Black Pepper During Pregnancy

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During your pregnancy are you keener on eating hot and spicy foods? Do you think that eating pepper during pregnancy can harm your baby? If yes, then do not worry about adding a little of spice to your food, without conspicuously worrying about causing any harm to your developing baby. There have been lots of discussions on the topic of black pepper and pregnancy. while some people believe that adding too much of spice to a pregnant woman’s diet is not good for the baby, there is no possible evidence for the same. You can easily eat black pepper in your pregnancy provided you need to be little watchful. Read on to know the actual facts about black pepper in pregnancy.

black pepper during pregnancy

Benefits of Black Pepper During Pregnancy:

During pregnancy, gastric troubles are quite common and the expectant mother has to eat bland meals. Adding a dash of black pepper to your prepared food will not only enhance the flavour but it also provides host of health benefits for the mother and baby both. Some of the benefits of consuming black pepper during pregnancy are:

• Aids Digestion:

The functioning of the digestive system slows down during pregnancy. adding to black pepper to your diet can improve digestion besides offering relief from gas, bloating and cramps.

• Works As A Natural Remedy For Cough and Cold:

Contracting cough and cold during pregnancy can be very discomforting as taking medications for the same is also not advisable. Pepper is used as a natural remedy for treating cough and cold.

• Is A Very Good Source of Folate:

Folate is extremely important nutrient during pregnancy that prevents occurrence of neural tube defect in your baby. Black pepper along with other varieties of pepper is a powerhouse of folate or folic acid.

• Improves Immune System:

The immune system of a pregnant woman is generally weakened making it susceptible to infections. The Vitamin C present in black pepper helps in boosting the immune system of the body.

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• Monitors Blood Pressure:

Black pepper has a very high content of potassium that helps to keep a check on the blood pressure. During pregnancy high blood pressure can pose serious health problems. Hence by adding black pepper to your pregnancy diet you can prevent preeclampsia and hypertension.

• Is A Natural Anti-Depressant:

A pregnant woman is prone to depression and anxiety caused due to major changes within the body. It is not advisable to take medications for the same as it may harm the baby. The simplest remedy to come out of your pregnancy blues is by adding black pepper to your diet.

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• A Natural Remedy For Acne:

Skin problems like acne and pimples are very common during pregnancy. these skin ailments are mainly caused due to the hormonal changes in the body. A simple way to treat such condition is adding black pepper to your daily diet. Black pepper possesses beneficial properties that will render your skin smooth and blemish free.

• Prevents Cancer:

During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes major transformation. These changes can sometimes lead to oxidative damages that in turn can cause cancer in the future. Pepper is a good source of carotenoids that function as a good antioxidant. It helps in preventing any DNA damage and therefore safely guards against cancer.

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So you know that a dash of pepper in your food during pregnancy will do no harm to your health as well as your developing baby. However this does not imply that you can use it quantitatively. Using black pepper during pregnancy is proportioned amounts is safe, and if you still have any queries, speak to your healthcare adviser.