Black loafers are the main stay of most men. These slip on type of shoes are most comfortable and easy to wear anytime. They are perfect for driving and walking. You can use them for formal occasions as well as casual wear. These black loafers come with shine or luster. They can be made in leather, patent or velvet. Even suede loafers are a great idea.

Latest and Best Black Loafers in India:

Here is the list of top 15 black loafers.

1. Wide Fit Black Loafers:

These wide fit black loafers are a great way to look smart and stylish. These comfortable loafers are casual wear that you can wear for outings. The wide fit of the loafers makes you move around in them for a longer period of time.

2. Tasseled Black Loafers:

Having tassels in your shoes makes it look sophisticated. The black loafers for men come with side stitching. This makes the loafers comfortable and cool. This black tassel loafers gives a casual look and can also be worn for semi formal occasions.

3. Leather Black Loafers:

Have a pair of black leather loafers that you can wear for formal as well as casual wear. The black leather is shiny and smooth. The pattern is quite simple and clean. There are no decorations on the shoe so this is great for office wear as well. You can get these leather loafers for a great price.

4. Suede Black Loafers For Men:

Get this black suede loafer as a casual wear that you choose for some formal occasions as well. The black loafer is made in suede and this pattern is simple and stylish. The plain loafers are neat in design and are the slip on kind. This makes wearing them quite comfortable.

5. Black Bow Loafers:

A stylish black bow shoe is what you need to wear for formal black tie events and ceremonies. The black patent loafers come in sleek and stylish design. The bow on the top of the shoe makes the loafers quite chic. These loafers are only used for formal occasions.

6. Black Trim Loafers:

Here are some great men’s black loafer shoes that you can wear for formal occasions. This men black loafers have a trim at the top that is metal. The clasp kind of metal piece is very stylish and gives the shoes a rich look. You can try these black loafers with the elegant trim in gold or silver.

7. Saddle Strap Loafers:

One of the fashionable men’s shoes is the black penny loafers.These black Color loafers have a nice design at the top. The saddle strap is stitched at the top and this gives it a great look. You can use this shoe for formal office wear and meetings as well.

8. Black Velvet Loafers:

Another great choice for a night out or a formal black tie event is the men’s black loafer shoes. This special shoe is made from velvet and the luster of velvet can be seen in the shoes. The tassels at the front add to the charm of this pair of shoes.

9. Black Pointed Loafers:

A new trend that is emerging for men’s shoes is the pointed shoes. These shoes are not men’s black leather loafers but made from patent leather. The shine on the shoes is great and looks amazing. This is for men who are into fashion and love to flaunt their style.

10. Wingtip Black Loafers:

A good choice for semi formal and formal occasions is the black wingtip loafers that are smart. The loafers come with the wingtip design and tassels too. You can have the loafers with just the wingtip or you can have ones with both of them. These loafers are leather and come with great ease of wear.

11. Designer Black Loafers:

These statement black loafers are a wonderful way to look smart. The loafers come with the logo of the designer all over. You can get them in net velvet and the sign of the logo can be stitched or embroidered in gold. The designer black loafers are a great style statement and you can wear them for night outs and parties.

12. Driver Black Loafers:

Some loafers are great for use when driving long distance. The ease and comfort that these shoes provide is par excellence. You can get these cool black loafers in simple design and use them for driving. They give you good traction as well as comfort while using the car.

13. Black Flat Loafers For Women:

Women’s formal shoes also come in wonderful designs. These black loafers women wear are the best for any formal office wear or meeting. They look great over trousers or skirts. The clasp at the top of the loafers adds a design element to it.

14. Rivets Black Loafers:

If you want to stand out in a crowd and are going for a party then these black velvet loafers are the best. These statement shoes have big gold spikes in the front and a buckle at the end. This is really for the brave hearted and those who love to flaunt their style.

15. Embroidered Black Loafers:

Another way to look snazzy is the embroidered way. This embroidered black loafer is made from velvet and then embroidered in the front. The design can be anything you like or it can be customized as well. Choose this for a night party or a casual outing.

Black loafers come in many forms and styles. They are formal wear shoes that can make you look smart and sophisticated. You can also get black loafers that are for formal black tie events. Go in for trendy black loafers with details on them for night parties. These loafers are known for their comfort and this is what makes them so special.