Black is always beautiful! As a celebrity once said, “I will stop wearing black when they make a darker colour” Black can never be overshadowed. Although some people associate the black colour with a bad omen, nothing can even come close to the beauty of a black saree. Black sarees can create a sophisticated and sensual look without even trying hard. They can magically transform even the bubbliest girl into a real woman. In this article, we have compiled some of the best and latest black saree models to allure you.

Importance Of Black Color Sarees:

Black sarees are opted for by women when they want to look special. These sarees can give a killer appearance. They can also give the illusion of lightening the skin by at least two tones. This is the reason why women prefer wearing black sarees. From the royal-looking Kanjeevarams to the bold and sexy sheer sarees, there is a perfect black saree for every here.

Features Of Black Saree:

Black sarees come in various patterns to suit every woman’s taste. Some of the best features of a black saree are:

  • They can be effortlessly worn to any occasion with minimal makeup and accessories.
  • These sarees speak for bold and beautiful.
  • These classy sarees are extremely versatile.
  • They can be worn for a simple or high-life cocktail event by choosing the right fabric.

Who can Wear Black Sarees?

Black sarees are versatile and timeless garments worn by women of all ages, body types, and skin tones. Here are some considerations for different individuals when it comes to wearing black sarees:

Women with Fair Complexions:

  • Fair-skinned individuals can beautifully carry off black sarees as the contrasting colour creates a striking visual impact.
  • Opt for black sarees with silver, gold, or contrasting coloured borders to add definition and enhance the overall look.
  • Pair the saree with jewellery in silver or diamond tones to complement the cool undertones of fair skin.

Women with Medium Complexions:

  • Women with medium complexions can confidently wear black sarees as the colour complements their skin tone.
  • Experiment with shades of black, such as charcoal, jet black, or midnight black, to find the one that enhances your natural complexion.
  • Accessorize with gold, rose gold, or gemstone jewellery to add warmth and radiance to the overall look.

Women with Dark Complexions:

  • Black sarees can be particularly flattering on women with dark complexions, creating a stunning contrast.
  • Choose black sarees with bright and vibrant accents, such as colourful borders, contrasting patterns, or metallic embellishments, to add visual interest.
  • Complement the look with gold or bronze jewellery to enhance the warm undertones of dark skin.

Body Types:

  • Black sarees can be flattering for various body types. The colour has a slimming effect and can create a streamlined and elegant silhouette.
  • If you have a curvier figure, opt for black sarees with minimalistic designs or vertical patterns to create a lengthening effect.
  • If you have a leaner figure, consider adding volume and texture with pleats, ruffles, or draping techniques to add dimension to your look.


  • Black sarees can be worn by women of all ages, from younger individuals to mature women, as they exude timeless elegance.
  • Younger women can experiment with contemporary drapes, trendy blouse designs, and statement accessories to add a modern touch to their black saree ensemble.
  • Mature women can opt for classic black sarees with subtle embellishments or intricate weaves, exuding grace and sophistication.

Ultimately, the key to wearing a black saree is choosing one that makes you feel confident and showcases your style. Experiment with different fabrics, draping styles, and accessories to create a look that reflects your individuality and complements your unique features. Remember, black sarees offer endless possibilities for styling and can be adapted to suit various occasions and personal preferences.

Most Beautiful Black Saree Designs With Images:

In this article, we will discuss some of the best black saris along with pictures which will blow the minds of the black saree overs.

1. Black Silk Sarees:

This Black pattu saree is perfect for important occasions like festivals, weddings and religious ceremonies. It is designed with premium silk material and is finished with a golden zari border in temple style. The highlight of the saree is the blouse which comes in a contrast golden and black colour to complement the outfit’s look. You can pair it with golden jewellery to woo the crowd!

  • Design: Black Silk Sari With Golden Temple Border
  • Material: Pure Silk
  • Suitable Occasion: Ethnic Wear and Festivals
  • Body Type: Suits all body types

2. The Black Designer Lace Saree:

This is yet another good-looking net saree design that should only be sported with a blouse of the same material. The saree will provide you with the ideal celebrity look you dream of. This saree is best paired with a metallic finish blouse to provide optimal coverage and also give a nice sheen. A pair of black statement earrings will make you look no less than a celebrity!

  • Design: Black Lace Saree With Metallic Blouse
  • Material: Pure Lace
  • Suitable Occasion: Date Nights, Evening Parties
  • Body Type: Suits Slim Bodies

3. Black Cotton Saree:

Cotton sarees never go out of vogue, especially when it is a black-coloured pieces. This stunning black saree comes with a special weave to create beautiful motifs on the saree. The border comes in a designer style, and the pallu speaks of elegance and grace. The saree is best paired with a black full sleeves blouse to add a touch of glamour.

