Black diamond, the real definition of beauty, is considered the jewel of every person’s eye, whether man or woman. The appealing colour of black diamond attracts every person, mostly women. And when worn in a ring, it naturally gives a beautiful impact on one’s hand.

Elegant and Stylish Rings with Black Diamonds:

Here is a collection of black diamond rings for engagement or wedding occasions in India.

1. Full Black Diamond Solitaire Ring:

A black gold ring with a black diamond solitaire ring is a beautiful option. This ring has a black diamond with a princess cut which has a prong setting giving it a stronghold with the ring. The black colour of the ring is achieved with an advanced electroplating solution of black rhodium with a stabilizer applied to the white gold.

2. Black Rounded Diamond Engagement Ring:

The black diamond round ring has a round solitaire surrounded by diamonds. The ring is made up of black gold. It is also held by prong setting, and the diamond surrounding the main solitaire is held with pave set, letting each of them be too close to each other, giving them a stronghold.

3. Black Three-Stone Diamond Ring:

Among the best black diamond engagement rings, this ring has gained its following with its immense beauty. This ring, made up of white gold, consists of round solitaire with two white diamonds on each side. Again these are held with the same pave and prong setting, giving it a stronghold and beautiful look.

4. Black Diamond Wedding Band:

Now a day, women prefer to wear wedding bands instead of heavy rings. Black diamond wedding bands give a simplistic look to the woman’s hand. It also consists of many black round diamonds attached with the same setting technology of pave and prong.

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5. Black Diamond Silver Ring for Women:

This sensational ring for women is a stunning combination of black and white diamonds, with three black diamonds gracing at the top. In contrast, other small white diamonds are scattered over the ring’s intricate design with a stronghold. This could be carried over with any outfit giving it a glamorous look.

6. 7 Stone Black Diamond Ring for Men:

There are wide varieties of rings for men also. And this is among the one. Many diamonds are attached to the ring with the technique of paving. These diamonds are attached to the architectural design of the ring so perfectly and beautifully that any man will love them.

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7. Black Diamond Band for Men:

Apart from rings, a wide range of bands also exist for men. This band comprises cobalt with a blackened texture at the centre. And at the mid of the ring is the round black diamond with a perfect finish giving it a simplistic and elegant look.

8. Lotus Flower Black Diamond Wedding Ring:

On her special occasion, to fulfil every bride’s dream of looking beautifully unique, black diamond has taken out this range of wedding rings for women. This ring has many white diamonds in a unique and beautiful lotus texture, showcasing the black princess-cut diamond at the centre.

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9. Black Diamond Buckle Stylish Ring for Women:

If anybody wants something stylish, there is the new style of buckle ring. In a cool and stylish buckle pattern, this ring has many small black diamonds attached to the golden or white gold ring, enhancing its impact.

Many designs in the ring enhance the allure of black diamonds more beautifully. Many different occasions are of more importance to any person, and to make those moments more memorable for that person, these rings play an important role.


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