There are man ways to style your hair for your wedding. It is up to what you want to look like at your wedding. Do you want to look traditional, sporty, elegant, glamorous, etc? There are so many looks indeed. Another important fact is that you should always style your hair according to the dress you’re going to wear. Below are however some of the best bridal hairstyles for black women. Try them for black hair and be ready to turn heads.

1. The Elegant Updo:

This natural hairstyle is for short afro-textured hair. In this look, the hair is styled in a very simple way. Almost all face types are suitable for this look. Women with short to medium length hair can wear this unique look. Here the curly hairs are shoved onto the upper part of the forehead.

2. Braided Side Bun:

The Braided Bun is suitable for all outfits. Women with long faces can get the most out of this haircut. For attaining this look you will have to part the hair on a side (according to your preference) and finish it with a spray to provide a firm hold.

3. Simple and Sophisticated :

This cool hairstyle is a natural one without any extensions. Short hair is suitable for this style, where the hair will down in a unique wavy pattern. The hairstyle is straightforward and fashionable simultaneously. It is one of the best bridal hairstyles out there. Black women can style their long to medium length hair in this way.

4. Curled Up-Do:

Being one of the trendiest hairstyles this summer, the curled up-do comes with clasped curls which provide a sassy bold and ritzy look. For obtaining this look, you will have to part you hair on a particular side, curl the remaining hair, pin it up and use a suitable serum for finishing the look. All faces are suitable for this look.

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5. The Full Bouffant:

This is a vintage bouffant where most of the hair remains elevated upwards whereas a certain portion of the hair remains side swept over the forehead. Women with long faces will rock this look.

6. Royal High Side Bun:

Among the numerous bun hairstyles out there, this royal one of a masterpiece. In this hairstyle, the bobtail faces a certain side and it comes with extensive side bangs. Women with oval faces and medium length hair will dominate this look.

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7. Big Curls:

In this look, the hair is slightly larger than the face. Most fit remains in an afro curled manner. The hair goes perfectly with a bridal veil. Long faces are most suitable by-factor for attaining this look. Women with genetically curly hairs can easily obtain this haircut.

8. Bridesmaid Bun Braided for Black Hair:

This is among our favourite braided bun hairstyles for black hair. If you are interested to look feminine and cute with not much risky and bold touch then this may be the apt one for you. Further, these are also best to make you stand out from the crowd with your best friend’s wedding or with any celebrations. Try these out to look gorgeous and stylish without fail. This braided style is good for women in age early of the 20s with oval and heart face shapes and any hair texture.

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9. Bridal Up-Do Twists:

This breathtaking hairs style is one of the top bridal hairstyles for black women. The updos are extraordinary and are slightly twisted towards the top. Theses twists are further extended through extensions.

10. Braid during Wedding:

One cannot miss out the famous and traditional south Indian bridal style during the wedding for the black braids. It is filled with an intricate style of hair accessories with flower and extensions. This is a common hair look where accessories change but the black braids are extensively done till the tail. It is utmost gorgeous and stylish along with elegant without a doubt. This hairstyle is suitable for women in 20s with all face shapes and any hair texture.