Tea is one of the most common drinks that a person incurs in the daily diet. It can be in any form starting from normal milk tea or lemon tea, black tea to even herbal teas. However, once you plan to gain energy and break the lethargy of the night, the first thing that comes to the mind early in the morning is a cup of hot and refreshing tea. People who are a little conscious about their health usually adhere to either herbal tea or black liquor tea free from milk and sugar. There is not doubt about the fact that black tea has quite some benefits for the body and is a much healthier option to normal tea.

However, on the other side of the coin, you cannot deny the fact that black tea if consumes n excessive amounts also brings a set of side effects to the body. To know more, check this guide below:

1. Diarrhea:

One of the major side effects of black tea with over consumption is the ailment of diarrhea which calls for liquid bowel movements and more than frequent. Consuming it on a daily basis can also give you the same effects on the body. Caffeine in the tea provides stimulation to the digestive system and aggravates it.

2. Excites the Nerves:

The direct effect of black tea on the nervous system has been proved by a lot of professionals. The liquid is known to provide excitement to the nerves and thus leads to nervousness, palpitations, insomnia, varicose veins and more. It is one of the side effects you should know about.

3. Leads to Constipation:

On the other hand, in a different direction from diarrhea, some people might experience constipation as one of the side effects of having black tea. Tannins in the tea are what is responsible for this factor. This is solely because the body starts accumulating the waste products rather than flushing it out.

4. Leads to Cardiovascular Diseases:

For those who are prone to heart attacks and have issues of cardiovascular problems are advised to avoid black tea. Caffeine is not at all good for those who want a healthy cardiovascular system. Excessive black tea leads to caffeine in the body that only weakens the heart and makes it prone to problems.

5. Leads to Miscarriage:

More than 1-2 cups of black tea in a day leads to too much of caffeine in the body of a pregnant lady which only leads to extreme situations like that of miscarriage. This is one of the serious side effects associated with the drink. A pregnant lady should stay away from this.

6. High Blood Pressure:

Well again, black tea is not suitable for those who have a fluctuating blood pressure. Caffeine in this liquid is definitely known to cause high levels of blood pressure leading to various other serious health hazards.

7. Headaches:

A lot of people have actually complained of mild to very severe levels of headaches with consumption of such a high level of caffeinated drink. This makes it one of the common side effects of black tea.

8. Heartburn:

The tannins and acidic nature of black tea causes a lot of gastric problems including heartburn in many people. This is usually valid when you take in excessive consumption of this liquid in the daily diet.

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9. Increase in Sugar Levels:

The caffeine in black tea also causes a rise in the levels of blood sugar and is not at all recommended for those who have a problem of diabetes. An imbalance in the insulin levels only means serious threats to the body.

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