In footwear lots of designs and models are available for women. There are multi brands of footwear available for women. Foot wear has multi models like flip-flops, wedges, heels and sandals. Each has its own style and design. Each footwear has its own look and design. Foot wear are available in number of different colors.

Designers are designing in different colors to reach the customer satisfaction. Women choose the sandals according to her requirement based on, whether that particular sandal is suitable to her foot or not. Some of the color sandals are discussed. Some brands which has black color sandals are.

1. NordStrom:

It is an American upscale fashion which was founded by John W.Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin. Its head quarters are located at Seattle in Washington in United States. It was launched in the year 1901. It has many subsidiaries. It manufacture many sandals with unique designs and especially black will look very attractive.

2. Dr. Scholl:

Father of Dr. Scholl’s is William Mathias Scholl. It got started in the year 1906 in England. It has complete foot care products. It is serving with its various designs and styles globally with multi varieties. In the year 1971 it became the member of the Fortune 500.It acts as patent of 1000 foot care products. Multiple different models of sandals are available in this brand. Material used to prepare sole and its parts is leather.  It has many varieties of sandals available in black color.

3. Billabong Sunshine Amor Sandal:

Billabong Sunshine amor sandal has different design. These sandals will keep the feet to look great. It has a gladiator sandal with lace up-closure. It is made of leather. Its outsole is of rubber and is durable to wear. This sandal is imported from the manufactures. It means it will be imported from other countries.

4. Top Shop:

Top shop was founded in the year 1964. Key people of this shop are Philip Green CEO and Katie Foster Managing Director. Predecessor of top shop brand factory is Peter Robinson’s. Its headquarters are located in London at United Kingdom. It served over 500 shops across 40 countries. It is retail fashion. Its products are made up of the leather and are exported to all countries globally.

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5. Bata:

Founder of Bata is Tomas Bata. So name of the industry is followed by Tomas Bata. Bata is a famous foot brand around the world. It is well known foot wear brand with different models from kids to old age people. It is complete foot wear industry.  It is very special brand because the material used is complete leather. It has slogan called I love my shoes. Head quarters are located in Lausanne in Switzerland. It is serving around 5000 retailers around 70 countries since 1894.Unique designs are available. It has multi collection in women foot wear. Generally available color of Bata is only black. So sandals in black which are eye catching and purely made of leather gives long life to sandals depends upon usage.

6. Carlton Black Sandals:

Carlton London black sandals for women will be very stylish and trendy footwear. It has synthetic upper and lining sandals with a buckle closure which provide the feet with flexible comfort. These are lended with firmer foothold with a rubber outsole.

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7. Catwalk:

Catwalk is well known brand for women footwear. It manufactures multiple designs in black color. It uses well furnished material for manufacturing the product. The products of catwalk are imported.

8. Shoetopia:

Shoetopia is brand available in California. These are designed according to fashion world. It gives endless comfort and twist according to the dance floor.

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