Jacket and blazer designs are the newest trend today. With the changes in the fashion industry, men have also experienced a sea change in their outfits. The Blazers are designed to fit comfortably and stitched to perfection. From regular wear to festive wear, they give you a wide range to select from. The men’s blazer jackets are available in cotton, velvet, leather and other materials for a perfect look on occasions since blazers are abundant in market, selectively some of the best blazers for men given through this article for your reference.

Stylish and Trendy Blazers for Men with Images:

The Blazers are now widely used as a classified look by males and is now a popular choice. Following are few branded trendy designs of casual blazers for men widely selected by the handsome hunts in the market.

1. Casual Leather Blazers For Teenage Boys:

A widely selected leather jacket design by the bikers or for winters is the simple black leather blazer jackets for men. With fantastic stitch liners, it is widely carried on jeans. The design is mostly worn by bikers and also by the teens of the college for a fashionable appearance.

2. Navy Blue Velvet Blazer:

Looking for something trendy for official events? Here is a trendy navy blue men blazers design to capture your mind made from velvet. Made with black patch designs, it gives a lovely look. The print design is quite popular among the youth for casual and official events to look stunning.

3. Simple Black Blazer Men:

Black is always the favourite for men’s fashion blazers. A simple cotton blazer man is widely selected as it works for both casual and official look. Made from silk, it gives a dashing appearance on black pants. The simpler it is, the more sophisticated you appear.

4. Men’s Party wears Blazer:

This colourful blazer for men’s is a cosy off stylish red blazers is mostly the choice for a special occasion like wedding and related parties. Made from silk, it gives a shining effect with a bow. The blazer is also given a black strip on the pockets and collar for a lovely design.

5. Stylish Black & White Blazer:

A spontaneous design widely worn for events is the black and white velvet men’s casual blazers design. The blazer is white with a black spot design. Made from velvet, it gives you the appearance of a white leopard. It is worn especially for events related to animals.

6. Double Color Blazer:

A velvet men blazers design with the dual colour effect is quite preferred by the casual wearers these days. The blazer suit is given black and Grey patchwork for parties and events. The wide range of colours it offers leaves you in a mysterious situation to select from. The piece is also a combination of silk with velvet.

7. Designer Blazer For Wedding:

Want to shine out with heavy designer blazer men? This best blazer for men comes as a maroon velvet blazer with a silver design that is designed to give a stunning look above dhoti salwar. The long blazer is the best suitable for dhoti salwar or also on pants. The tint silver design is inspired by mehendi designs to give a natural look.

8. Casual Funky Jacket Blazer:

If you love wearing funky things for a unique look, is one with a leather jacket blazer with side pockets in black. It is given several buttons to give a different look. The black design is suitable for any kind and colour of jeans for a casual look. The leather blazer is also made with cotton silk material for a shiny look in events.

9. White Blazers For Wedding:

White is quite trendy for marriages, especially in India. The white silk blazers for men are given designer inner for a hearty look for weddings on white pants. The simple blazer is attached with a light brown bordered vest design for a proper catch to the viewer. It is also ideal to wear for highly corporate events.

10. Sleeveless Collar Blazer:

This is a classy men’s fashion blazer! Sleeveless collar blazers for men made from cotton with side pockets suits best on long sleeves shirt. The design is highly worn in mild winters for late-night parties for a casual look. It comes in various colours and also on the khadi cotton material.

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11. Woolen Blazers For Men:

A woollen blazer with thick cotton covering is quite an amazing thing to include in your winter wear. The blazer men are also given a high collar to protect your neck from the cold. The design is quite suitable on casuals for a live band, event or party. It also gives the formal wear a dignified look.

12. Men’s Side Buttons Blazers:

This differently designed for the winter wear blazer comes with a side open and with huge size buttons for a delicate look. The Blazers give you two styles to carry the blazer, with an open collar and flatten one for both official and casual appearance.

13. Men’s Blazers Long in Size:

A blazer jackets for men design with a good length till your knees. The jacket is made from leather covered with cotton so that can be worn from any of the sides. It is suitable for monsoons. The long blazers are also available in silk and leather materials to select from.

14. Eskimo Blazers For Men:

Taking a trip to the coolest region! A leather cotton men’s casual blazer with a woollen cap design is the best suitable. The design is also available in various colours to choose from. There are also Eskimo blazer designs which have dual caps. One made from wool and the other from cotton for a stylish look.

15. Denim Jeans Blazer Jacket:

Love wearing jeans? Here is a casual’s blazer men’s design made with jeans given a whitewash for a cosy look. It is the prime choice of teens aroid dc in college. The monkey wash pattern it has is widely designed matching any jeans with a simple plain white T-shirt. It looks amazing on hot summers for a dashing look.

