colour of wall is generally white at home and workplace. So having black curtain on white wall will dazzle out the look. As black is dark, it will black out your room. The whole atmosphere of room will be dark with black curtain. Not a single layer of sunlight will be able to come in.

Modern & Magnificent Black Curtains for House Decoration:

Here are our top 9 black curtains below and select your loved one to make your room look beautiful.

1. Magical Black Curtain:

Seeing this black and white curtain you will feel like plastic sheets are hanging. The curtain is having chess board pattern which is looking magical and mesmerizing. This black and white curtain is outlay of white linen curtain inside.

2. Black Stripe Curtain:

It is black and white striped curtain having horizontal stripes. The black and white colour stripes are arranged one after another. It is very soft curtain having magnificent effect. The small is having long striped curtain on corner of room.

3. Black Layered Curtain:

This black and silver curtain has silver as base and decorated with black colour layered stripes. This black window curtain is possessing thick fabric. The gap in between two layer stripes is creating the shape of circle.

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4. Black Crushed Curtain:

It is black velvet curtain in crushed feature. It is fully plain having box pleats on top of curtain. The Plain black curtain is used to culminate the lighter side of room. This velvet curtain is having thick cloth which is safe and protective for home.

5. Gold Black Design Curtains:

It is shower black and gold curtain which is used to hide the bath area. The simple black curtain consists of pretty golden print on it. Gold design on black curtain is drawing special attention and rendering classic design.

6. Black Lace Curtain:

This black sheer curtain is made up of black lace fabric. The lace material is transparent in nature. The black lace curtain is having artistic print on it which is looking amazing. As it is sheer, one can also look beyond the window.

7. Black Floral Curtain:

This black and cream curtain is looking fabulous with cream colour as base of curtain. This curtain is having big black flower print with grey leaves. This fragranced curtain will spread smell of flowers in all over the room.

8. Black Roll Over Curtain:

It is rolled over red and black curtain depicting swag. There are two black curtains in middle and one red curtain on both sides. There is a panel of red and black curtain in triangle shape rolled over the main curtain and looking just fantastic.

9. Black Check Curtain:

This black window curtain is unique one. It is having black and white check pattern. In middle the curtain is hanged little above and tied up with bow. Over the main curtain another small size valance created with white lace fabric attached at the end. This type of curtains catch the attention of your guest, it gives classic look to your living room.

Black curtain panels creates magic when hanged at home. As seen above, you can also create variety of designs through black curtain. It will light up your home atmosphere. Being a common colour you will find lot pattern in black curtain. It might even confuse you which curtain design to select.