  • Design: Black Cotton Designer Saree
  • Material: Cotton
  • Suitable Occasion: Ethnic and Casual Wear
  • Body Type: Suits all body types

4. Black Saree For Party:

Check out this beauty in black and grey. This is one of the best designer pieces that are currently in trend. The dual chrome saree in black and grey is embellished with beautiful lace and a gold border. The highlight of this saree is the lovely cape blouse with a high collar and premium net. This saree is truly Bollywood style!

  • Design: Black and Grey Partywear Saree With Cape Blouse
  • Material: Georgette and Net
  • Suitable Occasion: Party Wear Saree
  • Body Type: Suits Slim and well-toned figures

5. The Glimmering Black Saree:

If you are looking for something that quickly gets all the looks, this saree will be your best companion. This shimmering saree gives you major fashion goals and is perfect for a date night. Pair it with diamond jewellery and sweep your man off his feet. The saree comes with a sequin blouse in black colour to give you a glow.

  • Design: Black Shimmering Saree With Sequin Blouse
  • Material: Net and sequins
  • Suitable Occasion: Evening Parties and Date nights
  • Body Type: Suits Slim Bodies

6. Black Fancy Saree:

This black saree in chiffon is quite a stunner. The glamorous saree is given minimal embellishments to give you a subtle yet sexy look. This saree comes with a designer grey blouse with illusion netted sleeves. The saree best suits slim women with well-toned bodies. Drape it well and pair it with statement earrings to look no less than a queen.

  • Design: Black Fancy Saree With Designer Blouse
  • Material: Chiffon
  • Suitable Occasion: Party Wear Saree
  • Body Type: Suits Slim and well-toned figures

7. Black Georgette Saree:

This royal black saree is breathtakingly beautiful. The plain saree is elevated with a satin pleated border and black floral lace through the edges. This saree is perfect for young girls and women who like to rock parties with grace and elegance. A lovely blouse piece with matching floral embellishments can give you quite the fan following you have always desired for!

  • Design: Black Georgette Sari With Designer Border
  • Material: Georgette
  • Suitable Occasion: Party Wear Saree
  • Body Type: Suits Slim and well-toned figures

8. The Black Lace Saree:

If you are looking for a black net saree, look at the one in the picture above. It might do the job. It is stylish and quite comfortable as well. This tops the list in celebrity fashion, as it looks amazing on slim bodies. The beautiful net paired with lightweight chiffon will make you look hot!

  • Design: Lace and Chiffon Black Saree
  • Material: Lace and Chiffon
  • Suitable Occasion: Date Nights
  • Body Type: Suits Slim Bodies

9. Plain Black Saree with Designer Border:

This is a pretty simple saree that should be sported with a designer blouse. It will go hand in hand with the full-sleeve ones, as shown in the picture above. The saree is deliberately kept simple to highlight the blouse. The unique combination of black and blue will make heads turn towards you at any party you walk into.

  • Design: Black Net Saree With Golden Sequin Border
  • Material: Net
  • Suitable Occasion: Weddings, Evening Parties
  • Body Type: Suits Slim Bodies

10. Black Net Saree with Red Border:

The saree looks very comfortable and stylish and can be sported almost anywhere. The pink border complements the black colour very well. The body of the saree is highlighted with black sequin work to give you a subtle shine and a sensual look.

  • Design: Black Net Saree With Pink Pleated Border
  • Material: Net
  • Suitable Occasion: Evening Parties
  • Body Type: Suits Slim Bodies

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11. Black And Pink Designer Saree:

This is one of the best designer sarees in black colour that sports a beautiful combination of two of the most favoured colours of saree lovers, pink and black. The design done on the saree, apart from the application of two different colours, is also very attractive. The beautiful combination of these two colours in the saree is the real deal, which is why women will want to wear this saree in the first place. After discussing all the possible features of this designer saree, it can be said that this is the best black saree ever.

  • Design: Red and Black Half and Half Style Saree
  • Material: Georgette
  • Suitable Occasion: Ethnic Wear and Festive Occasions
  • Body Type: Slim Body Types

12. The Solid Black Sarees Design:

This is yet another amazing saree that sports the black colour along with pink. The black colour is a little less vibrant than the previous one, which is why this saree is in second place. The saree looks so fantastic that anyone will happily want to carry this designer model. The saree will go hand in hand with a halter neck blouse, as shown in this design. If you are willing to sport something amazing and unique at a party, this will be one of the best black sarees you can sport on such occasions.

