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8 Best Black Hairstyles For Men

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The best way to look attractive is the way you dress your hair. If you have same haircut for quite some time now you must try something new. Moreover black men have own forms of styles and haircuts and they keep doing something new with their hair. They are often more confident to try something new and are also able to carry it well. You may try these style from parlours or from professional stylist or even just by yourself if you are good at styling. What is important is to maintain these style to avoid spoil of hair.

1. Short Dark Cropped Curls:

black hairstyles for men

Black men are usually born with curly hair. So if you have little tight curly hair on the crown region then crop it small to have a style by levelling up the length. This style looks good for casual as well as formal occasions. This suits long faces.

2. Bushy Tight Hairstyle For Men:

black hairstyles for men2

Since usually black men have curly hair, so in case you have long hair you can only trim the ends to level it up and style the curls with long length. In case you do not have natural curls, seek assistance from stylist who can curl with the curl irons. This style though classic but does not go well with formals. Hence, this is a perfect casual lifestyle look.

3. Bald Cropped Look:

black hairstyles for men3

For the scorching summers and yet to have a stylish look you may try this cropped bald look. This is a change from your regular haircut and also comfortable. You need to have confidence to walk out with this style. Attitude and comfort are the ingredients of this style.

4. Bald Look:

black hairstyles for men4

Though not something to do as style but this bald look is a style in itself. If you are comfortable then you may try this. Bald look is always in and common amongst black men so one may try this.

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5. Thick Tight Curls:

black hairstyles for men5

If you have natural short curly hair then you may go for this tight curls which looks very cool. This is a perfect party style. For those who are fond of the style but do not have natural curls can also get curls from stylist.

6. Medium Thick Braid:

black hairstyles for men6

If you have a medium length hair then braids are very common a monist black men. Braids are always in and you can try different braid such as normal braids, twisted braids. You can try this braided look with each section of hair made into braids.This may either hang loose or may even be twisted and kept above the neck. This style suits both men with long and short face.

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7. Hanging Braids:

black hairstyles for men7

Just like the braids above, if you have medium hair and decide to leave you braids loose hanging below the neck, the style is perfect. This is also common amongst black men. This style may be best suited for winters or pleasant weather as summers may not be a good idea.

8. Sectioned Top Thin Braids:

black hairstyles for men8

If you have thin hair but medium length you can try having different sections from the top of the hair in the crown region and then have braids for each section. This is very stylish. However, this will need maintenance.

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