Skirt is defined as a tube in cone shaped garment which hangs from the hips or waist what covers all part of the legs. Skirt comes under the garment of western world. It is generally worn by the women in western world. It is worn in Muslim cultures such as izzar, kilt as traditional men’s garments in Ireland and Scotland. Skirts are also of different types.

Skirts are generally made of single piece of material. These skirts will be fitted to the waist or hips. These are introduced in designs like darts, gores, panels and pleats. There are different types of skirts available in the fashion world. Some basic types of skirts are A-line skirt, bell-shaped skirt, circle skirt, full skirt, pleated skirt, short skirt and straight skirt in other terms called as pencil skirt.

In the fashion world there are different model of skirts are seen like ballerina, broomstick, bubble, cargo, crinoline, dirndl, denim, hobble, leather, poodle, puffball, rah-rah, skater, T-skirt, tiered, prairie, trouser, scooter, wrap round, mini and maxi skirts etc.

Skirts were first discovered in Armenia in 3900BC. Skirts have been worn by women and men from many cultures. It was seen in countries like South Asia, Southeast Asia, Scotland and Ireland. Skirts has become to less usage for men when pants and trousers are being to existence. Skirts will be of many colors. Among them skirt which will be black in color will be very dignified in look. Some of the branded black skirts are shown below for a glance.

1. Morgan Clothing:

Girls from teens to middle ages will love to fashion of Morgan Clothing. It is Brand Company belonging to French country. Skirts has flat waistband which are available in slim fit.  Fabric is very soft and cloths are available in many styles.

2. Supreme Clothing:

Supreme clothing is brand which took birth in New York City. It was established in April 1994. It has stores at some major places in the world. It is a clothing apparel industry. Fabrics used are mostly according to seasons.

3. Whistles:

Whistles is clothing brand which was established in the year 1976 in Britain. It has different style of clothing apparels. Fabrics used to make the skirts are cotton, nylon and viscose. Whistles styles are available in taller size which suits for women.

4. Boohoo:

Boohoo is from Manchester city. It has fastest fashion growing internationally. Fabrics used in boohoo are Viscose, elastane, polyester. Skirts of boohoo are machine washable.

5. Aurora Fashions:

Aurora fashion is fashion retail clothing apparel. It has headquarters in Iceland and United Kingdom. It was founded in 2009. Fabrics will be very flexible. These cloths will e very trendy and fasionable.

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6. Mosaic Fashions:

It is fashion Retail Company. It is served internationally. Founded in 2003. Skirts will be very trendy and fashionable. It is available in all sizes which are adjustable to waist. These fashions are available in oasis stores. In oasis stores, all good quality fabrics are available. These will be very flexible.

7. Lola May:

In the fashion word lots of brand of clothing were seen. Among them Lola may is one. It has skirts in various styles. Skirts are made of fabrics cotton, viscose and polyester etc. This company has multiple styles of skirts in the fashion world.

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8. Lipys:

Lipys is branded company in the world. Material used to make skirt is jersey. This brand runs true to size. It is the best out fit for women. It is available in all waist sizes.

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9. Koovs:

Koovs collections are designed in London. It is made of cotton lycra with solid hue style and elasticized waist. Body con fit to this skirt.

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