  • Design: Pure Black Saree With Red Border
  • Material: Georgette
  • Suitable Occasion: Ethnic Wear and Festive Occasions
  • Body Type: Slim Body Types

13. The Majesty Black Saree:

This is yet another alluring black saree, on which the borders are lined with red and on them are some eye-catching designs done with a silver-like colour, which is one of the attractive features of this saree. The saree has also been carried with a halter neck blouse, and you can do the same. One of the best things about this design is its acceptability feature. It is so sober and stylish at the same time that it can be carried at almost all occasions and events.

  • Design: Black Netted Saree With White Lace Border
  • Material: Net
  • Suitable Occasion: Evening Parties
  • Body Type: Slim Body Types

14. Dark Black and Red Saree:

This is the saree that will bring out the elegant inner feature in you. If you are going to attend a party, then this is the perfect saree for you. Just take a look at the appeal of this saree. With a halter neck design blouse, this saree will make you look like the ideal Indian diva. The material used in making this saree is also quite comfortable; thus, if a venue lacks air conditioning, you will still rock this designer saree effectively.

  • Design: Maroon and Black Self-Design Saree
  • Material: Net and Crepe
  • Suitable Occasion: Evening Parties
  • Body Type: Slim and Curvy Bodies

15. The Black Saree For Celebs:

For celebs doesn’t necessarily restrict the usage of this saree to celebrities. It can be sported by common people as well. The brown pattern done on the border region makes this simple black saree look elegant. This is one of the most popular simple black saree designs suitable for any occasion.

  • Design: Black Georgette Saree With Lace Border
  • Material: Georgette
  • Suitable Occasion: Evening Parties and get-togethers
  • Body Type: Slim and Curvy Bodies

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16. Deepika Padukone in Black Saree Look:

This is one time when Deepika looked ravishing in a saree. The pattern done on the borders using a silver colour makes this saree totally likeable, which is one reason why she looks so amazing in this saree. You can get the look of this beautiful girl in a black saree by opting for a nice bun and minimal accessories.

  • Design: Black Net Saree With Foil Printed Fabric
  • Material: Net
  • Suitable Occasion: Evening Parties and get-togethers
  • Body Type: Slim and Curvy Bodies

17. Black And Golden Saree Design:

If you are looking for the latest clothing items in the black sarees category, this will be one of the most suitable models. The saree can be sported with a low neck or a sleeveless blouse.

  • Design: Simple Black Saree With Golden Border
  • Material: Chiffon
  • Suitable Occasion: Small Events and Festive Occasions
  • Body Type: Slim and Curvy Bodies

18. Traditional Designer Black Saree:

This is probably the most traditional black sarees for Indian women. You have seen your mother and grandmother sport such a saree. This is probably one of the finest-looking sarees of all time; when it comes to black sarees of all time, that comes with a golden design on the borders.

  • Design: Black Satin Saree With Golden Zari Border
  • Material: Satin
  • Suitable Occasion: Weddings and Get-Togethers
  • Body Type: Suits all body types

19. Queen Black Saree:

This particular black saree design will make a woman look like a queen when she carries it effectively. The pattern used in designing the borders and the lower and middle portions of the saree is probably one of the finest parts of this designer material.

  • Design: Rich Black Designer Saree With Red Border
  • Material: Georgette
  • Suitable Occasion: Weddings and Receptions
  • Body Type: Suits slim bodies

20. The Islamic Black and Golden Saree:

You will like this one if you are looking for a trendy black saree. This designer material sports a very alluring pattern on the borders using a golden colour. It is a basic printed saree but still good to sport on festive occasions.

  • Design: Black and Gold Mangalagiri Cotton Saree
  • Material: Cotton
  • Suitable Occasion: Small Occasions and Get-Togethers
  • Body Type: Suits all bodies

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How To Style a Black Saree?

If you are confused as to what suits a black saree, check out these helpful tips and tricks:

  • Black sarees are generally made with sheer fabrics. Avoid wearing light-coloured petticoats.
  • A navy blue inner works well if you don’t have a black petticoat handy.
  • Black sarees can be accessorized based on the border.
  • Opt for a diamond or Swarovski jewellery if the border has silver embellishments. A golden border can be paired with temple chains or even designer chokers.
  • As an extra accessory, carry a small potli bag or a cute clutch to complete the look.
  • Don’t forget to wear those beautiful high heels to add grace to the outfit.

We hope this article made you fall in love with black again. Like a little black dress that is a must in every girl’s wardrobe, a black saree is a must in every Indian women’s closet. These sarees are versatile and can be styled according to your mood. You can instantly convert a simple-looking saree into a party-ready outfit by teaming it with a nice blouse and choosing your accessories wisely. So ladies, check out these stunning designs before making that big black bold decision!

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