16. Monsoon Blazers:

Polyester blazer jackets for men are quite popular for the monsoon. They are given a shirt appearance suitable for pants or half pants. They are made from polyester which is a good material to deal with rains. Some are also made from leather to select from.

17. Ethnic Blazer Design:

This one is your latest blazer for men! Get a long blazer for men in silk and cotton with embossed designs. It is widely accompanied by skinny salwar. It gives your traditional side a classified appearance with tiny embossed designs also known as Jaipuri design blazers.

18. Men’s Unicorn Purple Blazer:

Looking for a colourful blazer? A unicorn purple simple blazer design would win your hearts with its simplicity fora sober appearance. The cosy silk cotton blazer jacket is given a single pocket with minimum depth to fit your handkerchief for an amazing designer look.

19. Sleeveless Cotton Blazer:

A sleeveless cotton blazer with prints gives a cute appearance for even regular wear to the viewer. It also suits best on jeans with long sleeve shirts for a casual party. It best suits black and white pants.

20. Bordered Blazer:

A silk blazer with a length of the hips in navy blue colour with cream borders gives a stunning look for any casual date. It is a widely selected blazer design for events too. It gives a classic look, especially to the rock stars or style-oriented people for high society partied or receptions.

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21. Sleeve Design Blazer For Men:

Unique dual colour design for casuals blazer men’s is designed using fine silk. The design is given shiny silk sleeves that are different from the blazer colour. The collar of the blazer is made using both brown and blue colour for a classic look. This one is a trendy blazer men’s outfit that you can try.

22. Floral Print Blazer Men:

Love wearing floral designs? A black blazer in silk is given a pink and white floral design which goes well with black pants. It also has two pockets which seem hidden due to the design. It was seen the first time on models in a fashion week red carpet ramp walk for summer blooming designs.

23. Traditional Embroidery Blazer:

Like embroidery designs in golden colour? A stylish blazer for men is given golden branches for a jungle look to the wearer on a black silk blazer. It looks amazing for special functions and events. The design is also inspired by the tiny zardoshi designed work perfect for any wedding or festive look.

24. Men’s Criss Cross Checks Cotton Blazer:

A medium-length men blazers design made from cotton with different lines in blue and red giving a criss-cross checks design is stunning on jeans for a casual appearance on dates and autumn. It is inspired by the traditional designs of blazers and coat to be carried with a designer touch.

25. Leopard Print Blazer:

Here is a funky latest blazer made in silk. The design carries the prints similar to that of a leopard. It gives a stylish look on black jeans for a casual look in clubs or parties. Such designs are worn especially by the highly professional dancers and singers to give a final touch to their performance with their looks.

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26. Zebra Print Blazer:

A silk cotton blazer design with black and white strip would surely remind you of the skinny zebra design. The cotton blazer can be carried on both the black and white pair of clothes. It is the best suitable for casual and formal meetings. It gives the appearance a delicate touch with a strip. The design is also available in leather blazers.

27. Simple Woolen Blazer:

Like to keep your blazer simple? A woollen blazer men’s design in Grey with black pocket designs is quite amazing for casual trending party wear. As it is made from wool, it is also the best winter wear on jeans. To add to its beauty, the upper pocket is given a new colour which is a mixture of the blazer colour and below pocket colour.

28. Casual Cap Blazer:

A casual blazer for men design is given a hunk twist here with a woollen cap design. The blazer is made with cotton silk and given a soft cotton woollen cap for a teen and catchy look. It is widely accepted for a party look, on trips, casual events and much more. The design looks similar to the winter sweaters and hence is ideal winter wear too for the teens of the college.

29. T-shirt Design Blazer:

Looking for a classy look for a winter night out? This gents’ blazer dress for man is to look like a tee shirt. The white blazer is made of silk and given a deep cut below with buttons studded on it. It is also given a broad collar which covers your neck. The design is widely selected by five-star hotels to give a sober look to their workers and chefs who are professional as well.

30. Collar Fit Blazer:

A thick blazer made from silk with a collar fit design is a new and popular trend getting viral among men. The men’s casual blazers design is given a fitting at the neck while it is shapely similar to a waist to allow the inner vest to be visible. The design is widely selected for a casual event. It is a prime choice for the youth who have a well-maintained gym body to give it a hunt appearance.

Blazers give a special look on the wearer. Some of them are designed to keep it simple while others have huge prints and work on them. Earlier, blazers were only worn for a professional appearance in events. But with the changing trend, the Blazers are also carried for a traditional function as ethnic wear on skinny salwar, dhoti, Patiala and much more. It comes in a range of cost and most of them are affordable and worth your money!